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Anne Winterton - what a waste of a question.

It was a delight to watch William Hague on such good form. However, it was a bit like the case of the not very good batsman cleaned bowled by Freddie Trueman. The batsman congratulated Fred, saying: "That was an excellent ball", to which Fred answered: "Yes - it was wasted on thee".

The usual silence on MP expenses abuses on all sides of the House...

I guess Cameron's "cleaning up in politics", sorry "cleaning up politics" has gone the same way as "sharing the proceeds of growth".

I am not usually a Hague Fan but have to take off my hat to him on the way he trounced Harperson. It was a delight to watch.

As soon as the Wintertons retire and allow new blood to take over, the better.

Amen Justin

Anne Winterton needs to read the relevant EU law, which, with its requirements of minimum service and specific permission for state aid when non-economically feasible due to the vitality to communities of a functional nearby postal service, is actually the only hope of keeping the royal mail going!

Wulliam should have pointed out that our troops in afghanistan could have been better equipped if some of the needed equipment was actualy sent to them and not held back in england to be used against it's own population.

the MOD should also be buying equipment suited for the field, and not riot shields and tear gas, which is intended for use against potential rioters in the UK.

Ummm, didn't dear Sir Fred get his Knighthood for "services" to banking?

I haven't enjoyed PMQs for months. Anyone who wasn't in tears of laughter after Hague compared Harmon to Churchill is just missing out on all the fun of life!

Amazing that the Guardian managed to see success in Harman's failure.


Only a moron could have watched PMQs and still speak well of her performance.

I did not see PMQs but have read your report and the Guardian comments, sorry, from both Harman won on points. Which is worrying. On most line by line reports on this site Labour ministers usually win because they come with a script and work it in while the Tories only ever seem interested in what happened in the last few days and are unaware of how the reported words sound outside the Westminster bubble. Hague should have seen the deregulation bit coming ages ago and detoxed it.

(It's worth adding that on many ocasions Osborne has taken Darling to the cleaners and back in spades and little is heard of it.)

Fred Goodwin did indeed get his Knighthood for banking, I've seen the offical honours list for that year. It's easy to find online if anyone wants to look.

Now was Harman a) Lying to parliament when she said it was for charity work?

or was she b) getting her facts wrong as she is totally incompetant?

Either way it's just not right that she should be allowed to get away with it. I dont want anyone to have been sat at home watching her lie and thinking oh well Labour gave him that knighthood for a valid reason"!

Oh my i've just read that article in the Guardian! Is someone having a joke!

That was the best PMQs performance by a Tory (albeit against the weakest possible person) since Howard delivered his "This grammar school boy" line in 2004?

Comparing Harman to Churchill was just inspired, her face was a picture...you could even see in her naive idiocy that she actually almost considers the comparrision to be accurate!! hahaha

"Tory backbencher Ann Winterton asks if it is true that part-privatisation of the Royal Mail is directly related to orders from the European Union. Harman says not."

Of course it is!, its just that the Labour Regime dont want the silly sheeple to know that they are working directly for the EU and are merely implimenting their agenda, the EU is the root cause of virtually all of England's problems, and we will never even begin to recover until out of this Dictatorship.


Harman was terrible,i don't think hague was a good as usual when he takes over,he didn't have to be.

We need to put more pressure on Brown for a Apology though,DATA out today shows the economy probably hit bottom in the 4th quarter.

Althought still contracting the Service PMI,which is crucial hit 43.2(50 denotes growth),this was far better than Eurozone,and USA,and even the Doom mongers are now the one's saying the UK GDP hit bottom in the 4th Qtr.

The Service sector is 75% of GDP,the PMI's are the most accurate Data as they come from the companies themselves,they also say they are cutting less jobs & are most confident in 5 months on the outlook.It is the 3rd consectutive rise in the index.

We could be looking at a resumption of GDP growth by late 09 early 2010,we need to exploit the problems between the Labour front bench,especially Harman-Brown,Darling-brown,before they see a upturn as close ranks behind Brown.

Why havn't the Tories pressed on the crucial statement by the BOE Governor,QUOTE'borrowing was too high going into the downturn'.

This confirms everything the Tories have been saying,at it comes for the man who runs te BOE,appointed by Brown.

A delicious michael-take of the Machiavellian Harperson comes to us courtesy of the beloved Daily Mash:


The last line really puts everything into perspective.

I'd love Harman to become Labour Leader. That way Labour would be sure to lose the next general election. I don't think I've met anyone who likes her.

Now if Labour ran Straw at the next election...

Yorkshire Nipper 6 Hapless Hattie 0

{read it in a posh Edinburgh voice;)}

I certainly enjoyed every minute of it.

The Labour Party is more divided and rudderless than it's been since 1983. It's mandate has expired, its leader is moribund, detached and isolated and its MPs don't know what they collectively stand for any more.

Miliband's and Darling's expressions when Hague cheerfully teased Harman about loyalty in contrasting ways were very telling.

It's now completely clear: Labour desperately needs a new leader with fresh ideas, untainted by culpability for this recent economic calamity. But who? Harman?! Hmmm.

No disrespect to Hague, who remains a wonderful performer and a precious asset to party and to nation, but the Tories already have one in Cameron.

But more crucial is that the country desperately needs a new, legitimate, attentive and undamaged Premier.

It's not hard to join the dots. A general election must be forced on Brown for the good of the country whatever perceived potential peril to an understandably over-cautious Tory Party hierarchy there might be.

The mood of the whole debate has shifted - utterly and irreversibly. There's impatience everywhere and a yearning for a fresh approach.

NOW is the moment to go for it.

The Guardian article was pure fantasy. Each time Harman and Hague meet at PMQ's, Haemans sits there, stumbling and mumbling, correcting herself. She invariably has to correct at least one statement later on, havingbeen paniced into saying anything to get off the hook. She has the aspect of a snake caught by a mongoose for 30 mins every time.

It shows how desperate Labour are when Harperson is the best they have to offer as a Deputy Leader.

I thought she was thrown out of the Cabinet about ten years ago when Social Security Secretary for 'not being up to the job'. She's like a political zombie - checked out ages ago but somehow still walking around!

Harperson put in an embarrassing performance and would likely find herself out of her depth in a puddle, let alone facing William Hague at PMQ's.

Hattie was hardly the best Widow Twankie I've ever watched!

"12.25 Tory backbencher Ann Winterton asks if it is true that part-privatisation of the Royal Mail is directly related to orders from the European Union. Harman says not."

Simple. Harman says not. Nothing to see here. Move on quickly.

But wait. Is it really so simple? And if it isn't, why collude so openly with your chums in nulabour?

The answer is detailed here: http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/2009/03/yesterday-in- parliament.html

Ann Winterton bats for the country while you bowl against it. And some of you people have the nerve to slag her off.

Vote conservative? I'd like to. But I see no conservative party around now to vote for. Just a bunch of masqueraders, and worse. What a waste.

It seems evident that under the Conservatives we will still be ruled by Brussels.Exchanging one set of poodles for another.

Anne Winterton needs to read the relevant EU law, which, with its requirements of minimum service and specific permission for state aid when non-economically feasible due to the vitality to communities of a functional nearby postal service, is actually the only hope of keeping the royal mail going!

The level of ignorance shown in this statement is unbelievable. You need to read the facts.
The profitable bits of the Royal Mail were hived off under EU law.

I see with HF's and Justin Hinchcliffe's we have the usual well-informed comments from the 'so called modern Tory party. Sadly, along with John Smith's comments it just shows ill informed some people are about the consequences of EU Union policy. And yes John she has read the relevant law and evidently knows alot more than you, but that wouldn't be difficult! Another example of a tory who really does not know his arse from his elbow!

Good for her.

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