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A proper sensible discussion between Cameron and Brown. PMQs should be this sober and thoughtful every week.

Understandably subdued but I do long for more expressions of anger from our lot. The mess we're in is unprecedented and it is the FAULT OF LABOUR incompetence.

Brown was statesman like.. I for one shed a tear.

Today I gather the Bank of England was starting QE, but Partliament wasn't interested in asking Brown about it.

I appreciate that people will not agree with what I say. But I believe that David Cameron should step down.

The death of his beloved son has, obviously, taken much from him and today at PMQ's he was a shadow of himself. But at a time when this Country is crying out for LEADERSHIP when we have, in effect, a dictator in Brown dishing out money without a debate in Parliament. The people need a fully fighting fit leader of the opposition.

I have seen people crippled through grief, Where a death of a son has ended in suicide and in others becoming a recluse.

I have also seen people get on with life, throw themselves back into work and find that is the best way to cope for them.

In all sincerity I believe Mr Cameron should stand down and allow Hague or Davis or whoever to take over and take the fight to Brown and this awful government.

Of course he shouldn't strapworld. Today was an unsual PMQs but it offers us zero insight into how Ivan's death has affected David Cameron. It must be an awful, awful thing to have happened but there is no evidence that he isn't up to the job of being Leader of the Opposition and then PM because of it.

I agree with you, Tim! strapworld that was a completely ridiculous comment. David Cameron has returned to work exactly a fortnight after little Ivan's death and I admire him tremendously for getting back into the fray whilst his grief is still raw. I remember how I felt after the death of my mother and the fact that I returned to work too early - I hope DC has not done the same! He needs to be gentle with himself. Time will ease the pain (though never erase it) and he will probably grow to be a finer and stronger leader as a result of his life's experience.

"In all sincerity I believe Mr Cameron should stand down "

Not sure you can make that conclusion from one PMQ's, and anyway the whole of Parliament seems to have taken an away day today, there was certainly no holding the Executive to account.

For once I agree with the Editor. If anything this may have strengthen David Cameron rather than deminish him.
Grief and sadness sometimes strengthens us as people more than anything. It teaches as what is important and what is not in life and it gives us greater empathy to those in pain.
I have my doubts about David Cameron but I don`t think that the loss of his son makes him any less able to be leader of the opposition or Prime Minister for that matter.

"Today was an unsual PMQs"

That's more damming than an excuse. Would you dismiss the importance that you doctor missed you cancer diagnosis because it was an 'unusual day'? Would an employer casually ignore that a contract had not been closed because it was an 'unusual day'? Why should we accept this substandard delivery of service from our MP's when we wouldn't from any other walk of life?

I hope Mr Cameron has not been crushed by his personal tragedy, but if the best that he can manage now is a "subdued" PMQs, then he should step aside.
The use of the House of Commons for the public display of personal sentiments is entirely in keeping with the ineffectual, insignificant, lilliputian stage the house has become: it is the inevitable manifestation of the way that our system of government has decayed into posturing irrelevance.

I thought we saw a very authentic Cameron today. I have blogged on here before that I don't think he "does angry" very well - it somehow seems to sort of diminish him. I know today was pretty consensual but even so the way he approached in a most reasonable manner the question of an Inquiry into procedures/processes which might have led the UK into collusion with torture was effective and left David looking grown up/statesmanlike and Prime Ministerial. I think on other matters such as the economy, he could take that approach forward and find it just as effective in holding Brown to account. The Country was vey angry with us in the 90's but somehow Blair managed to worst John Major without losing his cool and the Country warmed to that approach.Blair did not bawl to Major "the difference is that you follow your Party, but I lead mine" but it was mighty effective. Its the quality of what Cameron chooses to say rather than all the rest which will in the end finish off Brown.
For Cameron to shout etc etc somehow seems to diminish his credibility and the very point he is making in the eyes of the electorate. Anyway very well done David for braving the spotlight when you are in the middle of so much grief and proving that you can more than hack it.

The bottom line of all this is that for three PMQ's in a row, Gordon Brown has been let of the hook.

As a result he is reaping the benefit of being 'the devil you know' and is not being held to account.

No one would dispute that David Cameron has has had a personal tragedy and is coping with it well. But now of all times we need a forceful and relentless opposition leader.

Get a Life Strapworld , I as people on here know, am not a great Cameron fan but to say that because of his subdued performance today that he is not up to the job is plane stupid. The man is obviously still in mourning and no doubt he is more preoccupied with his wife and children at the moment. A few weeks of subdued PMQ's will probably do us all good.

I actually think he came across very well and as I have been saying for months he sounds more sincere when he stops shouting at Brown all the time.

No one puts up graffiti in a Loyalist area unless it has been at least approved by the dominant local paramilitary organisation.

And no one puts up graffiti in a Republican area unless it has been at least approved by the IRA.

The “RIRA” and “CIRA” graffiti shown on last night’s news speaks for itself: the Real IRA is really the IRA, which is its own “Continuity”.

What is the grievance of the internal dissidents who have been hung out to dry in this way? To answer that, we need to consider what the Good Friday Agreement actually says from their own point of view.

It goes beyond accepting that the constitutional status of Northern Ireland cannot be changed without to consent of the majority of its inhabitants, although that alone would have been bad enough for them.

It gives Sinn Féin permanent seats in government, and it thus institutionalises the IRA’s running of Republican areas as fiefdoms in which the Provisional Army Council really may as well be the sovereign body, in return for accepting that that the constitutional status of Northern Ireland cannot be changed without to consent of the majority IN BOTH COMMUNITIES.

One of those communities defines itself specifically by its rejection of any proposal for any such change. So that is that: no such change can ever happen. Ever. By definition. In return for guaranteed Ministerial office and a free hand in “their” communities, it is to this that the Republican leaders have signed up.

They face internal dissent. On one level, that is unsurprising. But on another, how can anyone dissent as an Irish Republican from the sovereign will of the Provisional Army Council? Anyway, people do.

So those people need, it is held, to be dealt with. Hence their having been allowed to kill soldiers, pizza delivery boys and a policeman, so that they can be ostentatiously turned in, as already appears to have happened in two cases.

Oh what rot above.

Nobody's cancer diagnosis got missed or deal went unclinched, to use a poster above's analogies, because sensible and subdued questions got asked at PMQs rather than the usual high drama and hystrionics.

In fact probably PMQs went better because of that fact.

Really some of the more foolish parts of our party need to realise that we don't have a Marxist Government and that shrill handbag-waving and drivelling that a man who's just lost a son wasn't putting on the steam perforce, isn't effective opposition - it's a substitute for it.

Is this a Conservative supporting site or not? Why do so many of you have a go at DC all the time? Our poll ratings are good! The party is united for the first time in years!There is now a real possibility of the election of a Conservative government being elected and still you're not happy!

Dear sirs/Madam.
Frances return to nato its a complete joke,They cant even get to grips with the imimgrants on their own border.They are turning a blind eye to the situation and leaving it to the british goverment to sort out when it arives hear.I think the french guy is a joke i dont think he has any polocies and would not know how to implament them the only thing he would be concerned with is his wifes singing career.

My initial reaction when I read the criticisms of David Cameron at PMQs on Wednesday was one of disbelief. On reflection, that has changed to disgust.

Returning to work after a bereavement is always difficult. To do so in an arena as exposed as PMQs must have been an ordeal. It took considerable courage for DC to face it so soon after his son's death. That was particularly so as he also had to talk about some other tragic deaths. His manner of dealing with all of that was to his credit. And although I normally abhor both his policy and his attitude, the situation did show a better side of Gordon Brown. Pity he spoiled it by some partisan gibes later.

As for those people criticising DC I would refer them to a concept called emotional intelligence. The way in which DC has coped with his son's death shows that is something he has. It would seem to be somewhat lacking in those who gibe at his performance on Wednesday.

Agree with you Dorothy Wilson!!!!

Of course David Cameron will be "subdued" Anyone who has never suffered the loss of a child or a beloved wife(me)can really understand the welter of emotions that he hmust feel Those who have KNOW and do realise. the old cliche that Time does heal is true but you never forget. So p;ease friends give David time to get back into life The public and media gave Mr Brown the space in his loss too. Backing you all the way! I know you wont fail or let your supporters down Geoff Buckley Wales

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