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A good idea opening Jobcentres in the evening and Saturdays. After all when one signs on for the first time they expect the applicant to accept any a job which means Saturday work even if they have always worked Mon-Fri. What's sauce for the goose as they say.

Just looking at the picture of the jobcentreplus logo, has it been changed from that awful pale green? A shade that has been in vogue over the last few years, due, no doubt to eco-awareness and adopted by the likes of ADSA and even the Conservative party itself! I hope so that pale green is awful on the eyes.

Did anyone say Jobs?:


Lots of Laugh's with regard to opening Job centre's in the evening and Saturdays.

I don't think Teresa has ever been out of Work - Let me tell you: You have that much time it eats into your soul. Every fortnight you sign on which takes 20 Mins and that includes queuing.

The rest of the time you use your time as you see fit. Sure I look for work and in the last year i have applied for over a thousand jobs with no success. I am a graduate plus qualified Financial Adviser and Mortgage adviser. But no CAS, I was axed before i could get it! I now look at things i would never dream of applying for like being a bus driver.

The Government has not helped me one jot - Labour have delivered nothing to help me. Dole does not even cover many peoples fuel bills, water bills. Nevermind paying for food - if you live in a rented house with a private landlord you will quite often have to pay additional money on top of the local authority housing benifit as they give you insufficient to cover it. Unless you get into more debt there is no help and if you already have debt you have to consider all sorts of unpaletable credit management solutions raking up huge credit card debts etc assuming you can get it.

I could go on!

woohoo, one of those ideas by Thersa looks familiar :)

@Andrew Jones, i went self employed four or so years ago mate, the reason being if i was going to be poor then i will do so on my terms (i got sick of bouncing from unemployment to minimum wage work and back again)

if Theresa wants more info on the industry training idea i would be happy to pass on all of the idea to her.

But if you make the Jobcentre staff come in evenings and weekends, they will be crueller and more horrible than at present. Their children will waste away from the lack of emotional and physical nourishment.
Also it will allow the moonlighting, work all day, sign on at the weekend. Reminds me of when in Brixton in 1980s, signing on was every 8 weeks, so people in Ireland took a long weekend from theiir work over there every two months and signed on over here. Luvverly

Why should those who run the Jobcentres be exempt from the pain? Make them work the days and hours they would force us to work.

Opening job centres at nights and weekends is an unnecessary expense.

If flexible working is such a boom and makes such good business sense, and if businesses big and small recognise what an excellent benefit it is - why do we need legislation?

Theresa do you accept that some businesses, in very competitive areas of the market, have to survive on minimal numbers of staff and couldn't afford to provide spare staff to cover for lost hours. They can't let staff take every Friday afternoon off, or go home when the schools close if the phone still rings until 6pm. Do you know how difficult it is to get staff just from 3pm to 6pm to cover for the missing worker? A one size fits all legislative approach to business will bring this Country to it's knees.

Opening jobcentres longer means having to spend more on paying staff and on heating, lighting, general maintenance, how much would this cost?

Having seen the Digby Jones documentary the other night we shouldn't be thinking about opening up Job Centres more, we should be closing them down, and outsourcing to private recruitment companies that could probably do with the work right now, and do it a great deal better and probably with a great deal more sensitivity

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