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After 31st July is sufficiently vague. We have the summer holiday of 84 days, then the party conference season, a few days back and half-term and then the Queen's speech and Christmas, more hols.

So it can safely be deferred until February and Labour would ensure that it didn't report until after the General Election next May. In any case the scope of the enquiry will be set so narrowly as to make it pointless.

What have these people got to hide? British troops have not been in combat for months.
Previous enquiries have taken place whilst troops were still in theatre ie Singapore, Falklands etc.
I simply don't believe Milliband's answer.

What have these people got to hide?

A great deal. A wide range of politicians and apparatchics are dreading the approach of a proper Iraq enquiry.

Would that Dr David Kelly have been able to witness it.

Dan would have obtained the enquiry by tomorrow at the latest.
Bring on Dan the MAN.


I wonder if the simple "Yes" is an indication of an early election and a trap for the Tories, who on current percentages, will be in power and be responsible for the conduct of this inquiry.
In view of the much sorting out of the economy and the majority of the talent and focus going that way, what priority will this inquiry be to a new Govt?

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