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We do not need to abandon the IHT pledge and should not do so. But it would be acceptable to defer it to a more propitious economic climate. However, there is a danger in gestures. There are serious cuts to be made which might improve the efficiency of the public services. Try quangocide and returning much to elected local authorities.
Trident remains a useful deterrent and the carriers, while valuable in non nuclear conflicts are not an alternative.
No gimmicks, and that probably means no national citizenship service, serious attention to upping the savings ratio and a searching review of public expenditure. However, not too much defintion of precise size of the package till we have seen the actual results of all that is going on.
The Government may yet to be forced into cuts if they can't market the debt to our overseas lenders and we need to have some idea therefore where we would make the cuts ourselves.

In 1983 GE I campaigned for the Labour Party.
The manifesto committed the UK to scrapping the Nuclear Deterrent in favour of more resources for our conventional forces and leaving the EU.

I haven't ever changed my mind on these things but today I support the Conservatives.

Funny how some things change isn't it!

I fear we're on a runaway train to a socialist superstate. If so, we may have to anticipate a European Armed Forces and a single EU nuclear deterrant.

Should the UK be attacked 9/11 style we'll need to telephone a call centre in Brussels and hope we're not kept too long listening to Vivaldi.

Does any one know how the conservatives intend to maintain economic recovery and minimise unemployment whilst putting in place such stringent budget cuts from the start?

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