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"Steve F - I've made no assumption that Sally is "a la-de-da ex débutante from some Upper Class family" these are your words. I've been following her postings for quite a while and simply felt she was out of order. By using stereotyes and generalisations you are likely to upset more people than you appease."

Crumbs!!! I've only just spotted this little exchange - sorry if I upset anyone and no I'm not an ex-deb - they'd abolished the season by the time I came along!!! And thanks Steve, as you know I am pretty down to earth and prone to calling a spade a bl**dy shovel - as I obviously did on this occasion...

"How about reduce taxes on white vans. lol"

Funny you should mention that rugfish. Gordon Brown increased the taxable benefit on company vans from £500 to £3500 in one year. That's a big chunk out of White Van Man's pay packet. Also a kick in the unmentionables to small entrepreneurs like me, who use our company-owned vans to travel to and from work because we are paying so much tax on our meagre business profits that we can't afford a car as well as a van.

Cut taxable benefits on company vans and allow small, one-man-band companies to offset PAYE and NI bills against corporation tax losses, then watch the small entrepreneur sector bounce back. Right now, paying £400 per month in PAYE and NI when my business is losing money hand over fist, it doesn't seem worth the effort - Much easier to call it a day, blame Gordon and go on the dole. Why haven't I done so? Because I'm a Conservative, and we don't sponge off the state. I'd rather starve. And if Labour remain in power much longer, I probably will.

White van man (WVM)comes in several types, one type is a professional delivery man who drives for a living, fears foreign trucks running amock on our roads, he fears losing his job to foreign cowboys. Another WVM is the small self employed craftsman suh as a jobbing builder, plumber, electrician, painter or landscaper or technical service provider. He resents red tape, handouts to layabouts irresective of origin and abhors people from city hall who screw him up. There is another sort of WVM who often hires his van he is harder to categorise he may be C1,2,3 or B1,his van is for moving house or furniture or pursuing a hobby. H e also resents paying too much tax resents nanny state and would like Britain to be vbritain, he might like europe but would prefer it to stay over there and not invade us or steal out fish and jobs also. I was stationed for 7 years near a former concentration camp and had an Aunt who survived Ravensbruk, I havde no malice to germans but do not want to be governed by them or any other Continentals

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