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Bravo Boris! What a star!

Proof we are not Labour.
Good man Boris.

Good coverage of the day's events at Spring Forum fellas! Well done.

Boris just did a stonking interview on Sky. Classic Boris but very on message. Nice to see that we have strength in depth.

These exclusive interviews are excellent. Keep up the good work, old fruit.

Last big job in BRITISH politics. We know what this means - Boris was born in America and is there eligable for election there. BORIS FOR PRESIDENT! =)

"almost certainly my last big job in British politics"

Somehow I don't think so. He has decades ahead of him.

"Boris was born in America and is there eligible for election there. BORIS FOR PRESIDENT"

Oh my wouldn't that be a turn about.

Coming back to reality just for a moment Boris has done excatly the right thing. lancing this pustule before it could reach a head. Now all we need to know is who is the villainous scoundrel that is spreading this kind of rumour?

Deputy to Blair as President of Europe perhaps.

Considering that Boris is often referred to unfairly as a clown and an Oaf, he has a remarkable grasp of the art of politics, and displays all of the instincts of a natural born leader. I have got such a crush on him.

Being Mayor is "almost certainly my last big job in British politics"

What about America or the EU?

It is about time we all stood up to these ghastly Labour hooligans! Well done Boris. They still haven't got over the shock of you as London Mayor yet. Intimidation and lies..it don't work anymore you idiots.


just a thought. follow link

I recall a quotation:

"I don't think there'll be a woman Prime Minister in my life time" and just look what happened.

Looks like Damien McPoison is still feeding smears to the Times! Funny how so many of these mis-stories appear first in that paper.

Er, yes, but he is still wubbish.

Good stuff. Epic fail by the (labour) gossipers. They never learn.

Is Boris serious? I've been a bit hard on him sometimes, but I think he could be a good politician even after he is no longer mayor. Or maybe he's acknowledging he wouldn't get along in the mainsteam.

Either way I hope he'll be mayor for a good long time yet (provided he doesn't lose the plot)!

"Boris was born in America and is there eligable for election there. BORIS FOR PRESIDENT! =)"

Not promising to vote for him, but not ruling it out either, and I'd LOVE to see him run. That'd be sweet! ;-)

Notions of Boris Johnson being US President are somewhat fanciful - for which party would he stand, the Democrats are likely to pick Barack Obama again next time, the Republicans have a variety of possible candidates, I think Sarah Palin as Presidential nominee and either Rudi Guiliani or John McCain as the Vice-Presidential Candidate. His politics don't really fit in to the US National Political Scene, at a pinch Mayor of New York or even Governor of California.

More likely he will try to remain Mayor of London and when that's over he will go back into journalism and maybe be Lord Boris Johnson.

Well if this true the Times should have a bucketload of egg on its face. Who is telling the truth? Boris I suspect.

"almost certainly my last big job in British politics"

Why look over the pond or across the channel?

There's always the top job at the reconvened English parliament and this past week has seen the mighty Boris position himself perfectly...

LOL. Compare this Times story and ConHome article with Fraser Nelson's point about the very different thing Tory MP's say about Cameron on record versus off-the-record in the bar.

I'm sure there's a lot of truth in what Boris said above: the media need a nice juicy power struggle, because they had one for 10 years, and they've got several now!

I always say that I am happy I left the UK to live elsewhere avoiding the tragic farce that Britain has become.

But I also say that if Boris Johnson ever became Prime Minister I would be on the first plane home to take part in the country's climb out of the abyss.

While there is Boris, there is hope.

While I am no fan of Boris, and I make no secret of that fact, he is certainly better and more principled than Cameron. He has a mass appeal and is entertaining, if oafish at times. I would prefer him as PM to Cameron any day, but then I'd prefer Davis (preferably a bit younger) to him by a longshot.

Since when does ""almost certainly my last big job in British politics"" equal never? Boris is having a laugh

I was not happy to see Boris Johnson repeat a rascist comment in today's Telegraph. I quote "the world's banking crisis was caused by WHITE MEN WITH BLUE EYES". I know some bankers working in the City and they are not white neither do they have blue eyes. Please avoid racialism in comments.

Without art the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable~

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