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True brilliance. Really. It was amazing.

Brown is our own Comical Ali.

Dan should be given a slot at Party Conference.

All those in favour say "aye"...

Och aye.

Aye to that Tim

The video is totally addictive. I just watched it again. The irony of course is that he only got to reply to Brown because he got kicked out of the EPP.
He's put up 2 more vids today. His YouTube channel is better than telly.

A master class performance and a lesson to the totally ineffective conservative opposition, if you can call it an opposition, in the HoC. This man should be leading a new and reformed party at Westminster. Such energy and conviction is so lacking there. For eleven years the tory party has wittered along while their mates of the NU Lab party have destroyed British education, the NHS, police, and the armed services as well as the economy. Quite an achievement in such a short time. Only with a supine opposition was this possible.

So the question is: why is Hannan wasting his talents in the Puppet Parliament? Why is not in Westminster?
I understand he will stand again for the European "parliament" this year. Does any insider know if he has been selected yet for a safe seat in Westminster??

A truly great and memorable speech, it's the best one I've heard in years.

Aye to Tim's question!

Poor old Dave!

I agree with you, Goldie; we need this man in our parliament. Brave and brilliant.

The shirt and tie need to go as does the distraction on his right wrist. The suit???

However Brown needs to lose the Cheshire Cat smirk a lot more.

Good content though, good content.

I agree with Tim and Goldie, we need DH in Westminster where he can "monster" the government on a regular basis.

"Only with a supine opposition was this possible".

Nooooo... with a massive majority, caused by public hatred of Thatcher and Major Convservatives, was that possible.

It's gone viral, The reason being that it sums up in a visual and very articulate way what many people over here and in the US think the Bailout is going to do. I think the spectator is right, will the internet make this a story?

There's more from Dan here:

In answer to Tim's question I'm in absolute agreement.

Just goes to show the Eurofedarists within our party one of the very many real advantages of not being hamstrung by the EPP-ED connection. As opposed to their nefarious waffle about losing influence when our whole MEP group becomes as free to speak as Dan Hannan now is.

Well Done Dan!!!

Oh and Aye to Tim's proposal.

Aye to that also. H
e features in my post about Brown's departure from Strasbourg. Hope the plug is OK, Tim?

Count has just updated 167,779 so far...

Views have been updated to 167,779

Now can any one tell me a single thing that hannan has acheived by being outside the EPP?

ps. for your info, I understand that he got to talk himself because he wasn't bunched in with a load of others.

pps. What was the EPPs speech?

Tim - Aye

I so enjoyed Dan's speech that I have lost count of the number of times I've watched it. Furthermore I've sent the link to everbody I know.

It was wonderful to see that rictus grin on GB's face.

The whole speech was perfectly honest and cut straight to the bone. The highlight was watching Brown squirm!


I agree that he's in urgent need of a good (London) tailor!

One of the best performances I have ever seen and truly enjoyable - he should be on the front bench in Westminster!!

This is going to be great. The interweb thingy heralds a return to the power of oratory. We are going to get some decent Ciceros, Foxes and Burkes coming along, swaying the world with their speeches.

Paxo and the journalistic intermediators are toast. Lend Dan your ears! He comes not to praise Brown but to bury him. Iacta alea est.

While I agree that the Conservative party must take its share of the blame for NuLab taking over the country and wrecking it, I would doubt if this speech would get any attention if made in the Commons. (Cameron, Hague and particularly Osborne have made some real good speeches but nobody is interested about what happens in the Commons any more.)The great thing was that Hannan was talking to Europe who Brown is trying to make out are all following his brave leadership.

"One of the best performances I have ever seen and truly enjoyable - he should be on the front bench in Westminster!!

Too right. Unfortunately Cameron has officially banned BOO's like Dan from the front bench.

Dan officially supports BOO, as do 55% of the British public now according to the latest BBC poll.

Shame on you Cameron, depriving front-line Tory politics from the skills of people like Hannan because you seek to suppress the will of the people.

Send the link to everyone you know- let's get this thing viral!

The thing around his wrist is a Help for Hero's band, supporting injured UK forces.

Wasn't "devalued PM of a devalued government" what John Smith called John Major after Black Wednesday.

Nigel Farage also made a damn good speech as well - Brown got a double kicking!!


For those who have the time/inclination - send a brief note to the the editors of the main stream papers (Mail, Sun, Telegraph) advising them of this story

It's worthy of MSM attention.

What an orator!
Move over, Mr Cameron and take little Gidders with you: here is a real Conservative and a leader.

A sound bite from this speech was played on the Rusch Limbaugh radio show today in the USA with the immensely popular and influential host telling listeners in the states "The Republican party over here can learn a lot from the boldness of this man!" Great job and lets hear more of it!!


I can think of one or two shadow cabinet members who I would like to see replaced by Daniel Hannan

Why aye!

I also suggest a contest between Dan and Michael Gove to decide the title of Best Tory Orator.


Brown doesn't even have the decency to listen.

And William Hague Iain?

I say Aye, in fact Whey Aye (because I'm Geordie)

I don't think I've ever seen a more perfect three minutes of oratory. Not a word was wasted, he crushed the pathetic Brown like the rancid simpering prune that he is.

I think this video should play on loop, on every terrestrial television channel, from now until election day. Every single man, woman and child should be made, by law, to own this video and to watch it morning, noon and night, lest they for one second forget who is responsible for the wreckage of our country.

Hannan, you are a national hero.

Yes, but what I don't like is the way some immediately use this speech as a stick to beat the one man who is our greatest asset with the voting public and has singelhandedly done more than anyone else (and it must be said in the teeth of guys who miror Hannan) to make the Tories electable, namely David Cameron.

Any chance of persuading Farrage to return to the party then?

Just needs a slight policy adjustment or two.

Maximum publicity, please.

You Tube Hit

The Telegraph

Yes to the questions, this is proper oratory, the type we so rarely see these days, this stuff raises people passions. None of that namby pamby stuff cuddly dumbed down stuff we get from our "domestic" politicians, it may be that Westminster has developed a peculiar culture when it comes to how they communicate, it's another problem with people no longer caring about politics.

So a plea to the front bench, learn from this vid please, we want more...

the trouble with farage is he actually looks like the bulgy eyed frothing euro loon that he is. hannan looks like a nice, decent chap.

I watched him speak at conference in Blackpool in 2007. Hs speech there was every bit as good as this one. I hope one day he will have a much wider audience.

"Yes, but what I don't like is the way some immediately use this speech as a stick to beat the one man who is our greatest asset with the voting public "

I haven't seen a single post criticising Boris.


Indeed, yes.

A wonderful speech!

Aye from me too.

Dan is brilliant in Europe and this was an ideal opportunity post-EPP departure to deal with Brown. The timing was just right for this.

Unfortunately, if he were in the Commons instead, almost certainly he wouldn't be allowed to do what he has just done. No: he is the right place for his talents, as matters currently stand, which is a sad reflection on the state of our own Parliament, especially with the present Speaker of the Commons.

He is a very talented and addictive speaker.


I was amazed at the complete lack of coverage of both speeches by the National Press and TV channels this morning! I agree this needs to go viral - it could become a defining moment in the eventual downfall of our dreadful Prime Minister!

Can you imagine Hannan, Gove, Hague,
Boris, Farage and Cameron under one roof at one conservative conference giving speeches.

Absolutely wonderful especially as Cameron would have to agree with the 55% of the people to be friends with europe but not ruled by europe!!

What a day that would be!!

One of the best speeches I have heard for a long time. It nailed everything wrong with Gordon Brown on its head. What annoyed me was the silly smirk on Gordon's face? What the hell has he got to laugh about? I bet the 2 million plus unemployed are not laughing thanks to this clown! MR HANNAN YOU ARE A HERO!

Thanks Dan. Speak at the conference, please.

But Hannan supports Obama who has the same economic policies as Brown. What was it Hannan said? Oh yes, I remember: "I see you've already mastered the essential craft of the European politician, namely the ability to say one thing in this chamber and a very different thing to your home electorate."

I enjoyed the speech but it would've been so much better if it hadn't been delivered by a hypocrite.


After watching this stunning performance, I started to wonder about the process for electing a new leader of the Conservative Party.

Only kidding - but Dave better watch out - it's only a matter of time before you're overshadowed by a younger person.

Brilliant ! Just had postings from Canada, Norway and Italy - all praising this speech.

According to "Twitter " appears Hannan was on Fox News in US withing the last couple hours on the Cavulo show, where he said if he had been American he would have voted for Ron Paul! That will have gone down a treat with US republicans... goes down well with me! As I agree...

DB @ 20:56,

I believe Dan repented his temporary Obamacon-ness well before the US election.

Greetings from New Zealand.
I posted the speech on my blog yesterday.
Today, Whale Oil, one of our top-rated political blogs, also posted the Hannon speech.
He truly is getting global coverage.

260000 hits in just over 24 hours!

That's fantastic!

"David Cameron who? Conservative Hannan steals the spotlight

If the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom wants a true boost over the limping Gordon Brown, they may have just found their man.

From the US. Link here


260,167... and counting

Someone needs to have the balls to tell Brown to resign now.

Politicians are a bunch of cowards, including the Conservatives. They never say what has to be said, that's why the BNP make huge strides into areas that they shouldn't!

Everyone knows Brown is finished, he's not only finished, the man is positively insane!

The reason Mr. Hannan isn't on the Conservative front bench where he belongs is twofold. First Mr. Cameron is using him to divert EU electoral votes from UKIP although the vast majority of those below him on the SE list are EUphile. Secondly, Mr. Cameron is EUphile himself and would not want someone whose views represent the majority both of Conservatives and the rest of the UK showing him up by putting forward a viewpoint in the HoC which is utterly at odds with his own.

As for his speech. With the exception of the fact that it was directed at the PM, it was no better than many of his others. By this I mean it was excellent.

260k and the you tube counter is behind the curve timewise. Its interesting that the Internet is now king and there is nothing Pravda can do about it. The BBC seem to think if they don't report it, it didnt happen. Thats no longer true.

One of only 2 MEPS who sits as a Conservative in the Euro Parliament. A far better performance than most of our front bench at Westminster. Get him a Westminster seat for the General Election !

"According to "Twitter " appears Hannan was on Fox News in US withing the last couple hours on the Cavulo show, where he said if he had been American he would have voted for Ron Paul!"

Hannan for PM.

An absolutely superb speech. So much said in three short minutes. I hope Her Majesty the Queen was watching too, after her meeting with Mervyn King. Hopefully it might inspire her to invite the generals for tea before long.



Paid up member says Aye.

Mr Hannan's speech is huge in Republican circles in Oklahoma right now.

Brilliant, just brilliant. Why aren't our MPs and front bench doing this?

Am I correct in thinking he's not a candidate for the general election? If that's the case, interesting whether he seriously isn't looking to go to Westminster.

I'd be loath to back someone based on a single speech, even though it was a good one.

Superb speech!

"Am I correct in thinking he's not a candidate for the general election? If that's the case, interesting whether he seriously isn't looking to go to Westminster."

My understanding is that he wants to remain in brussels for as long as we are in the eu. That's why he has never put his name forward for any seats in westminster.

People who like what hannan says should take a look at his book
The Plan

What a new government should do in its first 12 months...

Opposition - at last.

Aye too! Hurrah for Dan.

I'm so glad that Gordie had to sit through this. He is so psychologically deficient that he couldn't show his true feelings for the content of the speech - the inane grin is far worse than anything else. The guy needs therapy - and fast (and the Conservatives need Dan in Parliament fast too!).

One word - Woking!

Aye to Tim's suggestion @ 18.47.

Dan Hannan's speech was fantastic; concise, and devastatingly, damningly clear!

Here we have a political James Bond with the necessary perception passion and weaponry to match.

It's not just Rush Limbaugh - the American media are all over this one. Fox News has had Mr. Hannan on for two interviews:


(Oh, and aye!)

Is there a "Draft Dan Hannan for Woking" group yet?

PS: ticker now up to 316,000.

I thought Farage's speech was at least as good - the way he humiliated Brown over the sell off of our gold reserves was masterly.

I am sorry to repeat a point that I made 4-5 hours ago but Daniel Hannan has plagiarised the late John Smith.

On the 24th September 1992 John Smith used the line "He is the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government." in the House of Commons.

This man is a true conservative. I cant wait to vote for him come the European elections. This is what the conservative party needs to be saying in Westminster and I hope Mr Hannan goes far.

It's certainly getting around - theres a link on the Drudge Report!

"The thing around his wrist is a Help for Hero's band, supporting injured UK forces."

Thank you for your clarification.

aye we can.

Always was a star - always will be a star!

Articulate, educated, multi-lingual. An intelligent and nuanced sceptic. A credit to the Conservatives.

Pulls no punches, tells it like it is.

Am confused as to where he should be personally..... head of a national paper, Westminster or somewhere else.

Based on that performance he has to be great value for money - or more - exactly where he is!!!

"I am sorry to repeat a point that I made 4-5 hours ago but Daniel Hannan has plagiarised the late John Smith."

Doesn't alter the brilliance and oratory of ther est of his speech. I'm not usually impressed by politicians but Mr Hannan is a rare exception.

Good speech but unreported on t.v. news that I watch.

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