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Great performance from Boris as always on Mayors Question time.

Did anyone catch the Latin phrase he used, I caught just the end of it?

I wish Boris every success with his fund his list of reason why somebody might wish to contribute was very funny indeed. Boris continues to mature into a very likable politician and remains a real star of the Party. London is very lucky to have him.

Good old Boris! What a star!

Two good news items – I hope they get the publicity they deserve... but I suspect the BBC will be reticent on the subject...

Watch out for Val Shawcross, I think she'd like BoJo's job...

Well done Boris for scrapping the Rise "anti-racism" festival, but why undo that good work by throwing the £551,000 saved towards another "festival"?

This clamp down doesn't seem to include Chief Executive Leo Boland who gets a cool £205,000 p.a.

The clamp down doesn`t seem to include Boris himself who received a rise this year of three thousand pounds.

Three per cent more for the Mayor of London - if his salary exceeds £100k then the increase is lower. Scarcely excessive.

Yet more brilliant initiatives from the Mayor of London! His idea for a new charity to help children, is further evidence against Labour's message that Conservatives are "nasty". Clearly, his clamp down on the salaries and bonuses of TFL bosses is setting a fine example.

The Mayor of London was also quite right to prohibit the consumption of intoxicating beverages on the tube network.

But, what of the fate for Jubilee Gardens? There was some controversy regarding this, in a recent TV documentary.

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