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I'd be happy to give money to one of those charities. Instead of flowers, I'll write a letter to Mr and Mrs Cameron. The personal touch is always more poignant. I do hope they are OK

You can donate via www.justgiving.com as well.

Im a life long labour supporter, but my heart goes out to David,Samantha and the rest of the Cameron family, my thoughts are with you all. my deepest condolences and i wish you and your family the deepest respect and love you all deserve

I'm also very happy to make a donation to one of these charities.

Hopefully, they should see a good surge in income over the next few days.

I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to David and his wife Samantha in their time of grief. My own sister had CP, and died last Christmas - it is an awful thing when someone young is so terriby afflicted, but when they touch as many lives as they have, like Ivan, it is devastating when they are no longer with us. Please pass on my and my children's condolences to the family, and I wish them peace in their hearts, as I believe he is with the angels now.

It was very sad to read of the death of the Camerons' son. I cannot imagine how they must feel, and wish to express my sympathy.

My heart goes out to all the Cameron family; to dad, mum, brother and sister who will all grieve and feel the loss of Ivan in so many different ways. Love life.
Live life.
And love.
Ivan's life was well lived and he was well loved. And always will be.

God bless you as a family.Even though I am a mother myself I cant imagine what your going through.Remember the joy that Ivan brought to your lives and the impact he is now having on so many people.God bless you all and belief as we go into this easter time that Ivan will be part of the great Ressurection'God bless you all.

All these are very worthy causes but can I ask that people particularly consider Jack Tizard school, a marvellous school in Shepherds Bush that Ivan attended and which gave him the most tremendous care. They are not a large National charity but small and local.

I will certainly be making a donation to one of these worthy causes in the hope that it will be used to benefit children like Ivan in the future. I hope the Cameron family can take some comfort from knowing that they provided Ivan with the best possible life he could have had. They were lucky to have him and he was lucky to have them. All the best for the future. x

I cannot imagine how the Cameron family must be feeling at the moment, but as a mother I can only begin to imagine and would just like to let you know that although I didn't know Ivan on a personal level that his loss is a great one, but that in his loss a new light is shining on the struggles he faced daily and that this will be his legacy and is a tremendous thing. I wish you strength and love and peace and remember the wonderful, if albeit short time, that you had Ivan and remember that he had you too.
My thoughts are with you x

I was heartbroken to hear the news of Ivan's passing. As a father myself it made me pick up my own son and hold him for dear life. My thoughts are with the Cameron Family in their time of saddness.

I'm a mother of two, and am never really interested in Policitcs or what Mr Cameron does in politics. But, when I read his statement after his son's death, I burst into tears and still makes me cry when I think about how much pain and devastation they are in.... There is not much we can do for them apart from making donation to their chosen charities, which I certainly will do. My deepest condolence to Mr and Mrs Cameron and his family.

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