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What will they make of Baroso telling the British electorate not to vote CONservative?

Fantastic story about Mr Pickles going abroad though it didn't say if he actually travelled as cargo.

Thanks for the exclusive on that one.

What I want to know who is who is the good cop and who is the bad cop?
Secondly will covering the EU Parliament in greater detail actually be doing Conhome any favours? It will bring the single issue bores even more to the fore than they are already.

Where did you see that Patrick? There's nothing on the beeb website, where I'd have thought that sort of story would be the main headline

Will you bet your shares in conservativehome that the Tories will leave the EPP ?
Of course the EPP membership matter is an absolutely trivial matter-part of the reason that Cameron comes over as so shallow is that he majors on such trivia as opposed to say firmly committing the Tories to refuse to implement the extra billions for the CAP agreed to by Blair and due to kick in very conveniently for the Treasury in 2009-hey look I am not asking him to be very deep thinking in putting forward a plan to exit from or reconfigure our relationship with the Eu just to have the chitzpa to save the taxpayer a few billion.
My guess is that there will be some apparent new grouping in the EP but it will all be shallow deception and if circs look ok he will renege even on that.

Hi Tim. Just out of interest how did Mr. Pickles travel? what class? I can actually ask him myseof tomorrow night but if you know do divulge.

Do you remember that unadvertised meeting between Cameron and Barroso a few months ago,that ConHome found out about but could not get further details of?

Now call me a cynic, but a good old-fashioned public 'argument' with the EU before the euro elections and a compromise after would suit both men, wouldn't it?

Malcolm: I'd say it was exactly that sort of attitude that makes it essential for ConservativeHome to make more of the EP. Single issue it most certainly is not - not when you realise the level of control they have over issues that effect every citizen of Britain every day.

I think we may have the beginnings of a good cop, bad cop thing.

[SCENE: A dingy office somewhere in Brussels. Sinister foreigners are plotting some nefarious scheme to destroy dear old Blighty. Suddenly the door flies open.]


2nd FOREIGNER: Au secours!

MONTGOMERIE: We're Conservative Home, and we ain't had any dinner.

3rd FOREIGNER: Mein Gott! It's a web-based comprehensive coverage of der Englander Conservative Party, independent but supportive of it!

4th FOREIGNER: Diavolo! But surely there are two of you?

[Enter a second intrepid newshound, slightly out of breath.]

ISABY: Sorry I'm late, Tim. Spot of bother rolling over the bonnet of the Granada.

5th FOREIGNER: Begorrah to be sure you'll not be thinking of coming in here an' improving yer man's coverage of the European Parliament now, will ye?


Fine, Tim. But make sure none of the CH chaps go native. Her Majesty's men in Brussels have a nasty tendency to do precisely that.

I'll be watching.

Vintage Norton @ 23.08 :-)

@ William Norton LOL!!!!!

Good cop, bad cop?

More like Laurel and Hardy without the laughs!

Isaac - "Get yer trousers on...yer nicked"!


Are you being asked to pay for Eric Pickles seat? Or even contribute to it from taxes?
If not then it is probably none of your business.
Or is the party of John Prescott on the warpath over something?

It was great to see Jonathan and Tom in the EP yesterday and today and many MEP colleagues had individual meetings expalining how we work and what we are trying to achieve. I am delighted we UK MEPs will receive more political attention from the premier Conservative blog. ConHome has assembled under Tim's vision a formidable team and is leading the national on line debate on British centre right thinking. Its only right whatever Tories think of the EU or its Parliament that we should remain constructively engaged at the forefront of debate in the run up to the June elections. This visit to Brussels is an excellent start and I hope Tim will also pay us a visit soon in person.

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