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About a fortnight ago, William Hague on Newsnight described "the level of intelligence co-operation between Britain and the United States" as "unique in the world". Well, that is certainly one way of putting it.

Britain does not in fact have any intelligence capability. We are merely information-gathers for the Americans, to whom we pass on absolutely everything while being pathetically grateful for the odd scrap thrown our way.

Yet, for the sake of this "co-operation", it turns out that our judges cannot even do anything about our own government's complicity in the torture of our residents.

America entered the Second World War for her own reasons, and on her own strictly businesslike terms with us. Nothing wrong with that. But it gives the lie to the popular fantasy of a "special relationship", a term which no American has ever used.

We went to Korea, but so did a lot of other people. The Americans opposed us in Suez (when they were right, but that is not the present point), and didn't go to Malaya. We stayed out of Vietnam. They were practically on the other side in the Falklands War, when our nearest thing to an ally was France. And the first Gulf War was much like Korea.

All in all, there is simply no factual basis whatever for the warmongering lie that we have an unbreakable military alliance with the United States. We have not. And if you don't believe me, then just ask the Americans themselves.

Binyam Mohamed was an asylum seeker who came to the UK, allegedly in fear of life and limb, seeking sanctuary (I wonder how many safe counties he passed through on his way from his native Somalia?). Subsequently he left the UK to visit the NW frontier Pakistan and Afghanistan (we can but guess what he was doing there but it was unlikely to be a nice little holiday) so, presumably, his claim for asylum lapsed.

In any case he is not a British national and he was not captured in any part of the UK or its territories and he was neither captured nor imprisoned by the Armed Forces of the Crown. So what happened to him or what happens to him now should not be of concern to either HH Government or HM Opposition. I hope that, on no account, will he be allowed back into the UK.

William Hague and the judges should remember who pays them.

William has to walk a tight rope, so I do not envy him his job right now. Our relationship with the US is a liability and a rod for our backs. Its an open soar of a secret, because we know full well that America acted in a barbaric way, and worse we were a party to it. To draw a line under this incident, and distance ourselves from the Bush legacy would be wise indeed.We should not be so willing to suck up to them, although that is exactly what Brown nose has been doing. Giving them the control of H-bomb production was a massive error of judgment. America has no respect for our Official secrets, as google earth makes plain on a daily basis.

"we have an unbreakable military alliance with the United States" Thankfully we have an independent Nuclear deterrent if we so choose. America was born in tax avoidance and they are still finding way to make us pay their bills, hence the problems we currently face. Put it this way, I am quite willing to talk to America and even share a few suds with Uncle Sam, but I wouldn't allow my daughter to date him.

"I hope that, on no account, will he be allowed back into the UK."

Not much hope there I am afraid, any old rubbish that no other country wants seems to have the right to reside here, and you can be dammed sure the British political establishment won't put up a whimper of protest.

What you should be worried about is that all this 'outrage' by William Hague is going to be used by Binyam Mohamed's legal team to sue the British tax payer for millions.

Great isn't it, someone you we wish had never darkened out shores, don't want here, is going to end up here and enriched to the tune of millions at the expense of the long suffering British tax payer.

By the way who ever wrote this article , not through our choice Binyam Mohamed was a British resident, he isn't now, he left, he chose not to be a resident, in fact chose to be resident of Pakistan, that should end any obligation we ever had to him! More accurately he should be described as a Pakistani resident.

Binyam Mohamed`s only link to this country is that he once lived here. I see no reason why he should be allowed into this country. He choose to leave he wasn`t forced.
At the end of the day the position is anyone who goes into Afghanistan or North West Pakistan is either a fool or up to no good.

I have no interest in this guy from Somalia!

It’s nice to see however, that Hague has all this time spare for one man when the country is collapsing around us & so many of us Brits need his full concentration on the job of looking after Britain & the British!!
I do hope with Hague making all this noise for one man he doesn’t embarrass any other organisation in Britain or abroad, because I think a friendship with those who help to look after us Brits must be a valuable one.

I do however believe the only special relationship we should have with America is intelligence, Maggie had a good political one though! Didn’t Regan let us have some new side winding type missiles, new out at the time, to use in the Falklands & take down other fighter jets with ease?
That relationship came in handy then!
But then you have a story like this Whitehouse passed secrets to the IRA & that, true or not, sours things politically doesn’t it?
An intelligence lead special friendship must be desirable.

Us British have had to tolerate so much frustration with this human rights “thing” just so the British government & its lefty friends can hold us up as a beacon to the world of how to do things, no matter how crazy some of it is.
Sorry people! TIED of this mamby pamby attitude! Soppy Political correctness & unhuman human rights have turned us soft! Makes my blood boil!

Wow! I agree with Jack Stone! Sorry but I can't get worked up defending the rights of this chap. The UK owes him nothing.

it's not about this guys rights (although for once i do agree with jack stone)
it's about milliband lying and over ruling a judges decision.

I can't believe it, Jack Stone has patently been bodysnatched!

Seriously though I am truly appalled that Hague wants to make something over this whilst ignoring the disgraceful refusal of entry to Geert Wilders and Lord Ahmed's blatant anti semitism.

If there is much more of this Tory pandering to anti British Islamic extremism then we might as well all just give up and buy our Women their Burkhas now.


"At the end of the day the position is anyone who goes into Afghanistan or North West Pakistan is either a fool or up to no good."

Posted by: Jack Stone

So much for supporting the troops.

There's actually a lot of info on Guantanamo from people who've been there. Here's one...

"Gordon Cucullu, a retired army colonel, was so appalled by these reports that he decided to see for himself. In a series of visits he inspected every corner of the camp and interviewed dozens of personnel, from guards and interrogators to cooks and nurses. The result—coming just as the Obama administration wants to close the facility—is a riveting description of daily life for both prisoners and guards. Cucullu describes the six camps reserved for different levels of compliance, details the treatment of prisoners, and examines their experiences in detail, including the techniques used to interrogate them, the food they eat, their medical care, how they communicate with one another, and the many ingenious ways they contrive to assault and injure their guards."


Read the reviews of those who've read it.

But there is, plenty of first hand info on this "gulag."

This is another story I could wish the author had the balls to give his opinion.

'Labour Cabinet Minister Tells Lies'.Is that a story?

'Labour Cabinet Minister Tells Lies'.Is that a story?

I guess it's not news, but just because they do it all the time, if you let it stop being a story things get worse and worse.

Hague has lost the plot.
First his demand that Israel stop defending itself from Hamas, then his support for foreign workers at Lindsey, and now this.
All he should be concentrating on is making sure that this Binyam Mohamed does not gain entry to Britain.

"Hague has lost the plot.": I could not put it better myself. The same applies to a lot of Tory MPs. Out of touch on so many things.

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