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Very disappointing - but not remotely surprising.

What an idiot.

So split the mainstream Eurosceptic vote and risk helping keep the pro-Europe NuLab in power.

Utterly utterly foolish.

UKIP are now nothing more than a rich man`s plaything. Stuart Wheeler is doing nothing more than flushing his my money down the toilet.

Good timing too. :-)

It's curious that he would choose to switch now, when the Conservatives are actually delivering on leaving the EPP. Completely sympathise though.

Excellent news. And he supports our local hunt too. What a splendid chap. Cheered me up no end.

Very encouraging news.

So speaketh Jack Stone. Hmmm. I wonder how one would categorise the relationship between Ecclestone, Lord Sainsbury and the Labour Party then.

Europe has been so divisive in the Conservative Party, he is right; we just want to brush it under the carpet and get on with winning the next general election. When we do win the next GE, we will have to deal with Europe and our membership of the EU. It is damaging our economy and our way of life. The irony is the majority of the British electorate think the same. When was the last time you spoke to someone outside politics who thought the EU was great for Britain? I think we will lose more support from people like Stuart Wheeler if we don't take the bit between our teeth and finally say, we our going to renegotiate our membership of the EU. Nothing less will do.

What will the money be spent on - hasn't UKIP imploded ?

After Hannan and Farage this is the icing on the cake!

He won't be missed.

"Good timing too."

Something for Dave to discuss with Obama!

I am not aware that the bulk of the tory MEP candidates have anything much to do with the tory party or tory principals - hannan will be getting in on the 'tribal vote' so why would anyone non-tribal bother voting tory at the euro elections - you would just be supporing a bunch of old fasioned federal-euro-dinosaurs.

(If I get selected by jury team I will of course be voting for myself as an independent).

I'm sorry, but what are the benefits to Britain's membership of the EU?

I can tell you what damage it has done to the Conservative Party. Tory euro-philes are free to join the Labour movement and decongest the Tory Party so we can stand up for this country.

The EU is a socialist utopian project designed for countries like Lithuania and Hungary, strong independent nations like the UK should have 'special relationships' and advanced trade agreements and monetary ties to places like France and Germany, but we should be separately governed.

The first of many I reckon. The EU is a no compromise, black and white issue that requires firm commitments as to whether you want to be in or out. This issue really could be Cameron's achilles heel.

Look, I think Stuart Wheeler has made a serious tactical error but he has been geneous to our party when we most needed help, he's a man of principle on Europe and human rights. Let's remember that as we comment.

I agree with Tim.

Stuart Wheeler intends to remain in the party and will be supporting us again for the locals and the General Election. He finds it difficult to support us for the Euro's.

He shouldn't be disparaged in this party, he is an influential supporter of the party and I think HQ should work on regaining his commitment to the party to rid us of Labour.

I rally admire this move by Stuart Wheeler.

Why should Cameron assume that Tories will accept his wishy washy attitude to the EU.

I'll also be voting with UKIP for the EU elections unless I'm very surprised by the Tory EU manifesto.

I'm very disappointed if this is true. Stuart had more chance of helping form the (anti) eu view within the party than we footsoldiers who want an entirely different relationship with the eu to the current one.

Tim is right.

Mr Wheeler has just confirmed what many of us have known for a long time, that we should vote UKIP in the Euros and Tory in the GE.

That way we'll both get rid of Labour and keep the pressure on Cameron re the EU.

I'm sure that thousands of Conservatives will do the same as having an EU policy page that simply defines post-LT policy as "we won't leave it there" is insulting.


Nice try.

By voting for the mainstream Euro-sceptic party, the Conservatives, I will be sending a clear message to Gordon Brown, that is: You're finished, mate, people are voting Tory at every election.

UKIP is a wasted vote. It's vote will massively increase in a few months at the expense of the Tories, but remember the BNP will be savaging away at the Labour vote too.

Jon Groves,

Eh? What is mainstream about the Tory MEP's?

Take a look at how many countries are members of UKIP's IND/DEM grouping then compare that to the number of countries represented in the post-election Tory group.

Who's on the fringes now?

There's a man with a one-track mind. I feel sorry for him.

Since politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum, one can understand Stuart Wheeler's action.

As I have posted so many times - without eliciting any comments - I believe the Conservatives should pledge to hold a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or leave.

That is a principled stance, not a cop out, because it gives the nation a chance to decide this all-important question of policy.

I think Stuart Wheeler is simply putting his principles above party loyalty, the concept of principle might sit uneasily on our politicians shoulders, but there are many people who live their lives by it. Stuart Wheeler like most of the population knows that the empty vessel of leaving the EPP is probably the high point of the parties Euroscepticism, and that once elected they will revert to type prostrating themselves at the feet of the European monster. Since money seems to be at the centre of politics today, perhaps the loss of £100,000 will have more impact than the millions of us who have been screaming for our democratic rights on the European question.

I think it's stupid of him but stupider still of the Tory leadership not to settle their ambivalence on the EU once and for all,

Say NOW they'll have a referendum whatever state the Lisdbon Treaty is in. That would be a start.

It's not complicated - pledge withdrawal from the EU, or at least a referendum, get the majority of people back on side and win the next general election.

It's a no-brainer. So why not just do it?

We're not Europeans, we aren't part of Europe. We have far more in common on all levels with the US, Canada and the rest of the Anglosphere, many of whom are our direct relations. We should have joined NAFTA years ago.

Why are we saddled to Old Europe? I suspect the majority of Brits would be far happier if we were the 51st state of the union than part of this grim project. At least we would have state's rights and democratic representation.

When the BBC's Daily Politics runs a piece on a poll that shows 55% of voters think we would be better off out, times clearly are a-changing.
I hope the Tory Party leaders are taking note.

UKIP is the party of petulance. It has no positive ideals and only exists as an antithesis. It is a party of protest and not of politics.

The bizarre thing about UKIP is that although it claims to be a pro-British party its economic policies would be so openly free-trade that the UK economy would be overrun with sweatshop goods and the British workforce would be reduced to servicing the economies of the East.

Still, should we expect anything less when its founding fathers and leading lights so often don't even live in the UK?

The UK needs to exit the EU and let Ireland do the same... there is global tyranny afoot with the US corrupted non constitutional government who's aim is to create a new commercial empire with help of the EU US military bases to impose on Russia/India and APAC members who fail to join the tri-lateral commission before the creation of a one world corporate government funded by global carbon tax. I'm in my 30's but this so clear to everyone.I'm ex Tory and ex Commonwealth because this is not the politics of old anymore it's global domination by corporate pressure..who owns the fed? certainly not the american people under one constitution.Do your research!! look to alternative media or utube!! Warning gold is the new currency not worthless fiat(paper) money.Gordon sold all our gold reserves as did fort knox.. none of our fiat money is gold backed...all leveraged for a global economic failure

It's his money, he's free to do as he likes with it. Just as we're free to brand his behaviour foolish.

I agree with Dale, he should be expelled from the party immediately. The guy is a complete menace.

the Party has been quite clear on its stance vis a vis Europe since DC became leader.
A vote for UKIP is a missed opportunity for Conservatives.
We HAVE to stick together, and reject self-indulgent protests, to send the strongest possible message to swing voters that we have the momentum and we will be formong the next Government.
or - well - the alternative doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

The party is strong enough to shrug this off. UKIP is not what it was 5 years ago. Without an organised activist base any donation large or small dosen't make a great deal of difference.


He thought he could use his wealth to influence/but party policies. When there was a policy that he disagreed with, he'd turn up on the Today programme to make mischief - much to Labour's ears.

I'm not a Eurosceptic (as everyone know), but I though this man would have enough sense to see that a. splitting the Eurosceptic vote won't get his cause anywhere and b. UKIP is in a complete mess and is heading for near wipe-out (in terms in seats in the EP).

A lose cannon (and an arrogant one at that!, so good riddance to him, that's what I say!

Posted by: christina Speight | March 28, 2009 at 17:27 - I think you'll find, Christina, Hague has already made this pledge. Keep up, dear girl.

He has NOT defected to UKIP. The News of the World specifically says he has not.Your header is wrong.
Stuart Wheeler is an intelligent principled and experienced man.
Does Cameron expel him?Madness.
Does Wheeler know the snakepit which is Farage and his party?Possibly.
Does Wheeler's action put pressure on the Tory leadership to think and act on the EU-please not -Europe.Yes.

Mission accomplished

£100,000 may not seem like much to the Tories (barely enough for 3 second home allowances and a couple of nanny / secretaries) and to Tony Blair and Cherie it would be but loose change. However, most of UKIP’s members are either past their prime and not too rich, or young and near penniless, it will seem like a fortune and will go a long way in funding the EU Parliament campaign.

The boost to morale will be worth even more.

Who will be next, I wonder?

I feel quite sure that Stuart Wheeler announced several months ago that he would no longer support the Conservatives with money.

If he wishes to gift it to Nigel Farrage then I don't care. I am not going to vote UKIP in the Euros again - I did last time; it was a mistake.

I do wish that Cameron would say clearly that whatever the situation as a fait accompli he will still hold a referendum about EU membership within 12 months of taking power. That will annoy Brown, Miliband, McShane, Vaz and Hain which is always a worthwhile exercise. It will also seal the GE for a Tory landslide and the collapse of Labour, ensure a No victory in the October referendum in Ireland and force the Eurocrats to climb down and regard the wishes of their citizens.

Justin @ 18:08,

LoL. I think it is you who needs to keep up. Be a love and pop over to conservatives.com and actually read the policy on 'Europe'.

The relevant passage is the one that begins with the phrase "If the Lisbon Treaty is not yet in force at the time of the next general election.." and then includes a great big 'BUT'

Electoraly, it won't make a dot of difference except to excite all the eccentric cranks that I don't want to associate with, no matter how wide our church is.

Hague has said publicly that we will (wrongly in my view) go ahead and put it to a vote after it has been ratified.

Jack Stone is right.

So Wheeler *hasn't* defected, he still intends to vote for us on June 10, but has chosen to give £100k to another party, one which is intent on hurting us. This is starting to make sense now...


Justin @18:22

It is not party policy.

And you are completely misrepresenting what he actually said last year which was along the lines of "it is theoretically possible but we haven't made up our minds".

There was no 'will' about it, not even 'might' just Hague chewing over all possibilities. Just weasel words.

Some northern monkey in their IT department (David?) needs to learn some manners. Call them to ask about yet another MERLIN glitch, and you're treaded like a retard, a pain. Dreadful, he really is.

What a funny bunch some of you are. Whilst he is pumping the money in he is the best thing since sliced bread. The minute he decides to follow his principles he becomes worthless and can be deposed of with a'good riddance'. Have any of you managed to trace your family history back to Rome in 44BC, there has to be some sort of connection somewhere.

"So Wheeler *hasn't* defected, he still intends to vote for us on June 10"

Do pay attention at the back, Justin! Mr Wheeler is quoted thus:

Spread-betting millionaire Stuart Wheeler has written a cheque for £100,000 to UKIP and said he will be voting for them in the June Euro elections.


Also, the EU Parliament vote is on June 4, not June 10 (on second thoughts, I should not have corrected you!)

"Hague has said publicly that we will (wrongly in my view) go ahead and put it to a vote after it has been ratified."

when/where ?

What a selfish man. All he'll do is help Labour, meaning a better chance that those of us without his wealth will have to suffer yet a further Labour government.

"I think Stuart Wheeler has made a serious tactical error," says Tim Montgomerie, displaying the absolute consistency with which the Party faithful demonstrate their blindness to the principles which so many of us still think somewhat more important than mere "tactics". Radsaster expresses it well: "..the concept of principle might sit uneasily on our politicians shoulders, but there are many people who live their lives by it. Stuart Wheeler like most of the population knows that the empty vessel of leaving the EPP is probably the high point of the parties Euroscepticism, and that once elected they will revert to type prostrating themselves at the feet of the European monster."
Exactly so. Leaving the EPP: big deal! And I'm afraid I had to laugh at Jon Groves's description of the Tories as "the mainstream Euro-sceptic party"... And when Jane Gould writes, "We HAVE to stick together, and reject self-indulgent protests, to send the strongest possible message to swing voters that we have the momentum and we will be formong the next Government," one is compelled to ask yet again, to what end? All this always-keep-ahold-of-nurse stuff is just infantile politics, a childlike refusal to admit that there are real issues out there on which principled stands have to be taken. Frankly I couldn't care less who forms the next government, indeed the Cabinet can be a team of three-toed sloths for all I care so long as their principles are sound. And so long as they don't patronise me by saying I must vote for them because, well, it's the right thing to do and we don't want the Other Lot to get in, do we...

This man is so blinkered, UKIP have no chance, he is simply throwing money down the drain, what an idiot.

One thing you can be sure of is that self-made millionaires don't get to be millionaires by backing losers. Well done Stuart I also will be backing UKIP

"UKIP have no chance"

Oh yes we do!


I've voted Conservative for 32 years and I'll be voting UKIP at the EU and GE elections. 4 other people I know say the same and it's because of not having a clear policy to take back the veto and scrap Lisbon.

Hague's comment on the oil workers was my last straw.

Well done that man for showing integrity and standing up for his country.

I'll be lending my vote to UKIP as well. I had no choice in the candidates we 'selected', except which woman would automatically be placed behind the MEP's. They don't represent my views so why would I vote for them.

Well done Stuart!

It is time to clean the stables. Let us expel Wheeler from the party along with those 2 MEPs Jackson and Beazley. Clear out these old duffers who threaten our party.

Time for Cameron to show them a firm hand.

Remember, Stuart Wheeler doesn't owe you his vote - you have to give him something worth voting for. Clearly at present you're not doing that; in itself, it's a pathetic argument that if he doesn't vote for you Labour will get in. You need to have something worth voting for in the first place and then everything else will follow - remember, the country is basically conservative, and voted for New Labour on the basis that it wouldn't be old Labour (ie it would be conservative), even if it's reverted to type as it's gone on.

It's funny. We had conhome this morning urging Cameron to 'tap into' the anti-politician mood but fails to spot the link to what is happening here.

The people are turning away from the political class with its insulated bubble and own-language that has become so nuanced to have no difference to real people.

We no longer believe a word they say.

We no longer expect one lot to be better than the other lot as they are all as bad as each other.

And the people who believe the things we do can no longer be hidden from us by the MSM as the current 1.5 million views of Hannan's speech shows.

But still Cameron doesn't get it, giving Dan just a short mention in an email to Tories as the fullest use of this momentum!

Mr Wheeler's donation to UKIP is just part of this. You know he has been unsure for a long time now, and clearly party loyalty has delayed him doing this, waiting, hoping for a clear post-LT policy from the Tories but when he finally concedes defeat, Tories insult him.

People are giving up on the political class, and there is no clever faux-sincere soundbite or stance that can fix it.

Rejoice, Rejoice!

Perhaps this is another warning about our timid policy on the EU, which seems increasingly out of step with public opinion, if the recent poll showing 55% think we'd be better off out is anything to go by. I would have thought that the leadership, which usually seems so conscious of public opinion, would be more willing to adopt a more robust EU policy, to say more about it (e.g. the cost of the EU to us all particularly in these economic hard times), and even to promise to pull out. But perhaps the problem is that such a policy wouldn't be supported by the BBC and the metropolitan liberal-left elite.

Well done Mr. Wheeler!

I, like many others, will vote UKIP in the Euros and Con in the GE. We're here to make a point, you can't ignore Europe when 85% of our laws come from it, the CAP inflates food bills and the CFP has destroyed fish stocks and the British fishing industry.

Well done Mr. Wheeler.
The fact is Mr. Cameron is pro-EU. He has tried to hide it with his weasel words about the LT but we remember how he sabotaged the Bill Cash amendment and his platform of not allowing anti-EU MPs on the front bench.

Put up or shut up Mr. Cameron. Offer us a neutrally worded In/Out referendum at the next election (as the LDs are doing) or lose the election. Nothing you have said or done so far would mark any appreciable change from the present Government.

Perhaps this is another warning about our timid policy on the EU

What, that bitter people with enough money to worry about the EU rather than the economy don't universally back the Tories?

The EU is not a priority for voters, and it would be foolish to provoke a divisive debate at a time the Tories are in landslide territory. Labour would love it, the voters would go "huh - how does this help us?" and the party would spend its time fighting itself.

Focus on how to help ordinary people and beating the recession - it's a no-brainer.

As Dale says Wheeler can shove off. He's been dining out on links to the Tory party for years and doing nothing but embarrass the party. He hasn't donated money in yonks. If he wants to influence Tory party policy then he is going completely the wrong way about it. After this his opinions should carry no weight.

"But perhaps the problem is that such a policy wouldn't be supported by the BBC and the metropolitan liberal-left elite."

Actually that is a real problem for the Tories but, even more significant, is the generous funds the EU Commission provides itself with and then disseminates to "charities", special interest groups and in sending out “information packs” to schools. Have a look to at all the signs on the new roads and public buildings, particularly in Scotland and Wales, “funded” by the EU. Many many millions of pounds would be spent undermining the Conservatives if they looked like calling time on the EU.

The question you Tories will have to ask yourselves one day is are you the Party of the Nation or just a collection of politicos on the make? I am sure that most of you are still honest and honourable but how much longer can you hide your true beliefs?

"The EU is not a priority for voters

ROTFL! Even that old lie has been slain this year as several EU-related issues have led to people protests.

Where have you been this year Raj or can you do nothing but trot out the tired old detched politcal-speak crap that CCHQ would find warm and reassuring?

"Focus on how to help ordinary people and beating the recession - it's a no-brainer.

Um, you mean like, er, jobs? Does 'Grangemouth' ring a bell, Raj?

Doug - I doubt Wheeler would care what Dale or the Party say about or do to him. Some of you party drones don't understand this, but there are plenty of people who put principle before party! Political parties are just a vessel, after all.

"Better Off Out", What principles are the UKIP ones? The election of that crook Ashley Mote? Or its Leader and his taste in prostitutes? Or its MEP Clarke who votes for the principle of subsidiarity thus recognising the EC?

What an idiot.

So split the mainstream Eurosceptic vote and risk helping keep the pro-Europe NuLab in power.

Utterly utterly foolish.

Posted by: James | March 28, 2009 at 16:46

Cameron a mainstream Eurosceptic? (then so is Ken Clarke) If he (Cameron) is one then he is making Machiavelli look as straight- forward and as guileless as Mother Teresa.

BTW I cannot say what a great pleasure it is to be back from Oz. If anyone is thinking of visiting that beautiful country and its friendly, helpful populace then go now before its politicians, (the Great and the Good), the Greens, Global Warming nuts, the Leftie ABC television and the politically correct do exactly to Oz what they have done to Britain here - ruin it for the future. Thus Conservative supporters and practical Eurosceptics, such as the honourable Stuart Wheeler, are obliged to ignore the oddly and whimsically named Party and vote elsewhere.

How anyone can claim to be a Eurosceptic whilst letting EU edicts control our borders (immigration); stopping deportation of criminals; issuing EU arrest warrants; interference in our courts and justice system; hog-tying our economy with red tape, to say the least, (and making us pay for the privilege) and then still claim to be in a mainstream Eurosceptic Party only confirms how fertile and flexible is the imaginations of politicians - the cast of Monty Python reborn.

"What principles are the UKIP ones?"

Ashley Mote was expelled as soon as his lies and deceptions were uncovered. UKIP does not tolerate misappropriation of taxpayers’ funds by its elected officials.

Now, about Nannygate….

Big loss to the Conservative movement. I admire Stuart for his support and principles on this issue.

As for me, UKIP has my vote in the Euro elections in June 2009.

I know Cameron is right not to "bang on" about Europe in the midst of a near economic depression, but the Euro elections allow a limited time period to outline his position on Lisbon ratification. A post ratification referendum commitment from Cameron and I'll vote Tory again. After that David can go back to mainstream issues.

Europe has to be dealt with a some point and the majority of the public clearly want a different form of relationship from Europe, all the recent surveys show it. Frank Field is also another key ally in this battle.

It's not xenophobia folks, its called being anti -fedaralist and pro democracy.

Yes I agree Mark Hudson @ 16.51, But I doubt if 'Jack Stone' would see Ecclestone, Sainsbury et al as comparable, as his sense of right and wrong seems to be essentially 'political', in terms of donations - and indeed many other things!

In my view, the European election results will make little difference to voting intentions at the general election.

Will UKIP be standing in all seats at the GE?
Will Stuart Wheeler be paying for their GE campaign? I don't think so.

It may be a little quieter at CCO without Wheeler's voice, but otherwise it's a little local difficulty that is way over voters' heads.

As to whether or not Wheeler is being principled: I never vote in European elections, on principle.

Oh please can Wheeler just bog off. I would much rather the party take the financial hit rather than accept any more money from him, it's just not worth the grief he constantly creates because the party isn't following "his agenda", and as soon as the public get a glimpse of him in the media where he's presented an an influential "Tory" it instantly creates a negative reactions to the party..

I wonder what those jolly chaps at their Federal Union AGM made of it?

David_at_Home I never said vote Conservative because we are all principled....

The June Euro elections will decide the fate of UKIP, progress or die. UKIP with half the membership gone, half the activists left, 2/3 of the NEC members (in past 5 years) left for another party, the Euros look like a funeral for UKIP.

PS Wheeler is a silly old berk who has tried to buy influence of this party and been rejected. £100k for the Conservatives is less than 1 week's donations. For UKIP it is more than half their annual amount.

small beer.

Good to see he has the courage of his convictions.

UKIP is dead though. In many ways unfortunately.

This is further good news for Cameron as it shows he is not prepared to be pushed around on EU Policy, however wealthy the donor is. Well done. Will also reassure the electorate that Cameron is strong and is not in hock to the band of Tory MP's who at heart are UKIPPERS.

Even that old lie has been slain this year as several EU-related issues have led to people protests.

OH MY GOD - people protesting! And there was a big protest today in London. Does that mean voters see anti-capitalist policies as a priority?

Does 'Grangemouth' ring a bell, Raj?

And you're trying to tell me that most people in this country are under threat from foreign workers?! Some are, yes. But Britons work outside of the UK in the EU too. If we kicked all the European workers out we'd have a flood of people coming back here so it wouldn't help and might even hinder.

You're a complete joke.

Let him go to stupid UKIP. The party should not accept money off him in the future if he is giving money to another party. The party should not create a Europe policy for the purposes of satisfying Wheeler or his new UKIP friends.

So Stuart Wheeler supports hunting. Never knew that. The man is not just mad his bad as well!!!

HF - it's the principle to leave the EU.

@ the Tory loyalists.

55% of Britons want to leave the EU. That figure is confirmed by the Global Vision poll in June 2008 and the Daily Politics poll a few days ago.

45% of voters say that none of the 3 main parties represent their views on the EU. So who should they turn to? The BNP or UKIP? UKIP is the only only non-racist party that represents their views. That's why Stuart Wheeeler has donated to UKIP - to give those ignored voters a say.

Yet the posters expect the 55% of anti-EU voters to vote for a pri-EU party - simply to get rid of Brown. That is not only arrogant and presumptive, it is contemptuous and anti-democratic.

Many Con Home posters are playing into the hands of the BNP. They want to the anti-EU vote to go to the BNP so that the anti-EU movement can be smeared as fascist or Nazi. Some here call them loyalists, I call them BNP Nazi collaborators.


So the plan is probably to try and bluff it out. Chase away all those nasty rich people who have supported you in the past but now decide that your integrity on subjects like Europe is seriously in doubt.
What then!! Get elected in 2010 and then carry on like the Labour Party as if nothing has changed, and hope you can con the electorate for 10 years. If thats it then you all seriously in need of treatment for your delusions. You will probably win the GE, but the politics have changed, in 6 years time if you have played the same game as Nu Labour you will be dumped permanently, and with Labour having no hope of re-election this side of kingdom come the politics in this country will change permanently. The game is changing and whether you like it or not you are going to have to get used to it.

If the party wants this man back we will have to start talking about the EU and talk sense for a change.

Great news. I also intend to vote UKIP in the Euro elections and Conservative in other elections. It is a protest vote to send the Conservative Party a message. 55% of British people want to leave the EU. Voting for UKIP will hopefully encourage a future Conservative government to take a more clear Eurosceptic position.

Wheeler's critics should club together and refund his Tory donations. Or are you just a bunch of hypocritical parasites?

I sincerely hope party policy is not for sale.

These things should generate discussion, but its the discussion that should influence policy (if anything does).

Raj - how do you know what the voters are interested in? When it comes to the euro elections how are they not going too be interested in the eu??

One of the (many) things that really annoys me about politicians is when they start telling me what I think, and what I am concerned about - they are inevitably wrong...

@Isaac Hunt

You broke Godwin's law and thus lost the argument.

you ****, lol

Remind me again! Where do UKIP stand in the polls? Was it 1 or 2%?

Stuart Wheeler is simply doing what a lot of otherwise Conservative supporting voters are also likely to do. That is to vote UKIP at the Euro elections as a clear message to David Cameron that he has got to address this country's relationship with the ever more federalising EU project and stop this nonsense once and for all.

Being realistic everyone then votes Conservative at the Local and General elections since to actually do something about stopping the Eurofedarists we must have a government in Westminster committed to renegotiation and not further transfer of power to the EU Commission.

It makes complete sense to me.

Voting for UKIP as a protest is silly. They'll only get what the polls are showing ie:- 1 or 2%.

Brown's media choir are going to love this story, but it won't help Brown because the voters now realise that he is a disaster.

You won't change Conservative policy either, that's for sure.


Stuart Wheeler should leave the Conservative Party and be "a friend".

If not, the Conservative Party should require him to leave.

Can we ever discuss anything other than Europe on this site?


What about windmills and sharing the proceeds of growth? What about heir to Blair and taking money from an oligarch? What about Kirkhope and the Tory MEP selection policy?

There are so many other things to talk about than banging on about bl**dy Europe.

@Henry Mayhew

Good idea lets talk about the parlous state of UKIP, or Libertas, or Kilroy-Silk!

Sorry, not Libertas - Veritas! Remember who they were Henry?

It is his money and therefore he can do what he wants. He is not an employee and more importantly HE BELIEVES that the UK would be far better off OUT of the EU as do more than 55% of the British People.

All of you who say 'we must stick together' are putting party before country and that it quite disgraceful. Are you all Lemmings?

Hannan is right "People are being taken for granted,ripped off, lied to and ignored" Cameron has no intention whatsoever to re-negotiate with the EU!

Ukip IS a waste of money BUT who else, other than the BNP, can British Patriots wanting out of the EU vote for?

Good luck Mr Wheeler, David Cameron, as in most things, will not listen to the British people. HE KNOWS BEST! He is just, as I keep saying, a Blair Tribute Act!

Defected? Is he a party member? If so donating to another party is grounds for dismissal. On a serious note do people really want us to leave the EU or is this just posturing by those who wish to scoop up the unthinking nationalist vote?

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