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Distasteful, yes, I completely agree. Very unpleasant, and however much I disagreed with the war in Iraq, our soldiers deserve our full support.

But that is free speech for you, and as long as they were abiding by the law, your authoritarian tendency worries me a lot, lot more.

" It was the wrong time and wrong place for such protests."

Are you suggesting that some law should be past to prevent protests when the Tory Party considers it 'inappropriate'?

In this country we are mad truly mad letting people like this spread their message of hate. The Police should never have afforded them protection if some locals turned on them.
When are we going to learn and kick these people out! I beleive local Muslim leaders have condemned the minority involved in this and that is to be welcomed but we cannot allow the fanatics to dominate the terms of debate and the 'way of life' I'n our once great country.

'But that is free speech for you, and as long as they were abiding by the law, your authoritarian tendency worries me a lot, lot more.'

Yes, same argument as deployed by the Muslim representative from Luton five minutes ago on R4 Today. Apparently, preventing people calling soldiers child killers would lead to 'underground' activity of a terrorist nature (by implication).

Ed Stourton failed to secure any degree of agreement that the placards were offensive but we were treated to an extended anti-war rant.

Of partcular note was the assertion that our soldiers were in Iraq to be shot at and to shoot 'innocent' people. Verbatim.

As ever with a protest, police would need to take account of likely reaction to it as well as the importance of free speech. There is a time and a place for everything, though generally the presumption should be on the side of those wanting to stage a protest. I would have thought that it should have been glaringly obvious that this protest in this place and time was likely to spark some sort of 'reaction' from other people present. Surely the police should have predicted this and so asked the protesters to make their point a couple of hours later, or in another part of town. Police have done this numerous times with other protests. Unless, of course, they were worried that by banning a 'Muslim protest' (if it was such a thing) they would end up by being branded politically incorrect by the Guardian leader writers. This might be another worrying politicised decision by a senior police officer in Labour's Britain.

Englandism, I totally agree that these people are very unpleasant, but it is exactly these kind of people (opposed by the majority of people, an action that brings revulsion etc) that are used by Governments as cover to introduce ever more authoritarian laws.

Condemn these nutters by all means, but, unless they broke any existing laws, don't use this to demand 'more action' (i.e. more laws).

The best action here is to make sure that there are 10x as many people with supportive banners out-shouting these nutters in the future.

Englandism is right - this is what we get with free speech and I have certainly argued for the right of free speech on many occasions.
That said, I am truly incandescent with rage about this! The only thing I believe should be done is for all decent and moderate Muslims (and again I have called for this before) to stand up and say very clearly "THESE PEOPLE DO NOT ACT IN OUR NAME!"
Please, Moderate Muslims - either together or in organisations - please start a letter writing campaign to the press - tabloid and broadsheet; get on the radio and TV; march, and do whatever is necessary to marginalise the scum that we see insulting and vilifying our British soliders!

Should the demo been allowed to go ahead?

'I would have thought that it should have been glaringly obvious that this protest in this place and time was likely to spark some sort of 'reaction' from other people present.'

Rupert Matthews

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Midlands, Sandwell Council has withdrawn funding for the largest St.George's Day parade in England. Policing and traffic restrictions will not be provided because?

It is suspected that the parade will damage community relations as it is likely to hijacked by extremists fluttering Crusader flags and singing Jerusalem, badly, rather than Gaza, correctly.

The parade will now be funded privately.

If the BNP had carried out a similar protest say outside the (taxpayer funded) house of some foreign muslim fanatic they would have all been arrested. Indeed the police did make two arrests - of members of the public shouting insults at the islamic "fanatics" - so much for free speech!!!! Also it was "reported" that ALL sections of the "community" turned out to greet the troops - well I only saw white faces doing the "greeting".


No ifs ,no buts, this protest should have been banned.Those carrying offensive banners or shouting offensive slogans should have been arrested for incitement.
The Chief Constable of Bedfordshire should be made to account for himself and will hopefully be torn apart.If we ever have elected Chief Constables this guy would quickly find himself on the dole.

Never mind that, they should have had them deported.

It is high time the moderate muslims out themselves soon and speak out.
Or else they forfeit their right to remain in Britain.
Due to the actions of this vile group in Luton, I fear trouble ahead for the survival of the British state.
We have Ajem Choudrey advising how the Britsh state can be overthrown.
We have UK born muslims with Yorkshire accents fighting for the Taliban.
How long can Britain put up with such an enemy within, of so many traitors.
Liarbour is to blame for the muslim misfits it imported.
But it is upto the mainstream parties to deal with the aftermath.
Otherwise the BNP, whom I do not support, will necessarily have to deal with it for the whole of Britain.
I have commented as much over at Barnsley Bill.


Eugh, this made me feel sick. It is disgusting.

When my son returned at the end of 07 from Afghanistan, the plane was diverted to Birmingham Airport. The returning soldiers were told to remove their uniforms so as not to offend the local Muslim community. The impact on soldiers who had served their country and who were looking forward to seeing their families for Christmas for the first time in months was shattering.

I am not one for the lachrymose American way of behaving, but the contrast with the way they treat their soldiers and veterans shames the UK.

As for the people in Luton who protested so disgracefully, is anyone else willing to chip in to a fund to pay this lot to have a one way ticket to Afghanistan?

This Country and its politicians especially had better wake up.

We now have a significant enemy within. Politicians are bending over backwards in favour of this hateful minority to the detriment of the vast law abiding majority.

The Police should have allowed a peaceful protest but should have had the savvy to realise that those placards would cause a breach of the peace. They should have taken the placards away from them.

This appeasement will result in two things. People, normally law abiding, will take the law into their own hands! and also the lack of leadership by ANY politician will result in the people flocking to the BNP.

The attitude of those there to celebrate the return of our troops shows that anger is very very close to the surface.

Mr Brown. Mr Cameron. Mr Clegg. You must act now.

Idiots who bleat about free speech simply don't get it, do they?

These scum chose to inject themselves into a homecoming parade for a regiment that has lost soldiers. It was a calculated insult.

Presumably our free speech absolutists would support the right of paedophile activists to protest outside the funeral of a murdered child.

The Chief Constable of Bedfordshire should be required to resign for a shocking failure of judgement.

We all have free speech and the right to vote, but that also means people have to act sensibly, and if the Islamic community can't sort itself out then they risk the rest of Britain using those rights to vote for BNP.

Protest in this country is out of hand anyway, from Islamic nut jobs to the militant Green movement, the current laws aren't deterring these people from making life hell for the rest of us. It has to stop.

Inciting violence?

Hilarous. These people are just fruit cakes - they should be ignored or mocked. It was funny to hear the Muslim rep (with a foreign accent) on Radio Four this morning saying that the soldiers were welcome in this country. How generious!

Anyway, as has been mentioned, we have free speech in this country, and long may it continue. The fruit cakes should be afforded the same rights as the rest of us, regardless of how distasteful their views are.

As I pointed out yesterday when there was the anti Dutch cartoon protests, the police allowed Islamists to march with very inflammatory placards, yet when a passer bye sought to object the police threatened to arrest him.

But then yesterday when people wanted to peaceably honour our troops the police are again to be found helping the Islamists making inflammatory comments and its other people who get arrested.

It seems the police work on the basis what ever the Islamists want, they get to do, the rest of us have got to fit around them , and never upset them, for that would be an arrestable offence.

"As for the people in Luton who protested so disgracefully, is anyone else willing to chip in to a fund to pay this lot to have a one way ticket to Afghanistan?

No, but let's make sure that there are hundreds of people with supportive, positive banners next time to drown out the idiots and let's make sure our troops don't just feel welcome, but can march in our streets, in their uniforms, with pride.

"Idiots who bleat about free speech simply don't get it, do they?"
We do perfectly, and understand that there are better, more effective ways to combat these idiots than introducing new laws.

Peaceful, positive protest could also drive these idiots to break existing laws as their messages of hate are drowned out, and they get frustrated, then we can call on the police to lock them up.

Goal achieved. No further curbs on freedom required and no need to stoop to their level and help them to achieve racial conflict etc.

Don't confuse defending free speech with rolling over.

"No ifs ,no buts, this protest should have been banned.Those carrying offensive banners or shouting offensive slogans should have been arrested for incitement."

Absolutely agree with you on this Malcolm. It must have been quite distressing for all those people who turned out to welcome those troops home.

Free speech is what a free country should be about. I support their right to be sickos, even though they would like to kill me for my way of thinking.

However as Rupert Matthews points out, demonstrations much less likely to cause trouble have been banned on the grounds of public order. I raises the question of whether we are all equal when it comes to our freedom of speech?

I doubt any of the appeasers who want us all to bend over backwards to accomodate these fascists will take any notice of the fact that their multiculturalism is a failure.

Should the demo have been allowed? Of course, freedom of speech is paramount, even if you don't agree with what is being said.

Beyond that, if the demo starts getting out of hand, you remove said protestors under distrubing the peace or other existing legislation.

I think in a free country we should let this demonstration happen. If, as a country, we choose to let these people in, then they should be given the same rights as everyone else.

However, it seems a waste of police resources when we have the army right there - surely the soldiers themselves were best equipped to keep the peace? I'm sure they wouldn't mind 'tackling' the problem of an unruly crowd!

What I find strange is the same people who attacked the decision a few weeks ago not to allow a known racist to speak in this country are the same people saying this demo shouldn`t have been allowed.
Do people on this site only believe in free speech for white people?

IF I wanted to protest outside an Islamic "Cultural" centre about freedom of speech and had a placard that showed the Danish cartoons Would I get:-
a) a cordon of police to protect my freedom of speech,
b) full support from the local Muslim community for my rights to exercise my freedom of speech,
c) arrested so fast that my feet didn't touch the ground and probably a good beating from the relevant police officers (see TV coverage of yeaterday for evidence of the police approach to the locals),
d) a fatwah and petrol through my letter box

The police have lost my support because of their adoption of twisted judgement and a total failure to apply appropriate and proportionate allocation of resources. Looking at yesterdays footage I am increasingly convinced that the Army would make a better job of policing in Britain.

Allegiance to our flag and country and to the men and women who serve it.

Respect for the uniform and the job those people do in our name.

Holding sacred belief in a culture which allows free speech, is democratic and wanting to preserve and protect those things.

MUST MEAN that people who seek to defile those things with protest and insult to the very nation which seeks to protect THEIR rights, are themselves alien to it and all its ideals.

It must mean, they should not be here or learn to keep their vile behaviour to themselves within the limits of tolerant behaviour.

What we saw should be criminalized.

We don't truly have free speech here because there are heavy libel and slander laws. Just ask the staff of Private Eye.

Harassing our soldiers and throwing insulting accusations at them during their homecoming parade was disgraceful behaviour and it should be illegal if it isn't already. The police should have at least confiscated those placards and banners. I support reasonable civil liberties policies, but this is not one of them.

When people make trivial arguments about civil liberties, it makes it more difficult to persuade others of the rightness of the important ones because the good arguments and the bad arguments become closhed together and dismissed as a whole.

The one civil liberties point is that any law outlawing this vile behaviour must be written carefully, so that the law isn't used for what it wasn't intended to be. Too many of New Labour's new laws are vaguely and badly written.

Did anyone espect Bedfordshire Police to do anything else but appease these fascists? Just look at the home page of their web site. There are three pictures of serving officers. One WPC, an PC of Asian apperance and a WPC of equally Asian appearance. No picture of a white PC. It has been commented elsewhere that Bedfordshire's Chief Constable is female. How very Blairite.

In effect despite having a Tory Council, Bedfordshire Police adheres to the Blairite/Brownite Polictally correct agenda where minorities are victims and majorities are guilty.

The banners displayed by the demonstators were provocative and an incitement to race hatred. hey should have been dealt with for that. When I was younger that demonstations would have been over before it even started. Truncheons and two vanloads of large Police Constables would have dealt with them


P.S. I hope the Royal Anglians were treated to a good party after that mess!

They obviously don't like Britain nor the British nor the way we do things here so - deport them all. (find a reason-cook it up if nessessary). Surely their behaviour was treasonous so could ALL have been arrested or is that too old fashioned or the police too frightened? They (the so called police) were chased round London a few weeks ago by the same element of people. I guarantee the majority of this little mob have their 'family' roots in AfPak. Off you go lads and lasses .....enjoy. Especially the lasses.

I think it's time we had a prime minister like the one in Australia who said the Australians welcomed people of all races & religions, so long as they were prepared to integrate and live by the rules of the country.
If this county's laws don't appeal to these idiots, they should clear off and live in a country more suited to their point of view, e.g. Afghanistan, Yemen, or Saudi arabia, where they would be arrested and tortured for having a political opinion, never mind inciting civil unrest. They don't accept how lucky they are to be living in this wonderful "free" country, but there are millions around the world who would gladly change places with them and make a positive contribution to our society.

We live in a free country (well, that's the theory at least) and peaceful protests must be allowed to stand.

That said, these protestors were clearly there to cause trouble, so on those grounds the police should have shut them down because they were deliberately provoking bystanders. There was nothing peaceful or innocent about branding our armed forces as 'terrorists' and 'baby killers'.

Free speech is important.

But that isn't the reason this protest was allowed - if free speech was important to our government Geert Wilder would not have been barred from entering the country, so it was allowed for some other reason.

My surprise is that the protesters weren't arrested for inciting religious hatred against muslims. Are you sure they weren't BNP supporters in disguise deliberately trying to make muslims look bad?

There is a peaceful way round this. Let them demonstrate behind barriers and with the Police around them but position a brass band nearby, similarly protected. As soon as they start to shout get the band to strike up with patriotic tunes such as Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory, etc with plenty of OOMPAH and drown them out. No harm done, they can protest all they want but nobody would hear them against the music.

Obviously some are more equal than others.

No demonstration against Islam would be legal in this country. WHY?

Can anyone tell me why it is legal for these hooligans to spit at our troops and yet it remains illegal to march outside a mosque with a protest banner.

I'd just like to hear the argument?

Incitement to hatred works both ways does it not?

I completely support free speech and think the protest had to be allowed. That said I would condemn the Police for arresting the counter protestors instead.

I also agree that we are now harbouring a sizable enemy within and feel we should now be looking at a new Test Act.

Sally Roberts 7.46 - There are NO effective moderate Muslims- the extremists run the show - get used to it.

The importance of free speech is such that protests must be allowed to go ahead and opinions, however unpopular, must be allowed to be shared - the state shoulders the responsibility for ensuring that this is the case.


As part and parcel of this, individuals and organisations that wish to express their views must take responsibility for the time and place in which the views are expressed. Simply feeling strongly about something does not give one licence and legitimate an inappropriately timed protest. For these individuals to demonstrate at this time and place, waving such placards is disgraceful and brings shame on them and their views and exposes them as fools.

I agree that they deserve to be ridiculed by society and disowned by moderate Muslims for their foolish actions.

On a practical note - surely this protest was designed to incite hatred and violence and could have been shut down with this in mind?

“This was a very offensive protest by a tiny number of known extremists who should not be allowed to tarnish the reputation of Luton’s Muslim community."

At least we know who they are and it can only be a matter of time before they go to far. Mossad would know how to deal with these people. We should not be scared to act in the defense of our country, and we should not allow such people the oxygen of publicity by reporting their insane rantings.
Our soldiers deserve our full support, it is quite clear that these people are enemies of our state.

Mark I agree with you:

"When are we going to learn and kick these people out!" During Thatchers years in office the police knew exactly how to deal with the enemies within. We don't need new laws but we do need to enforce those that exist. These people are trying to provoke a riot and the police should be ready to act as soon at the first sign of trouble.

If we did that to their returning muslim "heroes" like that scumbag who was just released from guantanamo then our beloved police service would arrest us for spreading racial hatred or smiling whilst driving or whatever - any excuse. freedom of speech only works when certain limits of decency are respected. the scum who were protesting should be rounded up and sent to afghanistan. its a suitable sh**hole for such Sh*theels. the "protesters" incited violence, hatred etc yet our muppets in blue didnt give a toss, arresting locals instead. perhaps afghanistan would be a good destination for our plods as well.


The protestors are slime - I am almost unable to find polite words to describe them. That said, some people here are playing right into their hands. This tiny fraction of the Britain's 1.6m muslims wants to provoke a disproportionate reaction. Their aim is to radicalise the country's remaining muslim population. They want to be gagged, to be arrested. Like the RIRA in Northern Ireland, their aim is to provoke not a reaction, but an over-reaction

They hate the freedoms we enjoy in this country - yet some commenters here seem prepared to give them up very easily. Freedom of speach means the freedom to offend if it means anything. Maintaining their freedom of speech today protects all of ours in the future. History has too many cautionary tales about what happens when we allow that right to be cheese-pared.

That said, I rather like the solution of the Freedom Riders in the US, who drown out the Phelps family's anti-military protests with counter-protests and hide them behind massed star-spangled banners - I would be happy to take a day off work to do the same here...

This thread is turning nasty.

I love Steve Foley's suggestion. Stick the big band next to them!

Common Sense has got it right. What is wrong is that the people who were so incensed by this disgraceful bunch of banner carrying morons, were themselves arrested for standing up for the troops. Free speech works both ways, and we have the right to have these placards destroyed, and the perpetrators should be removed from our society.

The BNP do not represent all white people. In the same way these people do not represent Muslims. There are over 20,000 Muslims in Luton and we only saw half a dozen lunatics shouting the troops down. What the minority extremist groups are trying to do is so division between the mainstream. That is why it is imperative that we all pull together to isolate and condemn these groups with whatever vile hatred they try to spout.
I totally agree that this demonstration should have been banned due to the possible public order offences it may lead to. The Chief Constables decision shows a worrying lack of understanding of what might happen and she should at least explain the decision and what she knew.

Britain's multiculturalism at it's best.. The protesters should have been arrested. Their protest was an incitement to violence and achieved the desired result.

I suggest we gather them up and drop them in the middle of the warzone where our boys have been, never to be seen again!

By ytheir badly thought through actions these people have put back a lot of good work put in by all sides to improve race relations in the UK.

They simply reinforce the view held by most Brits that the only thing that makes them British is their passports and they were only issued with them because they were born in the UK.

Perhaps nationality being automatically bestowed simply because of place of birth needs to be look at...

I left the UK because I decided that I didn't like what was happening there and needed to get out. So I did just that.

Perhaps these people, whose Britishness does not seem to extend beyond their passport, should consder going to live somewhere more suited to their wish to publicly demonstrate their dissatisfaction. The UK is still a 'free' country and that includes the freedom to leave.

They should have been allowed to have a non-violent protest. At the same time those locals who - entirely understandably - wanted to give them a piece of their mind should have been entitled to exercise *their* right to free speech without the police apparently operating one rule for the scumbag protesters and another for the locals who were only there to welcome our troops home.

By the way, posters who are spouting hatred for all muslims on this site are no better in my mind then those demonstrating yesterday.

Would we have let Hitler Youth march through the streets of London in 1941?

Would we have let them run free through our nation, teaching children and claiming benefits.

If the government had been New Labour, I suspect the answer would have been yes, and moreover it would have been a criminal offence to insult them and their ideology.

A few years ago, treachery and sedition was a capital offence. Now, it seems, it is a human right and an expression of freedom of speech.

It is time the Conservatives returned to power and reinstated the laws that would see these people swinging from the end of a rope, which is where they belong.

No one should be surprised at this demonstration. Under the pressures of diversity anything is acceptable except anything remotely resembling traditional British culture and practice. If we can't throw these fanatical louts out of the Country perhaps we could stop their benefits and they would quickly disperse.

We just need to weed these extremists out and send them to Pakistan where they will feel more at home and not pollute our country with their poisonous filth.

Everyone knows that there is no such thing as a moderate muslim. They are all fanatics. They need to decide where their loyalties lie and make a choice. They can't have it both ways. Either you believe in a democracy or not. The Koran DOES NOT PREACH DEMOCRACY!

DECIDE - Britain or go home!

Notable to see watching the video that the ordinary people of Luton expressed their views (Scum, Scum, Scum) about the Islamic protestors very loudly. There is a huge disconnect between the views of people on the street and our ruling (il)liberal elite about how to deal with Islamic extremist views. I suspect that this will change soon - and not necessarily peacefully. I also see elewhere that the local Labour MP is outraged, yet it is her party that has nourished the extremists and created this disconnect more than any other organisation.

I am the first to defend the right to free speech and the right to protest. Even these radical extremist moslems have a right to protest and have their say as indeed so do the BNP.

But there is a time and place. For one thing the real target of their protest should be the Government who decides the policy and where to send our troops, not the lads who have placed their lives at risk to do that duty.

The police gave them permission to have their protest and the real questions must be about why they did so.

Among the crowds welcoming back these troops will be mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters of Royal Anglians who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Grieving parents of 19 year old boys (and maybe girls) who bravely did their duty were faced with placards calling their sons cowards, childkillers and so on. Just what reaction would the police then expect? The anger of the crowd was fully predictable and justified under the circumstances.

For the police to allow this demonstration was simply asking for trouble and the person who gave permission for this protest should be sacked and charged for causing a breech of the peace. Those people who were arrested should receive an apology from the police.

Lets remember the Anglians were in Iraq (and previously the 'ghan) to support the legitimate Governments and to protect innocent Iraqis and Afghans from the extremists.

I can imagine the excuses from the police for allowing this, they were afraid to appear rascist and to cause offense to the muslim community.... sick.

And yet, we get a local councillor vilified in the press over an innocent joke, a prince gets attacked over referring in a friendly fashion to his 'little Paki friend'. Perhaps it does not matter if those offended and upset are those who value such things as patriotism, courage, loyalty - all those attributes that are so admirable about our Armed Forces and the majority of the UK population.

Under these circumstances you can understand why so many people seem to be turning to the BNP. They are wrong to do so but it is clear why they do.


Simple solution - arrest the placard carrying mob and put them on the first plane out of the UK to their native country!!

Do you all not realise that freedom of speech is a hollow phrase in this country, we have long ago sacrificed it on the alter of politcal correctness. The last 10 years under Labour has destroyed the British way of life more surely than any outside dictator has ever done. I am for honesty, integrity and freedom but we must realise that the only way to get and then keep these virtues is to fight for them. Our politicians (of all parties) have betrayed this country and have allowed it to become the sorry state that it is.

The fruit cakes should be afforded the same rights as the rest of us, regardless of how distasteful their views are.

Posted by: YourNameHere | March 11, 2009 at 09:19

Geert Wilders?
EU employment regulations?
Illegal immigrants?
Political correctness?
Labour's pro-discrimination laws?

What rest of us?

It is a shame that these people should be allowed to drive a wedge through our society.
I wonder whether they have jobs or whether they, like the recent race-hate Mullah who our liberal court system freed are happy to sponge off this country and suck all the benefits out of the system while simultaneously attacking the country?
Damn all those who would undermine this great country to hell! Yes, I'm angry!

Substitute "Muslims" for "Anglian regiment" in the banner and guess the response!

It seems odd that in a country where jokes cannot be made about other religious groups, where crufixes cannot be worn by Christian workers and where deference is made to the views of others for fear of insulting them, that our ever more political police see fit to permit banners of hate to be thrust in the faces of our loyal soldiers without sanction.

A rum world.

What a contrast between this footage and that of the police running from the violent islamist demo from a couple of weeks ago.

Nobody appears to have been injured and the hatemongers were sent on their way. It's good to see that the British public retain the common sense which has been lost by our police service.

Remind me of your view on Geert Wilders, Tim?

You can watch the video of what Paul Oakley has referred to here:

”What I find strange is the same people who attacked the decision a few weeks ago not to allow a known racist to speak in this country are the same people saying this demo shouldn`t have been allowed.”
Well, I don’t know: one day I find myself agreeing with Tony Makara, and now it’s Jack Stone! Jack, your “known racist” jibe is silly if predictable, but your principle is sound. This thread has unleashed a torrent of hypocrisy from those whose sympathy with Voltaire is, clearly, selective… I too respect our armed forces (father, uncles, both grandfathers in various “mobs”, me too if I hadn’t failed the eyesight…) and my feelings for the Luton protesters are loathing and contempt. What on earth are such people doing in this country.. But I do wonder how many of those here calling for the protest to have been “banned” agreed with the ban on Geert Wilders. The government, the police, and Islamist fanatics might be variously cowardly, hypocritical and driven by nasty two-faced agendas but it’s a shame to see so many self-proclaimed Conservative Party enthusiasts behaving similarly.

It would be interesting to know how many of these muslim demonstrators are a)British and b)on the dole or whether they are doing the jobs that Mandelson says Brits won't.

This was a "hate crime", for which they should have been arrested and deported. It was also treason, for which hanging is still within the law.

Firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary praised the Muslims who had protested at yesterday's parade for the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton.

And in an inflammatory message posted on an Islamic extremist website, Choudary viciously mocked their comrade who was killed by friendly fire in Iraq.
The preacher of hate, who has links with banned Muslim cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, likened the soldiers to Nazis and branded yesterday's homecoming a 'vile parade' of 'brutal murderers'.

Choudary said: 'On 10th March 2009 200 pathetic and cowardly British soldiers from the second battalion, of the Royal Anglian Regiment, pompously marched through Luton to demonstrate their skill at murdering and torturing thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children (in Iraq) over a 24-month period.'

Choudary leads the controversial Islam For The UK organisation which wants Britain to be an Islamic state, ruled by Sharia law.

His group was formed after Bakri's fundamentalist organisation Al-Muhajiroun was baned by the Government.

WHY ARE WE PUTTING UP WITH THIS? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH LABOUR? Are the Tories going to do something if I vote for them or will I have to vote BNP to get some recognition for MY PEOPLE!


Geert Wilders wasn't coming here to make public 'protest', he was coming here to speak to a few interested Lords in 'private'.

There is no comparison and no 'hypocrisy' to want public incitement and hatred banned.

No one suggests a ban would not still give them 'liberty' to make protests to their representatives in parliament and thus take up the very same democratic process which was denied those Lords seeking to speak freely with an MP from another country in 'private'.

Having read all these comments, I would say that 'rugfish' @ 9.59 echos my thoughts most accurately, when he/she said, 'Incitement to hatred works both ways, does it not?'

Someone said in their comment, that the police threatened to arrest a non-muslim at this ?demonstration, because they were angry, or something, but that the morons were not touched.

That seems to be our problem these days, so-called militant muslims are allowed to 'perform' or protest almost when they want, BUT if non-muslims make any sort of protest about that performance/bilous protest, it is the NON-muslims that the police arrest or threaten to arrest!!

Two points:-
Presumably the police have approval from 'someone' in this government to react in this specific manner? Who? and Why?

The non-militant members of the muslim population might, at some stage, start to ask themselves whether it is more dangerous to passively, let militant muslims deliberately try to de-stabilise our/their own society, OR maybe it might soon be more dangerous to disregard the rest of the British population, because that group is much larger, and tolerance is not inexhaustible (even the kind of amused, patronising tolerance evinced by some comments on this thread)! The non-militant muslims MAY have to make a choice!

.......at murdering and torturing thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children in Iraq......

Choudary's coreligionists have killed far more innocent people in Iraq than the British Army has. They have also done so on purpose and in the name of his religion.

"It is only because of the sacrifices made by our armed forces that these people live in a free society where they are able to make their sordid protests."


How is fighting in an illeagel war(Iraq) defending the right to free speach.They didn't choose to go to war but they could have made a stand against it. I don't see any of them as heros. Look at how many innocent people have lost their lives in Iraq.

They didn't deserve some of the abuse they got from the protesters but they have a right to air thier opinions.

As the Conservative PPC for Luton South I can assure Conservativehome readers that this was insensitive and seriously misjudged protest by a small number of extremists - and should not be allowed to tarnish the reputation of the good people of Luton.

The participants clearly failed to understand that they were demonstrating against the people who defend the very freedoms that enabled them to protest in the first place.

Every Lutonian I have talked to, and every single member of the Luton Muslim community whom I have spoken to since yesterday’s disgraceful event have spoken with one voice, stating loud and clear that ‘these people do not act in our name’.

I am urging all members of Luton’s diverse community to continue this rallying cry.

They should be entitled to protest and we should be entitled to protest in response.

I don't buy the incitement to violence argument for a second, waving placards with nasty comments on isn't sufficient to make people violent unless said people have emotional issues. Nobody has a right not to have their feelings hurt. That's what separates us from the ghastly theory that these protestors would wish to enforce.

*theocracy, not theory!

I cannot find strong enough words to express my contempt for these protestors. Freedom of speech, by all means, but this does NOT translate into the freedom to demonstrate under all circumstances and the banners were clearly inflammatory and insulting. The police should have stopped the demonstration and any of the demonstrators who are not British nationals should be deported as undesirable aliens without regard to their “Human Rights”.

We clearly have a problem with a substantial number of Muslims in the UK and we should be very careful about who we let stay here or come in future. Furthermore, Binyam Mohamed had no right too return to the UK and should not have been readmitted.

Having said all that, I would plea with everyone here not to be tempted to an anti-Muslim ranting. Muslims are but people like the rest of us, most probably just want to get on with their lives. I have to point out that there were many loyal brave Muslim soldiers in the British Indian Army who served this country faithfully in the Great War and WW2. Some of the Muslims living here who came from the Indian Subcontinent may well be the descendents of such people. Many Muslims living in the UK are certainly loyal subjects of HM the Queen.

Thanks for that, Nigel. I hope that you and the Luton Tories will also be calling for the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire to resign.

Apart from all the other negative consequences, the police, by allowing such an obscene display, have given a huge boost to the BNP in the Euro elections. There will be many ordinary Brits watching tv last night and picking up their papers this morning who will say "This has got to stop and I'll vote for any party that will do that."

Liam Fox: "It is only because of the sacrifices made by our armed forces that these people live in a free society where they are able to make their sordid protests."

This is a gross exaggeration from Liam Fox. It is not "only" because of the armed forces that we live in a free society.

Liberty has been sustained in Britain because a large enough proportion of people have an attachment to it.

The freedoms we enjoy have their roots in our constitutional order, in our institutions, in our legal system, in our political literature throughout the ages, and ultimately in the hearts of enough individuals. Yes the armed forces have contributed to the maintanence of a liberal order, but it can't just be boiled down to "only" the armed forces.

The fact that there are so many comment`s overwritten on this thread shows that there is a intolerance at the heart of the Conservative Party that is distasteful to say the least.


As much as I loathe what these people did. I will fight to the death for their right to do it.

It was offensive in the extreme but it is not (yet) illegal to offend someone.

The police were right to arrest anyone assaulting another person exercising their idividual rights of expression.

Of course these people shouldn't have been protesting in the manner they were; people shouldn't as a rule behave with such blatant disrespect for each other, or lack of awareness of what is appropriate. But you simply can't legislate to ensure good and decent behaviour in everyone all the time, and in this instance I'd be inclined to think that it was right that the protest not be prohibited (and that's the correct way to think about it: as with all matters of liberty it isn't that the authorities permitted it to go ahead, but rather that they declined to prohibit it). Of course too the law should be equally applied, and anyone guilty of incitement to violence arrested and dealt with in the appropriate fashion. But stopping them for being tasteless and offensive? Sorry, but given the choice I'd prefer to live in a society that prizes freedom to offend over protection from offence, because I don't like where the latter leads.

Although come to think of it, is it legally possible to arrest someone for incitement to violence against himself?

Every time I read that "Jack Stone" is upset by some posting on Conservative Home I have a little holiday in my heart. If he is truly a Labour Activist then he must be a masochist as I sense that the majority of posters here, myself included, consider him as an object of contempt, a joke figure. Is he really what he claims to be, or is he (or indeed she as one can be anything on the Internet)actually a Conservative acting as "Devil's Advocate" to ginger up this Forum or possibly just a troll who likes to whip up a storm and for all we know may well post under another name to Socialist Websites pretending to be a Right Wing Tory?

Whether British Forces should be in Afghanistan is an other matter, but I have to say that I cannot recall British Troops taking a woman into a sports stadium and on television blowing her brains out at point blank range them leaving the body lying in the dirt. That was the work of the Taliban. Now I wonder what would happen if someone had carried a placard protesting at that act of callous murder?

Apart from drowning them out with Military Music as I have suggested, one weapon to use against such bigots is ridicule. Pointing at them and laughing might well take the wind out of their sails. Remember how Hitler hated Charlie Chaplin for mocking him in the film "The Great Dictator" and wanted him seized and sent to a Concentration Camp had the Nazis invaded Britain and Chaplin been captured.

"I disagree with everything you say, but would die for your right to say it" Sums up the correct position for me as a Conservative.

So long as protests are peaceful they should be allowed to demonstrate without obstructing. Likewise all of us in support of our troops should turn out to demontrate our support and show the extremist demonstrators & our troops how much we care about the troops and the hard job they are doing.

The less opportunity we give these islamic extremists to protray themselves as victims and the more we pull apart their arguments in public, the more their support will wither.

This is a free country, lets keep it that way, and remind these bozos that's its the only reason they are free to speak while we are at it.

However anyone who is not a British citzen at one of these protests, is abusing our hospitality and should be shown the door asap; something this dreadful Labour government is singularly failing to do....

I think some are off the track a bit here.

Those soldiers and the crowds who went to watch them, were in 'mourning' and marching as an act of remembrance for their dead comrade, who's family were in the crowd.

Get along to a muslim burial why don't you. (I've attended many), and start chanting terrorist, murderer and baby killer in the crowd.

See what reaction you get from the mourners.

And then go report it to the police and see what they say about your rights to free speech.

I support the right to free speech and so I support the right of these hate mongers to voice their views. However the contrast with them being allowed to insult our soldiers in this way and the refusal to allow Geert Wilders to enter the country could not be stronger or more indicative of the disgraceful dhimmiism of the racist Labour government.

The extremist group behind yesterday's anti-war protests targeting soldiers in Luton today vowed to stage similar demonstrations whenever British troops held homecoming parades.


So, what are the Tories going to do about this? Are they going to speak up for us?

The Labour Government won't, the police force made two arrests and both people were amongst the patriots that were involved in shutting up this scum!

As an American I do question the use of the term "Lachrymose American Way" by Toryboy. Is he suggesting that we keep the typical upper lip and ignore "OUR" heroes? We Americans, of a conservative bent, have a saying, its not the politicians or journalist who protect our freedoms--its the soldier. Toryboy, its the Soldiers of the Queen. I fear that we Americans are becoming too much like you folks on the other side of the ocean, too easily intimidated.
Alfred Lord Tennyson said it best in his masterpiece, Ulysses: To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. You might remember that Robert Falcon Scott also found inspiration in these words. Any soldier who serves his country well--should not be a target for derision.

Jack Stone @ 12:13

The only thing your observation on the "comments overwritten" count (2 I have seen) is your own mistaken prejudice.

This is a public forum which clearly attracts contributors from every strand of the political spectrum, including yourself.

Alex, we do have a different manner here and tend not to show our emotions as as openly as many people appear to do in the USA. This is not that we Brits are superior in this, we are simply less demonstrative, call it "Stiff Upper Lip" if you wish.

I do feel that your Troops in the USA get a far better deal when they come home either on leave or are demobilised than do British Forces members.

It's just attention seeking, folks. We should be big enough to ignore it.

YourNameHere.. Perhaps that has been the trouble with the British, we have ignored far too much.. but it will not go away.

Time for the British to stand up and say enough is enough.

I'm not ignoring it any longer and as you can see, others are fed up with turning the other cheek too.. so you go and put your head back in the sand and hope it all goes away if you ignore it.

Steve Foley. The Taliban have about as much in common with most Muslims as the BNP do with most British people.
It is evident by what you say that I am right when I say that there is an intolerance towards Muslims by those Conservative members and supporters who post on this site.
The fact that no one deny`s it makes me think that I am right.

"I support the right to free speech and so I support the right of these hate mongers to voice their views. "

But surely not behind a police cordon to protect them? It would have been better if the police had agreed to their protest, but suggested they keep a civil tongue as they wouldn't have police protection, and warn them they may be subject to the local population putting some manners on them. Such a policy would be a lesson of the need to integrate, for it’s a lot less painfully way to exist. .

"It is evident by what you say that I am right when I say that there is an intolerance towards Muslims by those Conservative members and supporters who post on this site.
The fact that no one deny`s it makes me think that I am right."

Well, Jack - I am denying it! I have a number of Muslim friends, all of whom would recoil in horror from the kind of views expressed by the mob of IslamISTS in Luton! That is why I continue to urge all moderate Muslims to speak out as soon as possible.

At the moment I have Sky News on and have been noting that hundreds if not thousands of people all over Northern Ireland have been holding Peace Rallies today to dissociate themselves from the Men of Violence there. Why cannot our moderate Muslims do something similar? Are they afraid of pressure from their own community - I wish someone would tell me!

I fear that unless the peace-loving Muslims who merely want to get on with their own lives speak up soon, we will find ourselves in something approaching Civil War in which they will be the innocent victims.

In reply to Jack Stone (12:12 & 13:08) I would say that whilst there may well be an 'intolerance' towards Muslims by some people posting on this site it does not follow that there is an "intolerance at the heart of the Conservative Party".

It simply isn't a logical conclusion to draw.

As for the issue at hand ... I think that those protesting had every right to do so and I would support their right to do so. That having been said it was a particularly ill-advised and counter-productive thing to do and probably did the anti-war cause more harm than good.

The police were put in a very difficult position because whilst the protests might have been somewhat in bad taste they were not violent. The response, whilst entirely understandable, of some of those present was violent and at that point the police had to protect those who were the target of violence.

I concur with the above. If moderate Muslims do not want to be associated with the extremists it is very important that they speak out more and openly.

They are guilty of ignoring this branch of their religion and should feel a responsibility to stamp it out firmly in the UK.

They have the advantage of not being branded members of the BNP or racist as most people seem to enjoy doing to white British here when we have something to say.

I would like to remind those people that it is YOU that are driving people to the BNP, if we are going to be accused of being members and being racist every time we open our mouths, then we may as well add to their swelling membership!

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