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Still no apology.

"Neither the Prime Minister, nor anybody else in Downing St, had knowledge of these emails."

My feeling is that by tomorrow morning, that statement is going to look rather brave (in the Sir Humphrey sense, that is).

So Number Ten is saying either that Gordon Brown didn't know what HIS special adviser was doing (in which case he is incompetent) or that he knew and didn't have a problem with it (in which he is complicit in McBride's disgusting antics).

Draper and Watson will be gone in 48 hours.

But we are right to ask what Brown knew and when.

hmmmm appears Guidos site is down due to traffic overload...

Our line must be:


Let Brown get in the dock and try and explain why he didn't know about it. Oh how sweet it is to sit in the public gallery of the great Court of Public Opinion.

"Neither the Prime Minister, nor anybody else in Downing St, had knowledge of these emails."

How long before we may need to compare and contrast: -

"There are no American tanks in Baghdad" - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, aka Comical Ali.

This is truly shocking!

And if any other members of Brown's circle are found to be involved, then its time for the Labour party and the Opposition to ask for his resignation too.

"an embarrassing illness" - Herpes, presumably! or perhaps piles?!! How ridiculous.
As for Frances Osborne - if she has been "upset" at parties - so what! Is that a crime? It is hardly a resignation matter for her husband.

In it right up to their necks. Its truly appalling and to try and smear Guido for letting it be known what they were up to is unbelievable.IT was absolutely the right thig to do. Labour are finished. Its time for a new Govt.

This story has a long way to run.

"Neither the Prime Minister, nor anybody else in Downing St, had knowledge of these emails."

We know the second part of that sentence isn't true, so why should we believe the first? Downing Street is actively bringing the Prime Minister's integrity on this matter into disrepute with its dishonesty.

Oh dear. The comrades do seem to have got themselves into a dilly of a pickle.

The attempt to smear Osborne's wife is of particular note because it seems to be nasty purely for the sake of it.

not nice I agree, but please some perspective! was it not george osbourne who spread rumours about what mandy said on that holiday? and was it not a fellow conservative whom leaked stories to the papers about cameron had used cannabis, when the leadership election was on?

politics is rough and tumble lets not start pretending we are shocked, they are all at it! funny how this causes a stir a bit like the damien green arrest when the shadow cabinet are mute when it comes to important matters like jobs etc!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to know what was in the emails!

I am no Cameroon but I would not wish piles on DC! Now on Gordon Brown? His facial expressions at PMQs look as if he already suffers from "The Grapes of Wrath"

Has Damien Green got his laptop back yet? If not better be quick before Quick leaves properly and claims it was lost in stores.

"There are no American tanks in Baghdad" - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, aka Comical Ali."

Posted by: David Cooper | April 11, 2009 at 19:41


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Hello "steve"! What a brave little troll you are! Let's see what the pathetic emails actually consist of before we go any further in these speculations (fun though they are). If there is no truth in the allegations made then the victims would have every right to sue and I very much hope they will do so.

Steve 20.07 - the difference is that Osborne repeated what Mandelson actually said, he didn't make it up, it was not a smear. (Are you Labour Homeless or UKIP Homeless?)

What about Osbourne's autism jibe at Brown? Was that a smear?

Before anyone has a go at me I think Draper is the lowest of the low, McBride is obviously a **** of the first order and Tom Watson too.

I'm just saying that no-one here is whiter than white.

Nadine just fought back on 5 Live,

"What about Osbourne's autism jibe at Brown? Was that a smear?"

Perhaps that wasn't his best moment, but considering Brown's seeming inability to engage with anyone on an empathetic or emotional level, it was understandable.

To make innuendos about the emotional state of mind of a close family member is unforgiveable.

I agree, Sally, it was not his best moment. I love the understatement. Understandly? No.

The point is that you have to employ the same standards.

What would happen if I came on this sight and said that this enchange of emails was just not McBride's best moment, which is essentially the defence that Draper is running.

I also note that you posted something (approvingly?) with regards to Guido's tracking down of the bodies. Paul Staines is nothing but a terrible gossip.

Anyone with the well-being of the Conservative Party (or politics, in my case) at heart would avoid him like they avoid piles...

Oh. And I have never voted Labour in my life.

Post Scriptum

"To make innuendos about the emotional state of mind of a close family member is unforgiveable."

Perhaps not unforgiveable (I thought the Church of England was meant to be the Tory Party at prayer?) but it certainly disgusts.

So let me get this straight: Labour decided not to publish these smears, but Guido Fawkes has decided to publish them - yet we are expected to believe that Guido is the good guy and Labour are the bad guys?

Frankly, Staines is an embarrassment. His site is facile beyond belief. British politics is at a low ebb when weirdos like him and Draper are driving the news.

"Oh. And I have never voted Labour in my life."

No, I suspect you are probably a Lib Dem.

Never voted Lib Dem either.

(Is that your only response?)

You think you're worthy of a further one? Your arrogance knows no bounds.

Viscount Crouchback - how like Draper you sound.

NoW reveals that matters were still in discussion a couple of weeks ago. McBrides attack articles on Dale & Guido were published. Its like Tony McNulty's "I stopped claiming last month" excuse - "Oh we were never going to publish these articles that we had prepared pictures and formatted ready to go on a blog we just happen to have set up. oh no never going to publish"

Arrogance? Where? I am afraid I do not have the certainty of arrogance.

I come to this sight from time to time, see you being attacked when you stand up for your views and think "Go, girl."

I was posting because I think it is an issue worthy of discussion. If you just want to hurl insults (which, trust me, I think being called a Lid Dem certainly is!) then thats fine by me...

I was hoping for more.

Frankly, Staines is an embarrassment. His site is facile beyond belief. British politics is at a low ebb when weirdos like him and Draper are driving the news.

I agree. Who are these people, and why do we care? This is a complete non-story. It's embarrassing seeing, normally sensible people, get het up and exciting by such trivia.

I have to agree with Mr.Crouchback for a change. These stories would have stayed hidden in emails between two sick 'friends' if not for Guido's intervention. Now they will be front page news, hurting those mentioned.

This combined with the expenses details due soon will just add to the anti-politics feeling, helping the minor parties especially the BNP in the run up to the European elections.

"It's embarrassing seeing, normally sensible people, get het up and exciting by such trivia".

It's embarrassing, but also dangerous. I do not want oddballs driving the news. That is the role of professional journalists steeped in history and the Classics.

Does Paul Staines speak Latin or Ancient Greek? Has he read his Herodotus and his Livy? I rather doubt it.

This blogging lark is a profoundly unconservative medium. It permits charlatans and auto-didacts to enjoy attention far beyond their merit.

Montgomerie, too, needs to keep himself in order and stop bossing CCHQ around.

Think Guido is rather like Shakespeare "Little Latin and less Greek"...

As Euripides said:
"The headstrong, able with power of speech,
'Comes bad citizen for he's lacking in sense."

Sorry that should have read "the headstrong man"

The Observer are going to report tommorrow that it was Sam Cameron that the rumour of mentally fragile was about. Well of course she is her young son has just died for God's sake. So whilst a young mother was grieving for her son those around Brown were plotting to exploit this. How can they live with themselves.

"Viscount Crouchback" seems to think that it is more important whether Guido (Paul Staines) knows any Latin and Greek than whether he ferrets out and posts interesting stories. I strongly disagree. I want my dentist to be a qualified dentist, my builder a skilled and experienced builder and bloggers to be good bloggers.

When New Labour said that the future needed heavy investment in IT, was this what they had in mind?

Sorry, I forgot to add that Gordon Brown has a hell of a lot of questions to answer, but I predict silence.

This government is going to go out in a supernova of scandal. They have had a decade of it and all discussion has been supressed by the corrupt media but there is only so much the rolling news editors can do to protect Labour. Today Number 10 has had its dodgy practices exposed (paying with tax payers money a man whose only purpose is to create anti Tory spin and lies) and not only that, but having it failed prision policies exposed too. Labour responds to being found out by blaming those that exposed them! They say the Conservatives are wicked for exposing Labour scandals! Just like when Labour had a Conservative front bencher arrested for exposing Labour scandal! And today the Ministry of Justice denies there is anything wrong with our prisions even whilst the riots are ongoing! (Anyone remember the information minister in Iraq claiming the Americans are not there, just as they are rolling into view behind him??) Imagine how different things would be if the media didn't do everything in its power to protect Labour! Imagine how things would stand if the BBC were impartial! It would be a very different country, it probably wouldn't be quite so broken!

A grenade has been thrown into Brown's bunker, lets make sure we pick off all those that try to run! Take no prisioners!

I have been listening in on the opposition,even loyal Labourite's are just so fed up with Brown,this is just the last straw,one in paricular up until now a staunch Brownite,has threw in the towel tonight,he or she,wants Brown & his cronies out,so they can get their party back.

The fact that the sacking/resignation came so quick,means they know the story is far from over,they must be terrified about what is about to become public.

Didn't Brown say he is going to make it his top priority in Government to stop the spin,Brown you pathetic corrupt parasite.

im not going to hide the fact im a labour supporter, if that make me a troll fair enough. Dont get me wrong I want the conservatives to win the next election , Labour need to regroup and come up with new ideas. Plus it will be 92 all over again that was a poison election to win celebrate on the night but my god there is heaps of trouble that needs sorting out because of the credit crunch and id rather it was the conservatives having to sack teachers etc, putting up taxes than labour doing it, so good luck guys I suspect you will regret winning the 2010 election!

So the Number 10 "Draper - McBride scandal" is finally revealed to us by the Sunday Times and News of The World. What a nasty taste it leaves in the mouth to see what these two prats were up to. No depths are too low for scum mongers like this who apparently think it funny to paint innocent people with shitty lies regardless of their feelings or their careers just so they themselves can carry on hanging on to their so called fucking power and six figure salaries. No more breath will be wasted on either of them except to say that Draper instigated it and todate, the only "mate" he appears to have in the world other than the sight of his own arse in the mirror, is McBride who's been beaten up badly by bottler Brown who would no doubt like the story to just end there. Fat chance!


The Times writes

"The unfounded smears suggested: “Putting the fear of God” into Osborne by spreading rumours that he took drugs and had sex with a prostitute. Spreading rumours about the mental health of Osborne’s wife. Challenging Cameron to reveal details of an “embarrassing illness”. Accusing a gay Tory MP of promoting his partner’s business interests in the Commons".

"McBride’s e-mails were sent to Derek Draper, a former aide to Lord Mandelson and prominent Labour blogger. In an indication of how serious the plan was, McBride wrote about how to “sequence” the stories for maximum impact. The messages discuss “timing and technology” for placing the rumours on the web and contain suggested links to websites and photographs that could make the allegations appear more credible".


As Guido points out, he pinned the tale on these particular donkeys on the very day that the government gave itself the right, nay the duty, to protect us all by snooping on our very own emails. Again, well done to Guido for his meticulous cunning guile to release nothing much other than a targeted picture of McBride and a few innuendo's yet was able to cause a storm that went to the heart of government which brought about the sacking of a prime prat. Clap, clap, clap.

As for Mr Brown, his tactic is to distance himself of course. Back bencher MP Stephen Pound was on the news giving it "Gordon's far too busy to know about this", and with the twist that "Mr Staines will be laughing all the way to the bank". Not so Mr Pound. Guido has already declared he has no interest in that vein and gave away the evidence for free. However, taking the other point, that Gordon had no knowledge, that would be easier to believe if he wasn't charged with managing the offices of spin at Number 10 where he resides. Not to mention of course, that he's the Prime Minister and is accountable for what goes on there and is also the employer of this guy as his "special adviser". What's he been 'advising' Mr Brown on and how was it 'special'? Further, if he knew nothing about McBride's activities then Brown is either employing him for nothing or he's an incompetent manager. Which is it - Waster or Crappy Manager? Or is it both?

Stephen Pound also indicated that the blogsphere is way ahead of politicians with people in politics being open to instant criticism, and it's on this point I'd make one or two comments too. He's right of course. Instant communication makes instant critique. It is sometimes undeserved and it is sometimes very deserved and sorely necessary. Prime example is the case in question where two Labour idiots are planning their own instant smear campaign of a number of high ranking Tories from in and outside Number 10, and based on complete fabrication. The fact that lies are coming out of Number 10 is of course no revelation here and nor should it be a revelation that people would question it. Hence, you have technology and blogs to react to technology and emails which set about to instantly damage the reputations of the opposition for no other reason other than to retain the seat of power, and the same tools are therefore at the others disposal. But rather than taking a pop at the critic, I'd be taking a pop at the two juveniles who let the Number 10 cat out of the bag when they sent each other those instant email messages, for they were the cause of what appears to be Mr Pounds biggest concern.

Lastly, it may not have dawned on Labour, but when you centralise government and take all unto us at the center of politics, then you take on warts and all including criticism, and it doesn't just stop at juvenile emails. You have a center problem now with teachers for instance, who have voted to ballot members in protest at Ed Balls SATS. i.e. No regional education authority, all decisions made by the populist government, equals all criticism and protest coming back to the center rather than to the regional body, which would otherwise keep it localised and be eminently better managed that way rather than Mr Brown having to repeat the same old mantra "it has nowt to do with me", whenever there's a lapse by government to listen to the people as opposed to constantly seeking good headlines with a team of "special advisers"?

Well I think on the week that this government can now read our e-mails, one man has turned the tables on this utterly vile government.

Serves them right.

Any government that relies on vicious ad hominem attacks to stay in power must know deep down they are finished. Yet their arrogance and their complete contempt for this country and its people must be brought to account. These cabal of MPs must taste a long, long period of Opposition.

A period I'm sure that the electorate will duly oblige to them.

It's our job as Conservatives to rub their noses in the mire of their making. They wouldn't think twice of grinding us into dust and I think after repeated provocation, people usually put off by such political behaviour would be now cheering us on.

Witness the response to Dan Hannan's YouTube broadcast.

It's time to take the gloves off and destroy them.

Gordon Brown knew about this and probably ordered it.

Where are our people on the news? Liam Byrne is getting a free ride. We need to hammer away at the following points:

- Brown knew
- Damian McBride was a civil servant paid for by the taxpayer.
- The government should be spending its time dealing with its recession and getting a grip of the prison system rather than playing games.
- How much will McBride's payoff and pension be?

"A grenade has been thrown into Brown's bunker, lets make sure we pick off all those that try to run! Take no prisoners" - Tristan Downing.

Today is April 12. This is not usually a good month for people in bunkers;)

This could get bigger yet. Has anyone got these Emails. A special advisers brief is quite a full one, Nasty Swipes at the opposition paid for by the state? Can't we insist that these allegations are aired?
What exactly did he say? Who Leaked this to Guido? This one will run and run.

Because the media are corrupt. We keep having to say it because it is true. It gets in the way of everything to do with politics. The BBC is the most corrupt out of the lot. Anyway, that aside... when intervied on TV the Conservative MPs need make sure the message gets across that this isn't politics as usual. The line that the media is taking is that smear tactics are equally frequent from all parties. That idea needs to be put down right away. This kind of behaviour is Labour behaviour, and possibly left wing fringe parties too. It also needs to be made clear that this Downing Street smear plan is not the same as going negative in a general election campaign. Labour have been funding these smear efforts with tax payers money, and that generally means a lot more tax money from Conservative voters than Labour voters. These two points need to be pushed down the throats of the media during every single interview, statement or comment. And ASAP please!

Sorry I meant to delete the start of that last post.

The following measures are taken by health care providers to reduce the risk of transmission of the herpes simplex virus to infants:

* At the first prenatal visit, all women should be asked whether they or their partner have a history of genital herpes. It is important for women to be honest about any known or concerning rash they, or their partner, have had in the past.
* Pregnant women who do not have a history of genital herpes should be counseled about methods to avoid infection especially during the third trimester. A provider who discusses these issues is not making judgments about the woman being counseled; rather the provider is informing the woman about a potential risk of which she should be aware.

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