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We really want to leave the EU.

Got it?

I'm very disappointed if this is true. Stuart had more chance of helping form the (anti) eu view within the party than we footsoldiers who want an entirely different relationship with the eu to the current one.

Posted by: John Broughton | March 28, 2009 at 17:10

Bit like Kinnock is busy reforming the Lords?

The Conservative party has signed us up for every single EU treaty it has been presented with whilst in power. Mr. Cameron is more pro-EU than any leader since Heath therefore Mr. Wheeler has realised the futility of his struggle and the truth that the Conservative leadership has been irrevocably captured by the Vichyists. Hopefully this will open the eyes of other Conservatives.

Well, Cameron is less pro-Europe than Thatcher, who signed s up to the single most integrationalist treaty without so much of a hint of a referendum.

Good riddance.
I'm actually rather Euro sceptic, but weird bores who keep going in and out of the party with implied threats about funding - well we can do without you.

Well, lets be honest. I know loads of Tory voters and members who vote UKIP at European elections. Some of our MEPs are vomit worthy Euro sycophants

You Cameronians should be bloody glad Wheeler has given you a wake up call.

Social agenda? For goodness sake! What's a Tory party doing with a social bloody agenda?

How about reducing government stranglehold on the people; telling the global warmers to stuffit; telling the EU to stuffit; encouraging real energy development, not bloody windmills and propellor head houses.

If I were living there now, I would do the same thing; either that or stay home. Cameronians are just socialists in Blue suites.

Robert of Ottawa, Canada

"If we kicked all the European workers out we'd have a flood of people coming back here so it wouldn't help and might even hinder.

You're a complete joke."

To be fair raj, you have proven yourself to be an out of touch fool in recent weeks on conservative home.

The number of british people returning would be significantly lower than the number of jobs opened up by deporting eu citizens. In fact it would be roughly 2 million more.

PS I'm still waiting for an apology regarding the way you spoke to me when I questioned you and your pathetic and out of touch platitudes the other day.

As someone who has previously decided to do exactly the same as Wheeler, this makes a lot of sense. We need to get out of the EU as a matter of urgency and the Conservatives are not going to deliver on that, ever.

This has produced the usual spiteful anti UKIP comments from those who hate the fact that a large number of Conservatives will be voting UKIP in June. Also a good many from hypocrites, the sort of people who called Woodward a traitor when he defected to Labour and if Sainsbury announced that he was joining the Conservatives and donating millions to the party would be overjoyed.
So would Mr.Cameron of course.

Stuart Wheeler has never made any secret of his views; it seems he has given up trying to persuade the Tory leadership to come clean about the EU. Perhaps his action now will help make that happen.

To those who say the EU is way down the list of priorities - not true, people are at last beginning to realise that Brussels wants to control every aspect of our lives.

Mr Wheeler would be wise to examine the conduct and performance of UKIP MEPs in Brussels before he writes the cheque. UKIP simply do not deserve the protest votes of people based on their past performance.

I have to say though that if the selection process for MEPs not been manipulated by CCHQ that this sort of absurd situation could have been avoided. This week Dan Hannan did more in 3 minutes for the good of this country than UKIP has done in 5 years.

Would that there were more like Dan Hannan and less of the sort who carp on about leaving the EPP having been safely reselected. Wheeler would have had good reason to vote Conservative and UKIP heading towards oblivion.

It's CCHQ that handed UKIP a lifeline.

I notice that there are very few constructive comments left on this subject.

Can a REAL Conservative supporter participate on this regular UKIP and anti-Tory website? As an Association chairman in a safe Conservative seat with a substantial membership, providing people and money for the local marginal seats essential for a Tory victory at ALL elections, I am perpetually astonished at how a supposedly Conservative website provides a platform for our political opponents, indeed positively encourages them. If the Party is to maintain the momentum that Cameron and his excellent team have managed to generate in recent years, there is NO place for any true supporter voting anything other than Tory at EVERY election. Self-important prats who think either that money can buy them influence and status or that whingeing about an issue that simply does not feature on the electors' agenda is going to assist the Tory cause are living in la-la land.
All the evidence from party polling demonstrates that Europe is BOTTOM of every voter's priorities but that, if the issue becomes an public obsession AGAIN, then our electoral lead will vanish like fog in a gale!
Wheeler and his like are enemies of the Conservative Party and should be summarily ejected from Party membership.

Wheeler is simply reflecting the views of a large number of traditional Tory supporters who want a more robust policy on membership of the EU.

"Posted by: Man on a Clapham omnibus | March 29, 2009 at 10:20 "

Are you still allowed to use that name after Ron Davies;)?

2004 EU elections UKIP gained 16.1% with 12 seats, and were beaten into 3rd place by Conservatives which gained 26.7% and 27 seats and Labour which gained 22.6% with 19 seats.

4th place Liberals on 14.9% and 12 seats, 5th the Greens on 6.3%, and 6th were BNP with 4.9% and no seats.


Anyone who thinks coming third with over 16% of the vote against two main parties which were both preaching NO to a Constitution and YES to a referendum, is "small beer", should really begin to brush up on the facts in this matter and where it could lead.

Especially when both the main parties NOW, are in complete contrast with their policies to what they promised the electorate and are in complete contrast to the myriad of polls. Most recent, the BBC which shows no deviance from the standard poll count showing a majority wants OUT of the EU.

Conservatives democratic? - I think the polls will see whether this is still correct, and would suggest when UKIP voters are crossing their ballot papers, that you lot cross your fingers that you may just not have a party to go to the following day at least in Europe.


If you are talking about a Conservative government led by Cameron you are absolutely right.

Cameron (and Hague), together with the leaders of Labour and the Lib-Dems, have already sold their souls to the EU, as, with some honourable exceptions, have many senior politicians, civil servants, quangocrats and bureaucrats, regardless of their nominal political loyalties.

Quite regardless of economic considerations, the EU was, above all else, created to consolidate and increase the powers and authority of the "political ruling classes" in the member states.

As further integration progresses the importance of the political party nominally in power will steadily decrease, whilst, in the ever powerful state, the power and privileges of the ruling class will increase as their transparancy and accountability declines.

If the EU is not the leading issue in most people's minds, this is because a deliberate agreement between all three main parties to play down and sideline the issue. Not only is this deeply dishonest, it is also an insult to the intelligence of those they are asking to vote for them.

Under normal circumstances, I would agree that a vote for a party with no hope of returning a member serves no useful prupose, other than that of registering a protest. However,these are not normal circumstances, they are exceptional both in terms of economic unstability and in the overwhelming disappointment and dissatisfaction of the general public with its political class. Under such conditions a massive protest vote, sufficient to warn Cameron that the EU issue could cost him the election is certainly justified.

How can you blame him?

It is not Wheeler who is betraying Conservative principles and the British people over the EU, it is the Conservative Party!

We have been promised a referendum over Lisbon when we win power but what if the Czechs, Irish etc have already signed up for it? What then?

Cameron needs to be clear about this issue or more and more people who wish to vote Conswervative will see no hope but to go over to UKIP.

Clapham Omnibus Man (related to Piltdown Man?):
"I am perpetually astonished at how a supposedly Conservative website provides a platform for our political opponents...there is NO place for any true supporter voting anything other than Tory at EVERY election."
You mean, pull up the drawbridge against the threat of independent, challenging thought? What do you think that says about the robustness of your version of Conservatism? No doubt you fear those " Self-important prats who think..." because, after all, we don't want people thinking for themselves, do we, whether or not they're self-important - a description that might well fit you...

Robert of Ottawa, Canada Well said!

Clapham Omnibus Man" By telling us that no Tory government is going to pull out of the EU is disenfranchising the 55% of people that actually want the UK out; how do you intend appealing to these people?

I used to be a fully paid up member of the Conservative Party but cancelled as I no longer feel that the current day Party represents the traditional Conservative principles. The current leadership is too PC, too socially conscious, too supportive of minority views, too nicey, nicey in opposition, too scared to attack the public sector, too, well, damned liberal!

The Party are absolutely right to expel somebody who will be donating money to be used to fight Conservative Euro Candidates in June. How can he justify being a senior Tory donor whilst voting against the Party in any election? Opinions are one thing but disloyalty to the Party is another!

Some of you make me laugh, A vote for anyone except UKIP in the european elections is saying you support being in the EU.

Well you will all be complaining when you cant afford to live anymore because all the money being in the EU costs us.

Up to you

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