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Just received this email...It's made me shed a few tears all over again! I shall be thinking of them on Tuesday when Ivan is laid to rest.

It is a testament to The Camerons' character that they find time to thank us all for the support.

I also received this e-mail very unexpectedly.

It says a lot for the man that in his time of great sadness he can still acknowledge a message from someone who he has never met and probably never will.

At this time of grief may God be with you and your wife and family, David Cameron.

Yes Sally I can repeat your comment, and I wish I could just put my arms around them and comfort them!

Ivan's passing reached out and touched us all. Since David became party leader we have felt a special connection with Ivan as we have learnt, through David, about this little boy's heartbreakingly difficult life.

Ivan Cameron's situation taught us all to understand and appreciate the good health that we so often take for granted.

God bless the Cameron family.

I have recently lost several members of my family - all from the older generation. It has made me re-evaluate my life and priorities and I am very conscious of the 'natural order' of a "clan" or family.

I feel desperately sorry for David, Samantha and their other children. I am sure they will miss Ivan terribly. I hope they will take comfort from the fact that he is now beyond suffering and that they did everything possible to make his short time on earth as happy and positive as it possibly could be.

I am not a relgious person; but the words from the Bible which Dylan reinterpreted come to mind:

To everything, turn turn, turn
there is a season, turn, turn, thun
And a time for every purpose, under heaven.

God bless.

Once again my best wishes go out to him and his wife at this terrible time.

I, along with other leading Ukippers, were very sad to learn of Ivan's untimely passing at such a young age. We "fruitcakes" extend our deepest sympathy to the Camerons and their family.

God bless them.

Just wish to record my sincere sympathy to the Cameron family at this tragic time and praise them for their untimely efforts to give Ivan the best life possible. They should have no regrets. They did what they could to sustain a very special person. I wish them all all the comfort they need to heal their distress and above all hope for a very successful future.
My Best Wishes
Margaret Galbraith

I would like to send my sympathies to the Cameron family on the loss of their precious son Ivan. I lost my disabled son, Morris, who also had severe epilepsy due to a genetic condition, in May last year. He was also six years old. It leaves a huge void in our lives that cannot be filled and the hurt and pain we feel is indescribable. My thoughts are with them at this sad time.

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