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It seems hardly likely the CPS would announce they were going to arrest someone.

Are you SURE McBride isn't still controlling the Downing Street press machine?

I wonder if they have been asked to announce they will pursue the case as a revenge for the recent embarrassments to labour.

I think they're ruling on the wrong Damian.

Perhaps someone's been 'leaning' on them to get the other Damian out of the news.

Why pre-empt this. Whatever the decision, I feel for Mr Green. I vindictive, trumped up charge cannot be ruled out. A "Glenrothes" Kangaroo Court. Right up Labour's street these days.

As a Civil Servant, I am looking forward to this ruling.

I hope that the Tories, should they win the next election and should Mr Green and Mr Galley face no charge, will be first to include into the Civil Service code, lines to let me know what I can leak to Labour in the Public Interest.

Tim, is it normal procedure to pre announce this type of statement in the media?

Does this mean they have made their decision and if so does it mean interested parties have already been informed?

There won't be a charge.
Cameron should use the opportunity to release all emails between Green and Galley to show that none of them were dodgy and particularly to prove untrue the scurrilous allegations that the Front Bench team were involved in the Civil Service breach.

hmmm Green arrested in November, decision now. Abrahmas Labour Party funding - file passed to CPS on June 28th last year.


But no sign of it. Backlog.? Fell down back of the sofa?

If the CPS decide to prosecute Green they will bring their already tarnished reputation further into disrepute.I would be amazed if they did so.Half of me though is hoping they will go for it.As stressful as it would be for Green the thought of the government and CPS making absolute fools of themselves in court would be too good to miss.

"If the CPS decide to prosecute Green they will bring their already tarnished reputation further into disrepute.I would be amazed if they did so."

I don't know, Malcolm! I have the distinct feeling they might be stupid enough to press ahead with this. As you say, stressful though it will be for Damian Green, I hope they do in a way as it will indeed make them look fools and demonstrate in sharp relief their further waste of public funds.


I find myself in the disturbing position of agreeing with you for a change. I enjoyed disagreeing with you on MPs unwarranted "allowances".

Can anyone answer my query@20:27?

"without a warrant, lest we forget"

You have forgotten - police did not need one; they were given permission to enter.

According to the DT the raid was conducted by "20 members of the Anti-terrorist squad", but did not mention that Special Branch, the department that would have dealt with Green, was now part of the A-S squad. In the video of the "raid" only three officers all in mufti (not a baton in sight) are visible - does Graeme Archer write for the Telegraph? Just asking?

BTW I dont give a monkey what happens to Green, despite the fact that he never declared his info in Parliament, but I do care about those soppy fools undermining police when they are doing their job.

There are times when criticising police is justified. The case of the apparent poor little waif and stray Green is'nt one of them.

Apart from that I had a good game of golf in good company. I don't spend all day dreaming up means of praising the Tories
I must go know and listen to our left leaning BBC telling me all about "brutal police". See you later.

It must surely be a simple coincidence that the pre-announcement of the much-delayed decision on whether or not to prosecute Damian Green should be made just as Brown & Co. have moved from digging holes with shovels to using JCBs. Bury them Nadine!
The unelected PM in No. 10 is like someone on quicksand who is making matters worse by jumping around.

CivilSerpent @ 20.11 - Why don't you go onto LabourHome, and tell them that THAT is what you are hoping that you will be able to do in the future. Maybe they will line you up for some sort of medal!

What I meant to say as well, is that the CPS is well-known for not wanting to spend money, so that should be one motivating factor in Damian Green's case!

Oh dear, just seen the Times and Telegraph front pages....

What are the home affairs committee doing releasing their report hours ahead of the CPS one?

I hope they will not be allowed to get away with their line of blaming senior civil servants for exaggerating the importance of the leaks. Smith herself made the 'national security' claim in the HoC - is she a fool, a liar or an exaggerator?

More importantly it demonstrates the clear abuse and misuse of anti-terror legislation.

If the government/police can cite 'anti-terrorism' in this kind of trumped up case against an MP - what hope is there for justice for private individuals the government/police have it in for?

With this going on at the top, and police on the streets hiding their ID while beating up members of the public (with many other policemen just standing by) - being 'tough on crime' means cleaning up the criminal justice system first.

pp it is what we were all saying at the time indeed we nearly marched but being typically middle class never actually organised anything instead we contented ourselves with rude statements about the government (much more fun than walking with banners and getting hit by men in uniform)

you would think the arrest of a respected legislater would make them think about the laws they were introducing but it hasen't how long before all demonstrations have to be agreed by the justice minister and it is an offence to bad mouth a government minister.

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