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"What shall we do with Simon Heffer?

Does anyone know a good veal recipe?"

Absolutely, Super Blue! You'd have to do him in a slow cooker though as he's probably rather tough.

Dontmakemelaugh - I have to point out a factual inaccuracy here! Richard Ryder was Chief Whip at the time of Maastricht (1992). David Davis was indeed in the Whips Office at the time but he was not the Chief or even his Deputy.

Sad to see intelligent people indulging in cheap sneers about somebody`s name. They wouldn`t do it if he praised their beloved leader. And one of them hides behind a nom de plume.

Heffer harrumphs but his words contain a warning - that the Tories will have hard, pro-capitalist work to do and should not box themselves in with sentimental cant, of which "Red Toryism" is a prime example. Mr C has, I fear, been shooting himself in the foot again. Doesn't it always happen when that twit Hilton is around? Oops - rude again. When that intellectually challenged person, Mr Steve(n) Hilton is around.


Sorry you don't appreciate subtle humour. After all my nom de plume says so much more than my real name would on here, especially as some "real names" are actually contrived!

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