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excellent stuff. it was a brave decision and they deserve a lot of credit for standing up to the "consensus" at the time

All very splendid - and likely to get about as much coverage on the BBC as a Dan Hannan soundbite (that is to say, between zero and nil).

LabourHome has an interesting thread entitled 'Will Brown make it to Easter' and a poll taking bets on (i) to Easter (ii) to the June elections (iii) to the Party conference and (iv) full term.

How can we use the information on this thread to allow me to bet on (iii) and win?

A poster on Labourhome has suggested people "pencil October 2009 into their diaries".

@Sally Roberts

Unfortunately I think that Brown will go on till mid 2010 - nice thought though!

Brown is the worst PM this country has ever had.


Surprisingly they did discuss Dan Hannan on the Daily Politics today! Draper and Guido Fawkes were on the programme too!

oppose the second fiscal "stimulus"...

I have never seen a presenter to tell a guest to "Shut up" like Neill did Draper. We did all leap with disbelief and on Neill with amaze did gaze.

I think there is more to the Neill/Dolly antagonism than meets the eye - Neill even refers to Draper as "Dolly" on his blog.

From the high of Dan Hannan's speech, we crash to the low of this meaningless but smug crap coming from the schoolboys in CCHQ who but a few months ago were going to share the proceeds of growth, match Labour spending, declared the end of the 'econcentric' era and had Cameron on YouTube extolling our 'strong economy'.

Seeing the back of Brown, and then seeing these clowns fall flat on their faces in Government is going to make the next couple of years very fun indeed! ;-)

Just watched Draper on Channel 4 news. What a truly awful advertisement for the Labour Party. Let's hope he gets his ugly face on television even more to defend the indefensible and do it as badly as he did today.

Give Draper his own TV channel, get him off all other media. Ah, peace, at last!

I saw Draper today as well. He is the sort of man that gives tramps a bad name.

If he would like to post his postal address here I will gladly send him some soap, shaving cream, a razor and a nit comb.

If there is any justice in the world and the there really isn't any anti-Tory bias, the BBC will ask Draper on more often.

The thing is Draper is not uncommon to many of the "real" Labour people i have come across. The socialist cause is still alive and well and the anti-capitalist demonstations will only embolden thier "class war". I'm telling you now workers v employers is well and truly back on the agenda.

I am from a poor part of the country though luckily have had a good life and upbringing, however this class war rhetoric makes me cringe. This man is a disgrace!!

With regards to the recent fiscal stimulus debate, i hope this does not become a national poster it's pretty poor. However, the Tories need to get as much out as possible. A line more like: "This one's on you" with the credit card held up would work well!

Anyway I wonder what you think, i'm off to bed!



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