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I hope Cameron will tell him that his pork stuffed stimulus will be a disaster for America

I would love to be a fly on the wall. I would hope that D.C. would signal that although we value our relationship with the US, their current plan to spend their way out of the mess they are in will not be copied here. Perhaps D.C. might be bold enough to tell the Pinko Pres that decades of tax avoidance is destroying America. Maybe he will point out that America has been living beyond its means for too long.
Of course Dave will be polite and will try to keep the conversation far away from such controversial areas.

Mr Obama's probably just angling for an introduction to Mr Hannan. :-)

@Dave B,

Dan Hannan was an Obamacon!

Tim - he repented and switched to Ron Paul.

Surely it would be much better if Dave met Dan.

@Robert Eve

Dave has already congratulated Dan. Anyway, one speech doesn't make a Summer.

As for Dave meeting Obama, it is yet another indication that time is running out for Gordon and that Brown faces certain defeat at the polls. I wonder if the BBC will report the meeting?

That Obama is giving Cameron a full hour is a sign of the seriousness with which he is taking our man :)

Just out of interest, does anyone know just how long Obama spent with Gord when he visited the White House?

@That bloke Tim @ 16:00 :

I too was a Probamacon!

I'm Spartacus!

Pactio Olisipiensis censenda est

I hope Cameron is honest with Obama and tells him we don't agree with the spending spree in Britain. It would nice if we could have some honesty instead of the embarrassing sychophancy Brown showed- I don't mean a Hugh Grant/Billy-Bob Thornton-in-Love-Actually style barney, just some firm truths to show we're not just going to fall into line.

I'd still rather Obama than Republicans, but I don't trust this stimulus plan at all. I think it is fine if you can afford it, but here we simply can't. Brown's plans will write the UK off. When Obama makes a state visit here we wont be able to afford to give him tea let alone DVDs. If Obama is going to live up to the promise of change from the ultra arrogant diplomacy of Bush, then he'll have to accept we wont just do what he suggests simply because he can hold a crowd. It would be great if the one thing that all the G20 leaders agreed on publicly after the meeting is that Brown is a prat!

"Tim - he repented and switched to Ron Paul"

No he didn't. He aid he would have preferred Ron Paul but he still likes Obama, and still believes Obama is better than McCain, despite the stimulus.

All Cameron needs to say on the stimulus on that it simply isn't affordable here because we wouldn't be able to raise the debt. Last week's Treasury bond issue had a cover of 0.93, i.e. subscriptions were received for only 93% of the desired amount: the previous one had a cover of 2.1 - the debt markets' faith in Gord's ability to repay is shot and so whatever stimulus he may want to introduce, he/we simply can't.

Or Dave could just defer to the guv'nor's opinion. Mervyn King also criticised plans for further stimulus.

He doesn't need to make an issue out of it when the facts speak so plainly for themselves and there would be so much else that the 2 of them, as national leaders, would have to work on.

But he is a politician so he'd know that.

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