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The first piece of legislation David Cameron brings in is one making it compulsory for ALL public buildings to display prominently a portrait of Her Majesty.

It may upset the politically correct, but most people will agree with it.

I mean "should bring in", obviously.


Has Boris stopped giving money to all the Ken Livingstone/Lee Jasper "419"-scams yet?

well done Mayor Boris

Bravo Boris! What a star!

Excellent news.

It begs the question 'Why wasn't it there to start with?'

@A Voter

There's a three letter answer to that question... K E N

Well done Boris! Her Madge is the perfect example of a constitutional monarch.

At long last. Our actual Head of State has entered the building. This reminder is overdue for our present morally and constitutionally-lite rulers.


"It may upset the politically correct, but most people will agree with it."

Well I prefer to think of them as the incorrect, after all we are her subjects. I would also like to see the BBC playing the national anthem a least twice a day. Of course these days the telly never sleeps but that should not stop us having a daily reminder of our traditions and our sovereign lady deserves our continued respect. It all about making Britain fit for the British isn't it?

Two of my favourite people x

Well done, Your Worship.

Two of my favourite people x x

Surely making it compulsory to display it is an example of political correctness gone mad! After all, there are plenty of people and state bodies who wish to display it, and no one is stopping them. Others choose not to. Typical socialist nanny state nonsense to demand compusion. Britain is a free country, not North Korea!

It is more accurate to say that Britain was a free country.

Well I would prefer to see a pic of Emmanuelle Beart than that old woman to be honest but Boris is still a star.

My word Young Boris is doing well! According to a recent poll he is almost as trusted as DC. That's a poll the BBC Bolsheviks won't be airing!

Arise Sir Boris.

Jason, I feel a compulsion to display our Head of State in every available space to help me forget that our country is currently run by a delusional saggy jawed gurt big gurning blancmange headed eedjit surrounded by a retching stench of hired sleaze mongers. And Peter Mandelson.

Seeing those photos of Boris unveiling the Queen's portrait at City Hall made me instantly tap the desk in front of me and call "hear, hear, hear.."

Civic pride and acknowledgement of the lifetime of service Her Majesty has provided.

Shame on those who think evil of it.

Good news.

I have seen Boris speak in person once (something on a Brown peg in a Brown Hole) and he continues to impress with his wit and ideas. More importantly he seems to have found his feet as a Mayor and dares to do his own thing, like trim down the bloated enviromental team. More Tories should follow his lead and stop formulating their policies around whatever is suitable for pandering to liberals and leftists.

Well done Boris! I have asked Tower Hamlets Town Hall to hang a picture of the Head of State in the Council chamber (there are plenty of picutres of Union marches hanging on the walls).
Their offical response is to see what other Town Halls do, and refer it to the Labour Leader of the Council and Facilities Management to make a decision. Wonder what they'll do....

"I have asked Tower Hamlets Town Hall to hang a picture"
... can you not just hang one and see if they notice?
Then if they do, they'll have to actually take down a picture of the Queen which I'm sure'll get at least a mention in The Docklands.

Rejoice, just rejoice. Boris is a star.

Cllr Archer - I always thought Town Halls had a portrait of the Queen hanging in the Chamber as par of the course. If Tower Hamlets do not then they are a disgrace.

Brilliant - vote Boris for PM.

" If Tower Hamlets do not then they are a disgrace." If this is true they are a disloyal bunch of pinko's who can expect a quick trip to the wall, come the glorious counter-revolution.

Hurrah For Boris - And Three Cheers For Her Majesty!


You refer to the Queen as 'that old woman'. I think you need to rename your blog.


Cllr Archer, Waltham Forest have a picture of the Queen in our Town Hall Council Chamber

And most importantly, a very happy birthday to Her Majesty for tomorrow. Let's hope that there are many more to come.

God Save The Queen!

A nice gesture to be sure. But just how patriotic is Boris's support for an amnesty for illegal immigrants? Let's hope Boris doesn't become PM just yet...

"Well I would prefer to see a pic of Emmanuelle Beart than that old woman to be honest but Boris is still a star."

Toryblog I know you enjoy being provocative and it is all part of your...er... "charm" but "that old woman" happens to be our Sovereign!
Please show some respect.

I applaud his action, but why did it take so long? He could have done it on day one.

Be careful though Boris, this patriotism might spread to your MP colleagues in Parliament and that would upset those who regard themselves first and foremost as good Europeans.

@Sally Roberts

Hear! Hear! Queen Elizabeth 2 should be an example to all. She has devoted her life to public service.

"I applaud his action, but why did it take so long? He could have done it on day one."

I imagine that Boris being a loyal sort,was surprised by the absence of a nice picture of our Dear Queen. It may even have taken him a couple of days to notice this nasty evidence of Red Ken's Administrations real intentions. Then of course he had to select and pay for a nice up to date picture of our Sovereign Lady. Lets also not underestimate the political mileage that Boris has wisely wrung out of this. Better late than never and in this case a picture of the Queen now hangs were it rightfully belongs. Good on you Boris, and Happy Birthday your Majesty.

Ross Warren. Your comments noted, especially the political mileage - I strongly suspect that this may have been the real reason.

The advantage of playing the national anthem on the BBC twice a day is that it would clear Broadcasting House for at least half an hour.


Anyway, good to see BoJo keeping up the good work.

It's about time we brought back a bit of healthy patriotism, and he's the man to do it.

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