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I don't think anyone will forget you, Eric - you are a larger than life character, for all the right reasons!

I think Eric will go down in party history as one of the greats.

Top bloke who inspires me to do that bit more.

Good man!

I think Mr Pickles is absolutely correct in saying that it is all about the next election. This site is a great place to let off steam - but I think we should all be temperate in the way that we write about our views - it would be tragic if this site became the voice piece of all the Rag Tag and Bobtails at the fringes of the party.

All real Conservatives should start thinking about how they can help with the election and by that I mean getting out door knocking now for the Euro and County elections - you gather intelligence for the next election as you go and it is truly valuable. If you are not a people person, then there are many other things you can do - help on the day, telling and knocking up, taking people to the polling stations - and remember to offer your services for the following elections. Get in touch with your agents and your Dep Chairman political to find out how you can help.

Me - I am unpaid, helping out in a constituency half an hour a way and I am out twice a week door knocking and it is great fun. I just think you have to do something as well as say something on this site.

And if you are not members, you should be!!

Eric you are doing what you do well in your own way.

We have travelled a long way since we were together at KBGS. Then as Chairman Worth Valley Yc's, Councillor, Leader of Bradford Council, before you defection down South. You have and are a good missionary from Yorkshire and a good example or true yorkshire grit.

The Party is the better for your work. Long may it continue.

If anonymity in the role is the sign of a great success, Spelman must have been the best chairman ever. ;-)

Looking at that map of the constituencies made me think of the cortical homonculus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortical_homunculus)

which is a figure with body parts distorted according to the number of sensory neurons located on the parts.

A map of Britain distorted so each constituency is the same size would be very informative, as would one where each constituency was in proportion to the number of constituents.

Keep up the magnificent work you are doing - What a great man!

I was with him right up until the bit about Maude!

Arguably, Chris Patton was the greatest Party Chairman of all time, possibly even better than the Tebbit/Archer combination.

Regardless of his wet political views, he not only masterminded a successful election campaign which we were not supposed to win but he did so by using young, creative types at CCO and in the process sacrificed his own seat.

I like Eric very much, but I have to say I tire of ConservativeHome's sycophantic coverage of him.

You would not interview any other senior policitican and not ask him/her a single challanging question.

I don't think any of us could ever forget our 'Big Man' even if we tried.
Reading this reminded me I've got canvassing at 5.30, whoops!

Quoted - "You would not interview any other senior policitican and not ask him/her a single challanging question."

Perhaps because at the moment he seems to be in the perfect job for him, I guess when things don't go quite to plan, there'll be some difficult questions, but hey, with any plan you're lucky or wrong.

I wonder what state our membership is in; the demographics, the future campaigners, how do we build a task force, much like Obama (no I'm not a worshipper) that will help win elections, but make the reforms happen at the grass roots of communities, and be there for the next 20 years.

It is just my association that still has a very aged profile?

If not then his current priority is right, but his next, and he'll be thinking about something, if not articulating it yet, should in my view be a massive and radical membership/supporters recruitment drive.

We would have the voter support to drag a lot of people in and some will stick it out for many years and the party that establishes the new model for political activity may dominate for many years.

Hopefully that'll be us.

Eric who?

Eric, If you are reading this when are you coming on telly in Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle to tell northerners how it really is?

Is it me or are we giving something away through that map :)

This chap Pickles is a rum bird. I saw him on QT once and he was HIGHLY inarticulate. And he doesn't have quite the sort of breeding we Tories have grown used to.

All in all, a most peculiar choice for Chairman.

"I want to be forgotten as Party Chairman"...

Eric, I hope your dreadful performance on last night's Question Time will quickly be forgotten!

Poor old Eric - top bloke.

But didn't just shoot himself in the foot last night - took his leg with it...now on front page of BBC website.

I can see the headlines " Poor Flabby Tories - I need a second home because of 37 mile commute"

Politics is a cruel world! He was making a good point and must people at the top of the private sector would make a similar decision - however, add in the public sector and a dim view of politicians and you have a no win situation.

The point Pickles should have made was that public transport is so unreliable and our roads so bunged up that it is impossible to guarantee getting anywhere on time, even short distances are problematic. Even living inside the M25 is no security that you can get to Westminster or anywhere else on time. The suggestion of dedicated hostels or grace and favour appartments is a good one save that one can understand that MPs are entitled to privacy and it is easy to imagine how difficult the press might make their lives - and those of their families - were their location to be known 24 hours a day. I can sympathise, but I hope Cameron will get the slate clean regarding what is right, rather than what is legal, with regard to expenses.

Wot no mention by ConservativeHome editorial team of the truly dreadful pickle that Eric got himself into last night on QT? His famed blokeishness and common touch was noteably absent... oh, but he can do no wrong obv.

I can't help but think if someone like, say Ken Clarke, had managed to so spectacularly turn the audience against him there would reams of coverage/chastisment and lessons to be learned on here?

"I want to be forgotten as party chairman"... I think he jinxed himself with this one. :(

Better late than never.. :)

( Well done Eric.)

Food for thought..

The tongue of a man is his sword
and effective speech is
stronger than all fghting..

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