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Oh, superb stuff - Bravo Boris!

The chap in the chain mail...That's not you, is it, Englandism?

It's good to see.

Let's hope that the tide is turning at long last.

Top marks.... nice to have a bit of cheer amongst the misery.

Hmmm, surely we should wait and see how bad the english deficit is at the next election before daring to opine such support?

Oops, I was thinking like a roon for a moment. Go Boris!

The roons must be wondering was all these sour little Englanders are up to.

Shame the rest of us aren’t having a day off to celebrate too, some of the lucky one’s are though, Blackpool business to give staff day off for St George’s day.

Blimey - someone still remembers England. Well done Boris!

More power to Boris' elbow! He really excells at this type of activity.

Bravo Boris! What a star!

Good old Boris.

How diverse.

About bloody time! I hope next year's will be even bigger!

'The chap in the chain mail...That's not you, is it, Englandism?'

Posted by: Sally Roberts | April 23, 2009 at 18:29

Unfortunately not, Sally.

I've been at Tyburn gallows all day waiting for NuLabour to turn up but there seems to be a Marks and Sparks there instead. And a big marble arch thing.

Now, for some more mead and a nest of swan cutlets.

All hail Boris!


Very proud to be english today, a truly sterling performance from Mr Johnson reasserting his patriotism with none of the nonsense that the BNP assert.

Although I am distured to tell you another story from the North West. In my college today there was a blanket ban upon any official St George's Day celebration as it would be deemed "racist" to assert english culture in any way at all. In fact they had the nerve to organise an anti-BNP lecture!

That's right the only mention of St George's Day in todays liberal education establishment was an anti-BNP lecture!

I was astounded to say the least that we found the resources to paste leaflets accross the college celebrating pride week, which remain up to this day!

And I say this as a gay proud english student. I find it abhorrent that one can celebrate Pride Week but not St George's Day, totally abhorrent.

I went for a quick pint with a friend near Charing Cross at 4pm today and felt really quite threatened by the behaviour of my fellow Englishmen who were effing and blinding, shouting loudly, drinking as much and as fast as possible and generally being abusive. Not a good advert for England.

Now, I'm a 30 year old guy who can stand up for himself and his pint, but even I felt uncomfortable.

I hope that, as Boris is trying to do, if we make this a real day for everyone these people won't feel the need to act in such a way in future.

"there seems to be a Marks and Sparks there instead."

There is indeed, Englandism, and a very good one it is too!

Enjoy your swan cutlets and mead.

All Hail The Boris Indeed!

Wonderful. He's a class act.

What a legend!

Boris I am proud of you. Bravo.

Boris Johnson today revealed that he might not stand for a second term as Mayor — and would be ready to serve as Prime Minister.


Boris makes me so proud to be a Conservative

On St George's Day in 2008 th George Cross flew over Downing St for the first time.

Boris I am proud of you. Bravo.

Posted by: Cllr Atiq Malik | April 23, 2009 at 20:41

Boris Johnson today revealed that he might not stand for a second term as Mayor — and would be ready to serve as Prime Minister.

He must share my low opinion of Cameron's abilities and staying-power.

Well done Boris. I too was very busy - giving a speech about St George in Derbyshire when guess who turned up. I'll get the pix up on my website and facebook group tomorrow

Terrific stuff from Mr Mayor. I'm a proud Scot but I can truly say that it is heartening to see this kind of national pride and exuberance amongst Englishmen, especially in what could otherwise be described as depressing times. For too long decent Englishmen have appeared hesitant or fearful in celebrating their saints' day because the left wing media and shrill voices of local councillors have menacingly accused them of xenophobia and racism so as to promote the poisonous ideology of multiculturalism. At last their is a powerful figurehead for Englishness and Britishness. Enjoy the day!

Boris the beloved. Even Mosley would have been impressed by the plucky young lad, from Eton school. Well done indeed GSTQ

It all looks so terribly racist... only joking.

C'mon Bozza!!!


Well done Boris!
The City crowd gathered at Leadenhall Market to welcome the first glimmer of patrotism for many a year. I'm the younger of the chaps dressed in chain mail etc. I was great to enjoy such a marvelous day, collected a good sum for my charity too, thanks to all my fellow Englanders who wore the red rose with pride.

Is Boris wearing a red rose? :)

The photos show that the day's celebrations plays to his greatest strength: being an oaf.

For someone who has kept a close eye on politics in general and especially the threat of the aspiring far-right, I could not be happier to see what I have just seen: Boris claiming the flag and healthy patriotism back to normal people. Looking at the news coverage in general I am so pleased to see all these pictures of the celebration - a year or so back the only place you would expect to see children waving so many flags would be the BNP's RWB or the their youth camp; Boris has fought racism in ways his enemies never dreamt was possible.

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