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Why do ministers keep sending each other letters? Surely it is more efficient to simply email each other. I'm all for writing letters. I hate email, and only have an account in order to sign up for certain things, but all of this posturing in the media is just to give the impression of action being taken.

I agree; this is starting to turn into a Westminster village story now. Maude can make sounding pompous an artform. There's only ONE question the public need to have lodged in their minds:

"Why did Gordon Brown use taxpayers' money to pay a political attack dog to fabricate lies about opponents on his behalf?"

I enjoyed the fun as much as anyone over Easter, but let's move this on before we get bogged down like we did on Damian Green.

Letters are official correspondence. So for example, when the Chief Secretary to the Treasury works out what the Departmental settlement will be, she writes a letter to the relevant Secretary of State setting it out - and that's the official record of what was agreed.

I disagree. This is starting to resonate on the doorstep in areas usually less obviously favourable to the Conservatives. People are getting the message that Labour will do anything and say anything to cling to power. Worse, they will use taxpayers' money to pay for it.

Didn't Davis Davis get accused of a similar campaign during Cameron's election campaign

Daily Mail.


According to the BBC:

Fellow Labour MP Frank Field, a former minister, said: "Harold Wilson asserted that the Labour Party was a moral crusade or it was nothing.

"The McBride affair has left Labour members looking at nothing. That is the reality check that McBride has wrought on the party."

Who is Davis Davis? (at 16.06)

I disagree too (that is, I agree with Adam Cowen!) In the article FM's last line is: Given the public interest in this matter, I am releasing this letter to the Press. He's right and the public not only have a right to know but they WANT to know. The overt way that Labour and what's left of their tame media support keep screaming that it was only a spat of childish emails between McBride and Draper - which is clearly spin - means that there are probably AT LEAST 2 more heads that could roll...

You may be right, but every story has a point where it "jumps the shark" and drags on just a bit too long. I think on this story, the Fonz has already got his skis on and is heading towards said shark.

Getting Cameron to shift the emphasis back to the economy would show him to be concerned with the big issue, while Brown flounders around trying to save himself, drawing ever more attention as he does so.

'Getting Cameron to shift the emphasis back to the economy would show him to be concerned with the big issue,'

You really have no idea do you? The reason the Tories want stories like this to run are to detract from the economy in which they have no idea or clue how to sort out.

Joshuwahwah; the reason the Tories want stories like this to run is because it shows what a sinister regime is currently running this country. Labour are the 'nasty party' without any shadow of doubt, and it's clearly eating you up inside. And isn't the 'Tories have no idea how to fix the economy' line running a bit thin now? You know, since pretty much the entire world has fallen in line with the Conservative position?

Furthermore, this story is essentially out of the hands of the Conservatives. They can't make news on this; only the media and Gordon Brown can. And he's done a fine job at doing that with his useless attempts at letters which actually appear to have made the situation even worse.

and Labour DO have an idea of how to sort the economy? If so, please let us know what the grand plan is; we're all ears.

Surely the thing to do is for David Cameron and George Osborne to attack Brown on the handling of the economy, Andrew Lansley to attack Brown on the plight of NHS dentistry, ward cleaning etc and Gove to attack Brown on Sir Cyril Taylor's report on the state of our schools, while Francis Maude gets on with the job of dealing with rotten state of 10 Downing Street.

We don't have to take it in turns!

If brown had a clue on the economy or anything else frank field wouldn't be complaining that MPs are twiddling their thumbs with nothing to do. (Not that I have heard the opposition MPs complaining about being under worked, wonder what they have been doing with all their free time?...)


An admirable attempt, but this is labour - do you seriously expect straight answers?

- do you seriously expect straight answers?

Do you really expect Any answers?

Maybe I've missed them but there seems to be an absence of messages from Jack Stone these days. Wonder what that meeans...

I recall Dominic Grieve formally asked about thirty questions in the wake of the Damian Green affair; did they get answered?

Good letter. It is vital to keep up the pressure.

It is no substitute for policy, as Alastair Campbell fairly argued over the weekend, but it is vital to shake out every Labour stooge involved in this.

I think it in Mr O'Donnell's best interests to answer the questions.

1. He is likely to have a new political master before he retires.

2. His own civil service in which the significant majority are decent people detest the Spads and here is an opportunity to neuter this corrupt band oh patronage place-men.

3. Mr O'Donnell is himself an honourable man.

He now has every reason to ask Brown to supply the answers. After all he needs to reply to Mr Maude. Who will not go away.

I like the tone of the letter - try to find out exactly who knew what and what is going on, particularly point 6. If Brown has the nerve to keep siphoning taxpayers' cash to McPoison after this then all hell really must break loose

Point 7:

Apparently Mr Watson has called in Carter-Ruck Solicitors (Guido's website as source) to see off any further attacks on his allegedly tarnished name.

"You really have no idea do you? The reason the Tories want stories like this to run are to detract from the economy in which they have no idea or clue how to sort out.

Posted by: joshuwahwah | April 14, 2009 at 16:35"

Labour has no idea on anything. Sod off back to your lying smearing scumbag cronies.

Or to put it in Blairite Campbell speak - F*ck off you C*nt!

Do we really want stuff like this on this blog? I suggest you go to your own UKIP blogs UKIP Campaigner, if you can find one.

It's over, McBride is gone, let's get back to the real politics.

I don't think we're going to get an apology

"... this episode is of fundamental importance to the integrity of the conduct of government ..."

Which is why the police should investigate it, with a view to bringing criminal charges.

The worst thing about this whole saga is that it has given the dreadful Nadine Dorries airtime. Everytime I hear her droning voice I feel like screaming: "Kill me now!".

Whilst the questions Francis Maude asks are all good ones, the answers to which would likely drag Labour even further down in the eyes of the electorate, this letter is rather like writing to a Turkey asking it to support Christmas.

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