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"And my local Conservative Party looks like the cast from Night Of The Living Dead."

Charming! I bet they love you, too!

Refrain from treating the collective 'whites' in the UK - who merit only one homogenizing box on a form which includes tens of ethnicities and combinations of ethnicities therein - as if they were racially inferior. Lose, completely, the language of political correctness and so-called religious and hate laws; they serve no purpose except to strangulate the intellect and cause dissent. Legislating against a verbal explication of racially-motivated conflict merely forces people to do their hating on the inside. In today's England, Rupert Brooke would most likely be charged under antisocial behavioural laws were he to write his ode 'the Soldier'; we have come to a sorry pass when any expression of patriotism is construed as racist and inappropriate.

"And my local Conservative Party looks like the cast from Night Of The Living Dead."

I expect they were dashing young bloods or debutants, circa 1958. Sad it is how age catches us all!

You should try UKIP. The increasing band of Young Independents includes many who are deeply committed and some are glamorous too:


My understanding is that the Barking and Dagenham 12 BNP Councillors have failed miserably to deliver any kind of good local service. They appear to have a few headlines concerning rent arrears and council tax evasions and "ghost addresses". I would be interested at the next local elections at the re-election rate. If Labour get a decent candidate to replace the awful Margaret Hodge, maybe not much at all. They got in on the Isle of Dogs in 1993 but didn't last long, mainly on the grounds of not being effective at their jobs.

I guess they will learn the art of local Govt eventually. But their core planks are ones they are able to put forward unopposed as none of the main parties seem to rate those concerns highly - then throw in an expenses scandal or two (likely to get an awful lot worse in the near future) - and you have the makings of an election result guided more by frustrated feeling than reason.

When trying to get a flavour of what is the current thinking across the various parties, the one thing that hits you in the face on sites such as this, is how supporters of the mainstream parties appear to believe only they have the answers. As a group you ignore the dubious and immoral if not illegal behaviour of your MP's, you ignore the calls of the electorate to deal with the real issues of immigration, the EU, crime etc. As we speak on the issue of the Lisbon Treaty , it is clear to the voters that your party has no intention of giving a retrospective vote to the people if the treaty is implemented,
yet you find the time to discuss amongst yourselves how best to tackle the rise of the BNP. Let me give you a tip from somebody with no party loyalty. If you want to stop the rise of the BNP then whether you like it or not, you spin and half promises are no longer acceptable, you are going to have to actually promise in black and white what you will do. If you continue to waffle amongst yourselves, then you deserve to be given a kick up the backside, and once the BNP get a veneer of respectibility through the ballot box, and the funding that it brings, the days of freezing them out with a conspiracy amongst yourselves will have gone. The British people across the social and economic spectrum, know exactly what the BNP stand for, and that is why they are seemingly now prepared to vote for them. Come up with the policies or be prepared to lose big time.

I don't like the BNP but I think it would be a surprise if they don't win at least one seat in the Euro elections in June.

Someone said earlier the BNP might win 7 seats in the Euro election. I don't believe that for one minute, but if they did it would be an enormous rebuff to the main political parties in this country. They'd all have to do some serious re-thinking.

I could scarcely believe what I read in the main article - not only does this party apparently plan to SMEAR its BNP opponents, but PUBLICIES the plan on the web! Are you quite, quite MAD?

Are voters SERIOUSLY supposed to believe that a party whose senior members behave in this unprincipled way are FIT FOR GOVERNMENT?


I dislike what I know about the BNP and some of their views - though agree with others including the most important of all, at any time in any country - SELF GOVERNMENT. Without that we are finished, and not worth keeping alive.

But I tell you - the nutters who not only planned but publicly announced this smear tactic - that anyone with half a brain would prefer to vote for any party being smeared, not the one doing it.

YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO POLITICS AND A DISGRACE TO CIVILISATION. If I were Cameron you would all be thrown out immediately.

Why are we fighting against the BNP? For true Conservatves they present a real altenative unless we state our true policies on immigration.

I am writing this as some one that has always voted for the Conservatives although I am not a "Member" of any Party.
a) The reception that Daniel Hannon had, and how it went round the Country should actually wake you up to a few home truths. Has it though?
b)All you have to do is decide YOU want to Govern this Country rather that simply obey the orders of the EU.
c) To do that repeal the European Communities Act , let us see if it works as so many of our Politicians have said it does.
d) Realise that the BNP are a legal Political Party. and treat them as such.
e)Question WHY I have written that because if you do not understand what is happening, Labour may get in power again.
e)Recognise the people's anger because it is beginning to show.
f) if Lisbon becomes activated, there will be no point in keeping the House of Commons open.
g) Your point 1) Try connecting the BNP with criminality can only be done if there is no criminality in the Conservatives.
2)"Connect the BNP with falling house prices"? Who dreamt that one up for these days? You are living in the past. Get with it or question where you are to stand in the dole queue.
3)Find Charles Walker MP a rather different job to do, the BNP can hardly be far left when so many call then the "Far Right".
Just be honest. Do you want to govern this Country, or do you want the EU to govern it forever. Remember we can work with the EU but the people will never be governed by them, so do you want the people to be with you or are the people YOUR enemy in the same way the people have become the enemy of this present Government?
Sadly, I think events will overtake you if you keep on the same path as you are at present.

This is how Cameron described his week:
Dear ******,

I believe this week has marked a defining moment in this economic crisis. For Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, to come out and say Gordon Brown is wrong to be pursuing a second fiscal stimulus - because the country simply cannot afford it - is an exceptional turn of events. Gordon Brown harangued us for being isolated when we repeatedly said the country could not afford this extra debt. Now it turns out we were right.

I kicked off the week by replying to Gordon Brown's statement on Europe - which brings me on to Dan Hannan's brilliant response to Gordon Brown in the European Parliament. It was so effective and shows the growing power of the internet over TV.

On Tuesday I was at the London Stock Exchange (watch the video here) to make the point that the Conservative Party will be the party of law and order in the City. I then completed my 26th Cameron Direct in Milton Keynes, and the 27th in Fleetwood, Lancashire. I love doing these events: they are an essential reminder that what goes on in the Westminster bubble is rarely what is on the minds of ordinary people.

Getting out of Westminster has been a key theme to the week. Gordon Brown's approach to this may be getting on a plane and heading for Chile - but mine is to send the Shadow Cabinet round the country to launch our petition calling on Gordon Brown to implement our tax cut for savers and pensioners. And we all finished up in Preston for a Shadow Cabinet meeting on Friday morning.

Next stop Wales, when I address our Welsh conference on Sunday.

Have a good weekend.

David Cameron (signature)

As far as the General public were concerned he was only to be seen on the Alan Titchmarsh show which has been mainly billed as being about his recent loss. See here:


Read Heffer and the resulting comments this morning to get an idea of this style of opposition.

Is the Cameron e-mail quoted above varied for specific recipients?

As an ex-Tory activist,I left when call me Dave took over,I am very comfortable in the BNP. All you people muttering about left and right wing politics and no true Tory gentlemen would vote BNP,just show how out of date you are,the BNP is a Nationalist party.Remember this well,Mrs. Thatcher won with the overwhelming support of the British working classes,and was thrown out by the namby-pamby Tory Euro supporters,who like Heath,were traitors to this Once Great Country,these include the likes of Hestletine,Howe and their ilk.The people are beginning to wake up to your lies,the BNP is unstopable,that is why you don't like it.

David-at-Home says of my "Night Of The Living Dead" jest:
"I expect they were dashing young bloods or debutants, circa 1958. Sad it is how age catches us all!"
Thanks for that link to Young Independents - glad to see UKIP is on the ball with the younger electorate, but since it's for under-35s I am, alas, not eligible... I wasn't poking fun at my (and probably most others?) local Conservative Party members because of their age, which would be adolescent (I'm pushing 60), more because of the chronic absence of independent thought, the kneejerk loyalty to anything in a blue blazer, the astounding complacency, the bovine inability to perceive the pernicious intellectual vacuum at the heart of the entrenched two-party system - and the cowardly reluctance to do anything about it...
One of the interesting things about ConHome is, for me, the number of avowed ex-Tories who feel it's important to tell the faithful exactly why they they're ex, and not current Tories; i'm one of these, and the reason I bother is some lingering tint of optimism that suggests the Tories might one day wake up and reject both the fossilised dinosaur element AND the Labour-Lite tendency, to lead England into a libertarian future.
For now, I believe radsatser has it right, on the BNP and more generally:
Come up with the policies or be prepared to lose big time.

Its all very well saying that all that needs to be done is to give the BNP a platform and they will destroy themselves, but with respect this party has run the established parties ragged and to think that they can be exposed as fools is in my opinion wishfull thinking, if they are capable of building a national movement as they have done it is proabable that they will come out of a debate with more credit than we think the BNP are no fools.

Its interesting that nobody on the anti BNP side of the argument is prepared to really discuss the issues that have raised the profile of the BNP. It seems that the LIB/Lab/Con cabal actually perceives the BNP as the issue rather than the real issues of Immigration, Crime, EU etc, that are in the forefront of the electorate's minds. Do the cabal actually have any real desire to address these issues, or are the half hearted responses simply posturing for political position. Its quite disturbing if the politics have simply become a minor irritation in the lust for power.

Radsatser hits the nail on the head. Just ask the same question the people are asking themselves when they go to place their little "Cross". Do I want our own Government to govern this, my country, or do I want foreigners to govern it forever. I have put forever, because the EU is planning for the next fifty years. If that is what the people want, then that rules out the three major political parties.

The next question then arises. How can any of us be sure anymore that a General election will be fair and true in this Country? (I never thought I would ever question THAT) Is there anyone left that believes that they will be?

That is of course not taking into account the civil unrest that has already started in some Countries-not published- and may spread.

Malcolm [email protected],

I entirely agree with you about ConHome and the reasons why some of us still feel it is worth continuing to contribute to this blog from time to time. But, I wonder just how much influence, if any, ConHome really has amongst the party apparatchiks, or how many of our MPs ever bother to look at it.

One might have thought that the views expressed here represented a fairly broad spectrum of opinion amongst those of a "conservative" inclination and, as such, would be a useful, free, continuous sounding board of party feelings upon any number of topical issues. It is just possible that this is how ConHome is actually regarded at CCHQ, but I very much doubt this.

Such is the arrogance of the modern professional political class that the opinions of the party faithful count for very little with them. They are already in the bag and are merely there to follow whatever the party machine decides is best for them.

Thus, it is the opinions of those who might vote against the Conservatives which are of far greater concern to CCHQ and where confrontation must be avoided at all costs, either by appeasement or avoidance, hence the taboos, in party policy, on Immigration and the EU.

My guess is that ConHome is approved of in public by CCHQ mainly as a PR resource, as an example of the broadness of the Conservative church and of the freedom of speech of its members. Privately, they probably regard us as an unrepresentative minority of discontents, whose views can safely be ignored.

Have you seen the BNP's Candidates for the Euro elections this June?
What a motley looking gang they are lol .


It is quite interesting looking back on this thread on the blog. In the early discussion over the merits of the league table of underhand methods the party might consider using to discredit the BNP, there seems to be be an enthusiastic reponse from a selection of bloggers who seem to come from the Conservative Party faithful. As the thread has developed, more bloggers of a conservative(small c) persuasion have contributed, presumably trying like me to get a handle on what the party is all about in advance of making a decision about my future voting intentions. Mysteriously all the Conservative(large C) faithful appear to have abandoned the discussion, once the small c's had the temerity to move the debate onto the real issues.

Have we won the argument or are we not worthy to debate with. Are your interesting introspectives too intellectually challenging for the unwashed masses like ourselves, or is it simply the case that Conservative(large C), no longer either reflects the views, or promotes the aspirations of conservatives(small C) like me. This has truly been a enlightening experience.

Posted by: Georgie George | March 28, 2009 at 13:24
"Have you seen the BNP's Candidates for the Euro elections this June?
What a motley looking gang they are lol ."

Well done George!!! I think I have now more or less made up my mind about who to vote for. I had never considered the importance of physical appearance in deciding who to vote for. I would welcome the opportunity to review your research on the matter and the intellectual rigour the research was subjected to. Can you post a link.
Well Done again, I think you have the makings of a fine cabinet minster.

radsatser, that was the idea lol

Vote BNP!

have you ever seen such common sense before ?


Anyone who believes that the BNP is a "party of criminals", should check out this link: Conservative Party criminals

Who do you Tories suggest that people who don't believe in.. the Islamification of Britain, multiculturism, mass immigration, the EU, globalisation and getting involved in pointless wars.. *should* vote for? Seriously.. who? Or are you all in favour of the above?

(ps, I'm an ex Tory supporter)

I don't know if Nicholas Soames reads this blog, but could one of you ask him who he thinks said this..

How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities - but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome."


'Problems will arise if many coloured people settle here. Are we to saddle ourselves with colour problems in the UK attracted by the Welfare State. Public opinion in the UK won't tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits.'

If he were alive today he would obviously not be allowed in ANY of the three 'mainstream' parties.

One other question.. what is it exactly that the Conservatives are now trying to 'conserve'? Do tell.

Tories calling the BNP socalists, and socialists saying the BNP are in league with the bosses. Hmmmmm, funny old world.

Actually, their policy which really strikes a chord with me is the introduction of peoples referendums Swiss style. It seems to me that people feel strongly about certain issues like wanting to leave the EU, stopping immigration, ending PC propaganda and re-starting British manufacturing, yet the mainstream parties do the opposite.

I can't understand why these are not Conservative policies. If they were, there would be no need for the BNP. What is it you're actually conserving by the way?


As an undergraduate I was a member of Conservative Future, however since David Cameron took over as leader of the party I have supported the BNP.

I update a blog, and just last month posted an article which explains how I feel about the Conservative Party.

I have added the link in the relevant field currently available to me below this comment box. Perhaps it will give you an insight into the psyche of an 'odious' BNP supporter.

Timforchange says:

"However, a bigger problem is to categorise what we would define as British society anymore: Binge drinking? Teenage pregnancy? Those issues are hardly due to immigration or multiculturalism. Indeed, immigrant communities often have very strong and traditionally conservative social structures:"

And he is right. It's the consequence of decades of enforced liberal "culture" which has rotted our society. It was supposed to bring freedom, now we are not even free to go safely into town at night for fear of being mugged or assaulted. Gangs of drunken yobs stagger about. Girls deliberately dress like hookers. Drug culture is endemic. Property is routinely vandalised. Sexual perversions are elevated in the media. What is the Conservative party going to DO about this? What are your remedies? I have no confidence in the Lib/Lab/Con one party state any longer and am open to suggestion.

If I were a true Urquhart, I would be quite happy to see the BNP grow.

Let's face it, the sort of whiney, half-witted loser who finds them appealing isn't likely to be a natural conservative anyway. They're far more likely to be one of Brown's flock of dependants.

So let them tie up Labour in their awful council estate heartland - suits us perfectly.

" . . . the Tories will languish only ten points north of Labour."

Posted by: Peter W Watson

You 'languish' ten points behind, not ten points ahead.

"Perhaps it will give you an insight into the psyche of an 'odious' BNP supporter."

Posted by: Unrepentant British Nationalist

No need.

I saw the BNP's London representative on a Sunday morning politics show. He became the candidate after his predecessor was caught claiming that raping a woman was like forcing her to eat cake.

He managed to do normal for about three minutes, then got all swivel eyed and started ranting on about a baby who was "half Chinese and half human".

A more perfect example of the BNP psyche I can't imagine.

Listen, until the Conservative party reaffirms that one has to be white to be British, and pledges to stop all immigration, both legal and illegal, as well as leaving the European Union and reinstalling the voluntary repatriation program, the BNP will get my vote.

I do not want to live in a Muslim majority state. I don't want my children to live in a Muslim majority state. Britain is for white people, end of story.

As well, it's in your best interests to stop immigration. Because guess what? Immigrants don't vote Conservative! Muslims don't vote Conservative! Only white indigenous people vote Conservative, and if you don't do something, your voter base will quickly be slashed, both by the diminished percentage of white people in this country, and by the BNP promoting the policies that you will not.

The simple truth is this, If Britain had a decent Tory party there really would be no oxygen or a need for the BNP. I was once a staunch Conservative until I realised that you actually conserved NOTHING of any value. Instead, you opened the doors to mass immigration, (Michael Howard as Home Secretary) You sold our sovereignity off to Europe. (Edward heath was bought for a Yacht) Since then you have encouraged immigration, supported a war in Iraq and Afghanistan which apart from having nothing to do with Britain and was based on Blair's lies. It has resulted in the needless death and injuries of British Military personnel.
Why not show some good sense and come over to the BNP like other politicians are now doing, because as it stands You are betraying Britain and its People. Wake up and smell the coffee.

I'm going to vote BNP because NONE of the "big three" seem to give a damn about this country and it's native peoples, particularly the English. Infact both Labour and the Conservatives seem to view us with disdain. I'm angry, I admit it, and the only way to punish arrogant politicians who won't listen to me and my concerns is to give my vote to those you fear the most. And I'll keep doing it until you decide to listen to the real people of this country. If this makes me a bigot, SO BE IT!

Richard Barnbrook and Simone Clark who are both BNP members indeed Richard is the BNP Elected GLA member in London, and Simones young child she had from a previous marrage is mixed race, they are bringing the child up together.

Did you hear about the 4 BNP members that were attcked recently in the news?, well out of those 4 BNP members one of them is married to a Chinese lady, and another is married to a Asian lady, and they have a mixed race child themselves who is now in her 20's (young adult)

Knocks on the head the medias lies of Racist party!!
The illegal leaked list knocked on the head the skinhead media lies.

EU a trading agreement? anyone?
WMDs anyone?

If there are 'natural' conservative supporters who would really vote BNP (a hardcore socialist party) is just goes to show how frustrated they are on how other issues are being addressed.

If the conservatives really care what the public think they should research what these 'other issues' are and have a policy on them.

I am sure one of the issues is skin color (which obviously isn't an acceptible objection), but I am sure there are other issues/influences than the tories could address if they bothered to find out what they are.

When you consider the friction that exists between distinct communities in northern ireland, england is pretty calm. Surely it is better to ensure that it stays that way, rather than let it drift without so much as crossed fingers.

"Skin colour" is indeed a leigitimate objection. Before 1948, Britain was 99% White. Then the Labour and Conservative parties implemented mass immigration without the consent of the British people. Nowhere in any of your manifestos did you say you would import millions of non-Whites to Britain.

Since such action has been done without the consent of the British people, it must be reversed. Deportation of every single non-indigenous person remains the only option, unless you want to see this country transformed into an Islamic state, with corruption and crime resembling South African levels.

White people are persecuted in South Africa by a Black run communist government. The leader of Brazil, the most racially mixed country in the world, recently said "White people with blue eyes caused the recession". Every day Arabs become more arrogant, demanding Sharia law, pork not to be served at UN mettings and other such nonsense. All the while they are outbreeding British people at a rate of 10 to 1. It doesn't take a genius to figure out which way this is going.

Blacks make up 2% of the UK population, but 16% of those in the prisons. The British people have made it perfectly clear they don't want immigration- indeed, they made it clear right from 1948, but none of you listened.

I have more disdain for the Conservatives than Labour. At least with Labour, they don't hide their marxist loving multicultural views. They don't hide that they want mass immigration into Britain.

But the Conservatives are the enemy within.

I wish I hadn't come to this so late. Any attempts taken to tackle the BNP must reduce the number of votes they get; not compromise principles in the process and must be true.

1. Connect the BNP with criminality. This was what The Sun did a few years ago - highlighting the criminal connections of many BNP candidates. 'Voters won't vote for a criminal party,' the Tory MP told me.

This has merit, but I think it would also be beneficial to publicise the true views of Nick Griffin, and emphasise their nature. He is a Holocaust denier. With a single exception they are whites-only party, filled with criminals and fascists. They think mixed marriage should be illegal. They are amzingly opportunistic though - they have switched their hatred from Jews (who they now ostensibly welcome) to Muslims.

2. Connect the BNP with falling house prices. This was the tactic pursued vigorouly two years ago by certain Conservatives.

In the current climate, useless. Most of the people they are targetting don't even own their own houses.

3. Connect the BNP with Left-wing, socialist policies. This is a strategy set out by Charles Walker MP.

Well, first this isn't true, and isn't accepted by the mainstream media.

However, let's assume for argument's sake it is true, and you put a lot of effort in to persuade people that the BNP are socialists. Do you really think their economic policies are why people vote for them? No, of course not. They could be all for privatising everything and it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference. It's their racial politics and lowest-common-denominator appeal which attracts votes.

So, should the Tories adopt some of their policies, if it reduces their vote? Absolutely not. It would normalise their views and be a victory of sorts for them.

My view is that we should simply tell the truth about the BNP and what they stand for, emphasise that our grandparents fought in the war to defeat fascists, and we shouldn't be voting for them now, make sure we inform people that their anti-minority rhetoric is simply lies, and publicise the utterly useless record in office of the BNP. Their councillors are a bunch of useless, lazy grasping scumbags. A united voice across all the mainstream parties, and less of the anti-non-white rhetoric would help.

Asylum seekers eating swans or jumping housing queues, immigrants on huge benefits, gypsies stealing our babies. All these stories have appeared in the tabloids, none are true, and they all recruit for the BNP.

I'd love to see a Tories against the BNP website with information and resources from a centre right perspective. You can even call them socialists if you like!

As for the BNP trolls (and open supporters) on this thread - you should be ashamed of yourselves. You stand against everything we have fought for in this country over the years. Remember The Battle of Cable Street - you shall not pass.

Resident Leftie- It is you who should be ashamed. My grandparents sure didn't fight for the communist Labour and Tory parties to stomp all over White people. They didn't fight to defeat "fascism"- they fought to defend Britain.

Winston Churchill, were he alive today, would not be allowed in the Conservative party because of his views on Islam. Churchill was against non-Whites coming to Britain. Churchill stands for everything the BNP stands for.

This country has been hijacked by crackpots and crazies, and by God, we shall take it back.

"Churchill stands for everything the BNP stands for."

Tony you insult the very oldest generation who fought bravely against Fascism under a very great Prime Minister and war leader who was a Conservative and despite the misquotations which appear here (and which reflect attitudes of a very different era)was a Conservative who would have been disgusted by everything the BNP really stand for (NOT what they claim in their "window dressing" that they stand for!.

Resident Leftie, I applaud 100% what you say here! I am not the only Conservative who would do so either!

" Every day Arabs become more arrogant, demanding Sharia law, pork not to be served at UN mettings and other such nonsense. All the while they are outbreeding British people at a rate of 10 to 1."

"outbreeding"???? You don't really regard them as human at all, do you? Bit like the Nazis regarded Jews - as "untermensch"!!

I, as a Conservative, am seriously contemplating voting for the BNP as a one off at the European Elections. My reasons are that all the main parties, Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem are supine when it comes to standing up to radical Islam and give in to their demands too easily. As a catholic I was extremely dismayed to read in yesterday's Telegraph that the BBC are considering appointing a Muslim as head of their religious department. Why have I not heard any protests from the main parties to this news. Are you frightened? The total muslim vote is only about 2.5% so you have very little to loose by voicing your concerns and you will gain votes from the indigenous population.

Firstly, I'm not here to troll, just to pass an opinion.

*Connect the BNP with criminality. Won't work. Think Jonathan Aitken, Lord Archer and Harvey Proctor.

*Connect the BNP with falling house prices. Voters will gasp at the sheer desperation of it.

*Connect the BNP with Left-wing, socialist policies. Then they get an anti-BNP leaflet through the letterbox from a trade union saying "The BNP are in league with the bosses to divide workers solidarity". (funny old world isn't it?)

I will be voting BNP, I don't hate or scapegoat coloured people as the lying propaganda would have it. The blame for what has happened to our beloved country lies firmly with the politicians, who I no longer have any confidence in.

If you want to win votes use these BNP policies:

*Stop immigration-except in exceptional cases (eg. Gurkhas).
*Deport illegal immigrants.
*Protect our industry, re-start large scale manufacturing (shut down by Thatcher). *Prioritise British workers for jobs in the UK.
*Dismantle PC culture.
*Leave the EU and regain full national sovereignty.
*Bring our troops home from Afghanistan.
*Leave NATO.This organisation was formed to deter war. Now it is dragging us into them.
NEVER involve our forces in illegal wars based on lies again. Its a national defence force.
And most importantly, this is my personal favourite:
*GREATER DEMOCRACY. INTRODUCE SWISS STYLE PEOPLE'S REFERENDA. For too long have totalitarian projects like the EU, unlimited immigration and political correctness been forced upon the people of this country against their wishes.

Now the conservatives have thrown in their lot with the Lib/Lab/Con single party consortium. You know, what exactly is the defining difference between you and the others these days? What are you conserving? If you want to beat the BNP, then become the patriotic party you once were in Churchill's Day. Oh, and stop your leader from saying things like, "Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”

The only thing that's keeping the lid on the BNP is the media. This won't last forever. Neither can the Conservative party continue to live on its name alone.

Dear god - if these are the three options I despair of the Conservative party. Try a fourth option - connect the BNP with RACISM - considering they are actually racist.

Posted by: Sally Roberts | March 30, 2009 at 13:26

Resident Leftie, I applaud 100% what you say here! I am not the only Conservative who would do so either!

I know that's true, Sally. Incidentally, I'd be happy to contribute to a fund to set up a right wing anti-BNP website for the mainstream. I know many of you don't think much of trade unions or the far left groups which oppose the BNP.

Posted by: Lantern | April 01, 2009 at 00:24
You are considering voting for a party which allows whites-only membership, whose criminal leader thinks the Holocaust never happened, who doesn't know which way up to hang a union flag and whose councillors are a useless shower. This isn't student politics - Griffin was writing Holocaust denial leaflets in 1997.

In 1998 Nick Griffin said, "I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that 6 million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also also once held that the Earth was flat... I have reached the conclusion that the "extermination" tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria."

If they weren't so pathetically and laughably incompetent, they would be scary.

If you still vote for these people, knowing this, you know exactly what you are.

Any party that discriminates on race does not deserve to be taken seriously. The BNP could have very good policies on health and education, but no one is going to listen until they renounce racism. If they renounced racism and then campaigned for protecting British culture then they might be worth listening to.

This is posted by BNP troll Tony:
"Listen, until the Conservative party reaffirms that one has to be white to be British, and pledges to stop all immigration, both legal and illegal, as well as leaving the European Union and reinstalling the voluntary repatriation program, the BNP will get my vote."

I do not want to live in a Muslim majority state. I don't want my children to live in a Muslim majority state. Britain is for white people, end of story.

Being from a different race does not make you Muslim (!) and being from a different race does not prevent you from being British. The concept of 'British' is a relatively recent concept and one that has always had to evolve. The heritage of the union flag itself is testament to this story.

Tony if you want a serious debate on nationalism, protecting British culture, limiting immigration, protecting indigenous religion, society and values then you will find that many more people will listen if you drop your pointless racism.

For all you "Ex-Conservatives" who say 'I now vote BNP' I ask you, do you believe that you have to be white to be British? You can't just pick and choose the bits of their manifesto you like, this is the fundamental principle of their party, whether they try to hide it under policies or not.

If ex Conservatives believe that you have to be white to be British, fine, enjoy the BNP. We don't need racists in the party thanks!

If ex Conservatives do not believe you have to be white to be British then what are you doing supporting them?

I can't make it any simpler, answer the question!

As has already been noted above there is a growing (young and multi racial) wing of the Conservative party calling for tougher policies on immigration and protecting British culture. I for one believe we need to empower a race blind nationalism (see my previous comments about protecting British culture).

1. Connect the BNP with criminality. And what are MPs currently being tarred with, FRAUD which is criminal

2. Connect the BNP with falling house prices.
Every house (nearly) has fallen in price

3. Connect the BNP with Left-wing, socialist policies.
So telling british people that the BNP will put them FIRST is going to get them to NOT VOTE BNP

I see why we have no choice in the elections next year, All of you dont LISTEN do you?

I was a labour voter whom started looking into the Cons but quess what no real difference, BNP seem to say what i want, NO EU Superstate, NO open immigration, proper jail and terms, stop giving money to everyone and their goats and look after our people, people who fought and worked for THIS country

You may not like the BNP but they ARE SAYING what the general working class want to hear, that is once they get through the media propoganda


Cleethorpes Rock are you stupid or what


Now in a democracy this is a BIG FIGURE? does not matter the number of votes its the percentage!


"Mysteriously all the Conservative(large C) faithful appear to have abandoned the discussion, once the small c's had the temerity to move the debate onto the real issues."

I think the reason for this is quite simple,
the party faithful have no guidance from above. So once they are past the knee Jerk response they know will be acceptable, they are lost. The Conservative party lacks real policies and real guidance from above right now, and as a result the party faithful have no ammunition or party line to follow. This is evident in many areas, although recently we have seen some improvement in leadership on economic issue there is still a massive vacuum of policies in many ares.

"BNP seem to say what i want, NO EU Superstate, NO open immigration, proper jail and terms, stop giving money to everyone and their goats and look after our people, people who fought and worked for THIS country"

Easy things to say in opposition but more difficult in reality. The BNP have a massive advantage in so much as they have no track record to trip them up.

Isn't is sad, very sad, that the priority of the Conservatives should be to attack the BNP on these grounds rather than address the reasons people might want to vote for them?

This says far more about the Conservatives, and mainstream politics in general, than the BNP.

It leads people to ask - are you there for us, or you? Are you there to gain power, or to serve the people?

Before you take the splinter out of the BNP's eye, take the log out of your own. Why are you more interested in "stopping the BNP" as an end in itself than representing the beleaguered and betrayed British people?

Look at what you've suggested for a moment. You aren't even addressing the BNP's policies. You aren't saying why they are wrong. At best, it's ad hominem, scurrilous, low down stuff.

Shame on you Mr Montgomerie. Shame.

And I'll add this - half the votes the BNP will be getting at the next election will be sympathy votes, not least of all because of these kind of attacks. Unless the Conservatives start doing a bit more conserving, one of them might be mine, though the real conservatives in the party are starting to make real noises now.

From the BNP's (well hidden) constitution.

The British National Party stands for the preservation of the national and ethnic
character of the British people and is wholly opposed to any form of racial
integration between British and non-European peoples. It is therefore committed
to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration and to restoring, by
legal changes, negotiation and consent, the overwhelmingly white makeup of the
British population that existed in Britain prior to 1948.

That's 10%+ of the British people out, and mixed marriages illegal.

2) The indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of ‘Indigenous Caucasian’ consist of members of: i) The Anglo-Saxon Folk Community; ii) The Celtic Scottish Folk Community; iii) The Scots-Northern Irish Folk Community; iv) The Celtic Welsh Folk Community; v) The Celtic Irish Folk Community; vi) The Celtic Cornish Folk Community; vii) The Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Folk Community; viii) The Celtic-Norse Folk Community; ix) The Anglo-Saxon-Norse Folk Community; x) The Anglo-Saxon-Indigenous European Folk Community; xi) Members of these ethnic groups who reside either within or outside Europe but ethnically derive from them.
3) Membership of the party shall be open only to those who are 16 years of age or over and whose ethnic origin is listed within Sub-section 2

You cannot join unless you are white! If you join the BNP, you are a racist.

Watch this, and see the BNP's murderous Nazi connections. If you think any of it is made up, by all means, tell us.


"They're a British party, proud of the flag, that wants to leave the EU"

Are you serious - or just mind numbingly ignorant?

The BNP may have learnt a few lessons about how to look more presentable and how to give the impression that they are "British".

Their basic beliefs are an anathema to everything that Britain has stood for for hundreds of years, and indeed fought a world war against. They are an extreme organisation who's policies are difficult to distinguish from most of those espoused by the National Socialist movement in 1930s Germany - yes for the historically ignorant the National Socialists were the Nazis.

The BNP's philosophy is as far away from being British as it is possible to be.

As usual a lot of lies has been told here. My grandad faught in the Second World War, when I told him I had joined the BNP he congratulated me, "good for you, you have your first convert here", he said.

Recently one of the last spitfire pilots who fought in WW2 joined the BNP:

“I was proud to have fought for this nation during World War II and by joining the BNP, I am still fighting for the freedom and identity of the British people,” Squadron Leader Tidy said.

I think many, if not the vast majority of those who fought for Britain fought because they loved their country.

To quote C.K. Chesterton - "The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him."

Of cousre the Britain they knew and loved is in the process of being transformed. We will have lost our independence and the true British people will be a minority, aided and abetted by the Lib/Lab/Con alliance, with only the pesky BNP speaking out against it.

If you want to know WHY I vote for the BNP, I suggest you click on the link below.

The Tories should go on the offense against UKIP - they are the tru danger to the Tories.

Conservatives must go all out to undermine UKIP.

"The BNP's philosophy is as far away from being British as it is possible to be. "

Pitt the younger might not agree. As a Nobel Pitt had not sat any exam thank you, no degree cluttered up this crystal clarity. He had no need of your Rules Governor. Such a man can set a Nation alight. Why would being as far from possible from be, be. BNP is certainly British I would add. Britain First, its up to us if we are willing to allow our Nation to slip away to a Fascist party then we will have brought it upon ourselves and it was because we failed to appreciate how the nation works, how a whisper of derision can end in the fall of the whole system. Britain first we should embrace that without hesitation. GSTQ should be our constant refrain and we know it. We each should look to our leaders as we always did in past emergencies. The Pax Britannica has been maintained, and it is to Pax Britannica that we must refer. Only by maintaining some semblance of good moral obedience have we got a hope of a blistering National resurgence. We have no choice but to act boldly as we have been horrible let down by a petrol dollar blow out. So we act in accordance with our nature and exploit the downturn in the intrest of Greater Britain. Either the BNP exploit the Nationalists or we do, to me it seems a no brain er lets be gleefully honest about our love of Britain and our determined plan for its recovery. Lets not fail to rattle our sabers loudly and except that Russia plan of rearmament commits us to the same. Once we embrace our new National fervour we will have won half of the Battle. We need the best activists the most out there Nationalist to join with the Conservative party in a romp home to a blistering landslide majority.

"Dear God - if these are the three options I despair of the Conservative party. Try a fourth option - connect the BNP with RACISM - considering they are actually racist."


That will drive the very people they are targeting into their arms, they will give you an Iron Cross with Oak Leaves for that suggestion! the only people who would be put off from voting BNP by calling them "Racist" would be those who will never vote for them ayway.

of course the problem you the Tories have, is that ted heath, became a traitor to the British people by shoe horning us all into the European union, and it is you along with the labour party, and the liberals have never offered us a referendum, and its no wonder you are all concerned about the BNP, you need to be
and if you want to join the no1 party feel free

Associate them with criminality? Like this lot?


Connect the BNP with left wing socialist policies? But we've been told time and time again that they're 'far right'.

Oh dear - not much hope for your new tactics is there?

I'll be voting for the British National Party becuase they are the ONLY party that loves this country and will stop the rot.

I used to vote Tory. There's a better chance of seeing demons iceskate than that happening now.

They have lost their purpose and direction. They are quite happy to see the Islamification of Great Britain and the total destruction of our nation state at the hands of 'cultural enrichment'provided it gets them votes.

Nu Labour, Nu Tory, no difference. And trust me, thousands of us feel the same. As such I shall be supporting the British National Party. If things don't change radically in less than ten years, this country is gone forever.

Any tactic of attacking opponents instead of concentrating on the party's policies will, I believe, be counter productive and will be seen by voters in a negative way.
The various comments regarding the BNP attacking immigration is actually missing the point. The BNP are in fact attacking successive Governments for their policies of allowing mass immigration. Both main parties will have difficulty in addressing this criticism in a meaningful way if it is ever allowed to be debated properly throughout the country. Both parties have made their beds and now must lie on them.

There is one way to ensure that the Conservative party will win a general election, whenever held, with an absolute and totally overwhelming majority, that would put the Labour party into an abyss they would probably never return from.
Pledge to take Britain out of the tax guzzling,corrupt Marxist empire of the EU as soon as elected.
Have they the courage to do it?

For anyone who so self importantly claims the BNP only steal votes from the lower working class please check the demographics of the "leaked list".

Then go check the openly ex-Conservative activists who have moved over to the BNP/British cause.

Cheap tacky lies and smears only work on simpletons. Do simpletons vote Conservative?

According to Alexa ratings the BNP's website ranking has gone from circa 100,000 to circa 45,000 in a year and shows a relatively steady climb. For comparison at the moment the Conservatives are languishing at 176.000 - below the Alexa data collection for the graphs!

"Connect the BNP with left wing socialist policies? But we've been told time and time again that they're 'far right'."

Confused response from the Conservative party, which is down to a real lack of understanding of what BNP is. At least we knew what was going on when we allowed them to speak freely. We had no trouble fighting against Mosley and we knew exactly what BUF stood for. Our current confusion is exactly what we deserve for our tactic of silencing them. we have to face the rise of BNP straight on.

As Richard Barnbrook said, " If the Tories did their job properly there would be no need for the BNP. "

The Tories have compromised their core values and let millions down' They do not deserve to win anything.

Cameron has no REAL beliefs or convictions. And it shows.

The only way to defeat the BNP is to adopt their policies.

The BNP WILL take at least three seats in the Euro elections and may possibly win seats in Stoke, East London, the North West and Yorkshire at the GE.

The votes in the GE will actually be decisive as white middle-class voters desert the Tories for the BNP, following the trend of white working-class voters deserting Labour for the BNP.

It may be unfashionable to say this but voting patterns in many areas are drawn up along race lines. Ignore this at your peril.

With only a third of registered voters prepared to take part in the election process, like many, why should i bother to vote for any party that doesn't believe they have to listen and change with the times.

From the big two, it's been the same rhetoric for as long as i can remember, New Labour is an abomination yet the conservatives are still hoping to win by default rather than listening to the electorate and making changes that will make a difference.

the recent opinion polls suggest that the changes that the Lib Dem's have made strike accord with voters, yet their amnesty to immgrants is their achilles heel.

But then again, why listen to the majority when the party can stick with the same old unpopular policies and win because of Labour's incompetance.

The reason why the BNP are making great strides, is because they are listening, they are trying to get in touch with voters feelings issues. we all know what the BNP really stand for, but given the alternatives, the voters have nothing to lose voting BNP.

The top three really only have themselves to blame.

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