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And does Mr Millar buy all his clothes from Welsh Tailors, buy all his food from Welsh farmers etc etc?

If not, why is it OK to deprive some Welsh industry of jobs by buying 'foreign' but not others?

This 'selective protectionism' is just incoherent crude populism.

We're all 'EU citizens' now Mr Millar, not Welsh or Scottish, and I don't see your name on the BOO list opposing such an approach, so you're just another Tory saying "we want to keep in the EU but we also want to dishonestly leverage support from local worker anger".

So from British Jobs for British Workers to Welsh Jobs for Welsh Workers. I don't care about party lines here - this is simply an example of how stupid and parochial this line of thinking is.

What's next - Norfolk Jobs for Norfolk Workers? Slough Jobs for Slough Workers? Morningside Jobs for Morningside Workers?

A surprising parochial line from a party that claims to be one supporting the Union, at least that's what they say when denying English people a voice.

what an absurd argument, we really are taking the 'standing up for local people' arguments to ludicrous levels if this is where we are ending up.

The party does support the Union Iain. Individuals within it are free to say whatever they think and there are pro and anti Union factions. I happen to think ~(as a Unionist) Darren Millar is wrong.

The point that is being missed here is that the Welsh Assembly (self-styled Government) has held meetings whereby local contractors were encouraged to tender for the work. I cannot recall if there was an apparent committment to employ welsh workers and contractors but that was the extremely strong message.

Darren Millar is an extremely hard working Assembly Member and simply following up on the "promise" made by Rhodri and his acolytes.

Incidentally local papers have reported that one reason for the extreme delays in this project were specification/design changes which include bomb proof windows. The North Wales office seems a most unlikely target to me!

Welsh jobs for Scottish workers today and Italian jobs for German workers tomorrow.

Either we are 100% in favour of freedom of movement or we are not.

Why is the Welsh Assembly building new offices new offices in Llandudno ?

Simple, the Assembly which sits in Cardiff, South Wales need some way to keep an observing eye on North Wales and a set of offices is just the way to do it.

From now on I will only be eating and wearing what I can make in my own house. No doubt my standard of living will rapidly increase due to my refusal to trade with the outside world.

This needs to be nipped in the bud. The workers of all four parts of the United Kingdom rose as one. For one they are.

"This needs to be nipped in the bud. The workers of all four parts of the United Kingdom rose as one. For one they are."

Gawd, what dreamy,whistful, clownish ignorance.
They were once David but are no longer.Time to get to grips with recent and ongoing reality. The 1998 Scotland Act and the Welsh Assembly act brought an end to the formerly unified state of the United Kingdom
(always partly federal actually).

Devolved parliaments compete with the British parliament for power and money. Its a fact.
In Scotland there is an "understanding" that contractors should use labour from within 40 miles of the site. It works. They look after their own and make sure it happens. I quite agree with Darren Millar. Local labour and contractors should have been used. Nothing like the virtuous circle of local economy.

It is only a closed mind, force fed on aeons of self defeating overblown free movement of labour/free trade doctrinaire garbage that could not see this. It is how most of the world operates if you want to know, though many of them whistle the free trade tune if it helps them.

In the meantime, it is principally England, thrown wide open to the callous indifference and targeted viciousness of the residual latter day British state that must put up with this neglect-disguised-as-principal.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, apart from having their own administrations dedicated and responsible to their own people, also have the Barnett Rules which are a massive method of indirect employemnt protection.

Hadn't you noticed. I see Cameron is keping quiet about the Barnett-Rules-as-employment-protection.

For Gods sake this workers protectionism is pathetic. Companies bid for contracts and its a free choice. Just because you are rejected doesnt mean that its personal. They have criteria to judge against and they make a choice.

We all knew at the time and we all said at the time that British jobs for British workers as a policy was bunkum and unapplicable.

Darren does it again!
Could he please give an examble of a Welsh steel fabricating company that gave a competitive tender and lost for this particualr, specialst piece of work?
Darren is so busy for bandwagons to jump on he often fails to see the wider picture and issues of the day.

What i meant to type was that Darren is so busy looking for bandwagons to jump upon , he often fails to see the wider picture.
He has never really made the transition from being a local councillor to being a fully fledged member of the ARSEmbly.
Just as well that few people in North Wales take the said ARSEmbly seriously.
Talk of him trying to oust Mr Bourne are seriously exagerated, not least due to the boy Millar not being up tpo it!!

Can you imagine David Jones MP committing such a faux pas?
No of course not.
Trouble for David though is that some might tar him with the same brush as this little P... as they both represent Clwyd West.
And David deserves better than him as a counterpart in the asrembly as the above poster call it!
nice one!

Without a doubt, if this had been English workers complaining, then Brown, Mandelson, Clark and Cameron would be screaming "Racists," from the rooftops.

The Scots needn't worry. They have a 40 mile protection zone in place for Scottish workers. Brown knows, but then he did sign the Scottish Claim of Right, didn't he? Yet he's ruling over England - doesn't add up, does it?

Trouble with mr Millar is that he is not a team player.
Pretty hard to get over that one in politics I would have thought.

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