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My point Felicity Mountjoy was that the BBC is happy to go along with the story that the Tory Taliban represent a substantial section of the party. The separate point re Clark etc by being picked up by the Telegraph and Mail I am afraid backs up the point, these people are blatently pushing an anti-Tory non story merely suggesting they are just as unpleasent as Heffer et al and provide a massive boost for Brown. I reiterate my point, the problem was not Clark or Osborne it was, and will remain the Tory "right" and Brown will win.

"The Tory strategist told me that the plan is for the Tories to take an "anti-rich" position on 45p, inheritance tax and regulation of the City in order to "buy room for acceptance of public spending cuts." It would be nice if the Tories could adopt a position based on their sincere beliefs rather than electoral 'necessity'.

"Additionally, if the energy and fury is wasted on inconsequential non-sequiturs, there is less left to attack the architects of the mess we are really in."

Posted by: snegchui

I don't think that the energy and fury is wasted. Quite the opposite.

Moderate Dave annoying Old Guard Tories by Being Sensible is exactly the sort of narrative we need.

The shriller the true blue's cries of outrage become, the better it is.

As for the IHT thing, I don't think anybody needs to worry about that. Ken's 'slip' was designed to bring it back into the public eye so that the party could announce their commitment to it all over again.

None of this is anything more than theatre.

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