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Since the economy is in such a mess and deteriorating, would not the best policy be to state that all pledges will be put on hold until it is possible to assess the state of the economy realistically?

Sensible suggestion from David Belchamber. I second it.

I'd be interested in knowing whether the typical ConHome reader would demand tax falls (including the 45p tax and inheritance tax) straight away, or whether the party could issue a medium-term declaration.

That would mean making a firm commitment to hold taxes in the first two years, but an equally firm commitment to then drop them within the first term.

This seems to me to be our best strategy to exude responsibility, and appeasing our (mine included) desire for commitment to lower taxation.

Firstly a question on tax, debt and spending. Something along the lines of "In order to reduce the debt that a Tory Government may inherit do you think it is a good idea to both cut spending and raise taxes (for both basic and top rate tax payers)?"

Also a question on areas of public spending where ConHome readers are able to select area where they want to see cuts and other areas where they think bugets should be frozen or even increased.

To control increasing Government debt and kick start the economy should the Conservative Party pledge to:

1) Reduce taxes
2) Increase Taxes
3) Cut Public Expenditure
4) Do Nothing

Specific questions relating to the performance of the Party's economic and business front benchers would be a good thing, I think. Eg has DC's decision to bring KC into the Shadow Cabinet been a success?

Suggestions / options on how the party could tighten up its approach to economic issues.

How high a priority should the party give its proposed IHT cut?

What other taxes would you like to see the party commit to cutting?

Given the need for radical action to tackle government failings in economic policy, is now the time to consider a flat income tax?

In light of Ken Clarke's 'Off message' comment was David Cameron right to return Clarke to the front bench?

As the Party is finalising conference details (yes it seems a long way off but people will be registering before the following survey!), perhaps an open question on suggestions for the organisation of conference?

Like... make sure there's a big enough bar!

What confidence do you have in the shadow cabinet's plans for tax and spending?

Do we think that Dave had a plan or is he just chasing headlines?

Can the localism adgenda be sold to the electorate? Will they understand/want it?

I would like to "third" David Belchamber's suggestion!

"Do you believe that lower tax rates raise more tax revenue"

1)Do we believe that public spending levels should be maintained?

2) Should the conservative party commit to reducing public spending as part of the restructuring of the UK's finances.

In relation to David Belchamber's suggestion - it has taken ages to finally get people to stop whingeing "Tory's have no policies" - why would we want to go back to that!!

In light of the localism agenda, should the party stop intefering in the selection of candidates? (i.e. MEP selections and the A list)

Should the main aim of any future tax cuts be to raise the personal allowance and free people on low incomes from paying income tax?

As well as "forthing" David's comment I would also like a question along the lines of:

Do you believe it acceptable/right/wrong/fatal to have policies that may not be particularly traditional/typical Conservative policies if it means (a) getting elected and/or (b) help speed the recovery of clearing up Labour's mess.

Does the Tory Party agree the messy labyrinthian maze of the current UK tax system needs a radical overhaul?
If so , how much work are the Shadow BERR and Treasury doing on this?
Is there any support for a Flat Rate of Income Tax within the Tory Shadow Treasury or does it believe the flat-rate income tax is not suitable for the UK?

Should public sector pay be frozen so that state employees share the pain of the private sector?

Should we leave the EU?

A list of spending areas and whether they should be cut, frozen, or increased.

To help overcome any fears of short term unpopularity while tough economic measures are taken, what laws enacted between 1997 and 2010 should be top priority for repeal? (Then list ten examples, e.g smoking ban in pubs, with an "other" box.)

Should public sector final salary pensions be closed to new employees

A) at once
B) by end of first term
C) never

Not to do with tax, but chad asked a question the other day that I thought was really interesting:

If the Conservative party didn't exist, which currently existing party would you vote for in a general election?

Getting really geeky I'd love to see that Q asked under FPTP and STV!

Of proposed tax cuts, or reversal of tax increases, in which order should they be introduced when economically viable to do so, or otherwise what is the order of priorities:

1) NI Increase, 45% Tax Band, IHT
2) NI Increase, IHT, 45% Tax Band
3) 45% Tax Band, NI Increase, IHT
4) 45% Tax Band, IHT, NI Increase
5) IHT, NI Increase, 45% Tax Band
6) IHT, 45% Tax Band, NI Increase

Should MPs take a pay cut.

Should MPs who abuse their expenses automatically lose any front bench role they have.

i.Should IH Tax be reduced in the first budget.

ii. Should the 45p tax rate be reduced in the first budget.

Snegchui, Paul Oakley and Resident Leftie all have good sugestions which I second. However, another question could be: "In the light of the SI to snoop on all our e-mails and internet activity, do you consider that the erosion of our liberty is now serious and that a Conservative government should restore it?

Many additional spending announcements seem to happen that are never voted on in the HOC(or is that my miscomprehension). Shouldnt all Govt spending require the House's agreement?

To what extent will you be voting Conservative because there is no other realistic alternative? (1 = definitely, 10 = not at all)

I third Paul Oakley's suggestion about freezing public sector pay, after all that does not mean that they don't get any pay - unlike many people in the private sector!

New Labour is "training" 60,000 people for the fight against "terrorism"
How many "trained" people does the Conservative party think it will take?
Does the conservative party agree with Jacqui Smith's definition of terrorists, those that fight against "shared" values?
By whom would these "values" be shared?

I second Resident Leftie's 'Should we leave the EU'.

This is far more important than the recession problem.

Do you believe the amount raised by the non-dom levy will be sufficient to offset the IHT cut to make it tax-neutral as Osborne detailed?

OK I gotta ask

Toryblog, what is the story behind that extra long username?

* Which public services should receive less funding, in view of the current economic climate?
* Would a Conservative Government take steps to prevent our society turning into a "database state"?
* Our Police service is in need of radical reforms, but how? Would elected Sheriffs be a practical option?
* What about the future for Grammar schools?
* How can more people be enouraged to vote Conservative?
* Ways in which our Parliamentary democracy could be improved?

"Do you think it is acceptable to deceive people about Conservative Party beliefs and/or policies if such deceit would help gain votes at a general election?"

Are we allowed to ask: Who would WE like in the Conservative Treasury team?
No, I thought not!!!

* The best ways to achieve greater accountability in local government?
* How can small businesses be helped? Perhaps, business rates should be reduced, particularly in view of the current economic outlook?

"Which of these statements on MPs' expenses abuse comes closest to your own opinion?

- There have been problems, but in the Conservative Party at least, these have been confined to a few bad apples, and the public understands this;
- Public confidence in the integrity of Conservative MPs has been damaged, but David Cameron has done enough to restore it;
- Public confidence in the integrity of Conservative MPs has been damaged, and David Cameron has not done enough to restore it"

Should dealing with climate change still be a top priority or should it take a back seat until its better understood and the economy is in better shape ?

bearing in mind cameron says there have been fundamental problems in the economy for a couple of decades,

do we think Thatcher and/or Major contributed to the current problems in the economy/financial system?

"Given the likely state of the public finances when the Conservativer take over the reigns of Government, should tax cuts take a lower priority to reducing debt?"

Personally I'd be interested to know: "which part of the country do you come from?" (Wales, Scotland, SE England, East Midlands etc)

Would be interested to see if any region dominates in particular.

Are there any candidates where de-nationalisation could provide a substantial return?
The BBC of course!

I hate to do it, but I have to put my "money where my mouth is" as it were.

Can I second Resident Lefties suggestion
"Should we leave the EU?"

I'm not trying to reopen the debate or cause a rift. But wouldn't we all like to know just how many ConHome folk actually would prefer "out" to "in"?

What's your ratio? How much time do you spend commenting? How much time do you spend campaigning?

What exactly is the Conservative Party's position and/or policy on MPs pay and expenses?

* Do more users of this site believe that we should leave the EU? (I am convinced that we should, by the way).
* Should the Human Rights Act be abolished?
* What lessons ought to be learned, from the scandalous Damian Green arrest?
* Is enough attention paid to localism?

My 2p worth...

No questions about the EU please. If you do ask then the BBC will simply run with only the EU "story" and use it to bash the party. We know that for the voters the EU is 12th on list of priorities after, the conomy, health, schools, roads, etc, etc.

For those now yelling at me I would leave the EU.

My questions:

  1. Should MPs be given accomodation in a Halls of Residence rather than have the ridiculous 2nd homes allowance?
  2. Should taxes remain as they are?
  3. Should economically unproductive migrants be sent home?
  4. Will a proper border patrol be established?
  5. Will an act be passed confirming the primacy of british law over EU law?
  6. Will MPs be restricted to voting for matters that only affect their own constituents? (That's the WestLothian question disposed of!)

Thanks for all these comments. The survey will go live tmrw morning.

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