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But where's the biscuit barrel, Eric.

It's probably being hidden, Peter, to Save Eric from Himself....!
Seriously though this was an interesting video clip and I hope there will be more. It is clear that Mr Pickles thoroughly enjoys his job and loves meeting people. That was evidenced last night at the very successful Blue Ribbon Dinner, the flagship event of the Conservative Womens Organisation where Eric took the trouble to go round every table talking to people and taking a genuine interest in what they were up to! Under his Chairmanship we should do very well.

What will Eric do when the second chins allowance is scrapped? ;-)

Let's avoid the personal stuff please.

Is the site down - it seems to be taking forever to load on my PC?

(Just to clarify my last comment I meant is the Campaign Together site down).

The problem for Tory europhobes remains - namely the Tory policy of not letting the matter rest if Lisbon is ratified by all 27 countries by the time the General Election arrives.

If only Cameron would have the balls to say he will give us the referendum no matter what - then he would get my support.

I suspect that he won't and that therefore I'll have to vote UKIP once more.

Will there be a 'Battle Bus' ?

I think it should do a sort of 'figure of eight' loop 'oop north', round the pennines and then cross back down through Birmingham.

And he is still well outside the Brown ring of no more 2nd home allowances. Unnecessarily vindictive some sorts here.
I knew he was just having a bad day at expressing himself. Let's hope it's all behind and forwards in the Battle Bus.

LABOUR'S MANTRAS gradually sink into public consciousness.

REMEDY- LAO TZU (Chinese philosopher) - Law of reverse... e.g.

If we see "DON'T RISK RECOVERY WITH THE CONSERVATIVES" all the way through the campaign,

lets also see " DON'T RISK RECOVERY WITH LABOUR " and all the factual reasons why in plain english.
lets see this MANTRA repeated over and over again to drown labour's mantra. Maybe Sachi could do a good
job on this.

This pattern repeated on other mantras and soundbites counterpunching to Victory.
Let nothing go unchallenged.

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