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the writing is on the wall for Spelman...

Yes. I'm fully satisfied. The man who blocked opposition to the EU in Britain for thirty six long years, is now doing a cracking job for Business, ensuring the Conservative Party will continue doing absolutely nothing to get rid of the endless EU stupidity that has driven millions to quit Britain.

It looks like it will take German judges to stop the Lisbon Treaty, and the crashing out of the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) to cripple the Euro.

British opposition to 36 years of EU nonsense, and counting, is as far away as when Ken Clarke first fell in love with his European dream.

For the rest of us it's been a never ending nightmare.

Like all bureaucracies that have made disastrous decisions, they have to be continued with to save the face of the perpetrators. To change would be to admit fault. Ken Clarke wouldn't know how to do that, and neither it appears does the Conservative Party. Millions are now heading for unemployment as a result.

Such a nice chap Clarke. Shame about your job, while he feeds his face with yet more big city pay-offs.

Mark Francois should be much higher up. Very impressed...

I am glad to see that other members share my opinion of Theresa May, down in 28th place.

I was disgusted by her attack on Carol Thatcher on BBC Question Time, her answer could have been scripted by a combination of Ken Livingston and Polly Toynbee.

Theresa- we are Conservatives, love. We are not here to be kow towed by the PC Brigade, we are here to SET THE AGENDA, not have it dictated to us.

The Carol Thatcher incident proved once and for all that T.May would be a shocking minister. No judgement. No conviction, and no backbone.

Isn't David Cameron in the shadow cabinet then or is his rating somewhere else until it improves?

Thirty people in the shadow cabinet? That's about one sixth of the parliamentary party.

Were Grayling's ratings taken before or after his statement on the Geert Wilders incident?

Ken Clark was absolutely brilliant fom the Despatch Box this week opening the Post Office Debate. This guy was also excellent on the Radio this morning. he is a big hitter and just what we need.

Grayling will be taking a plunge next time if his mealy mouthed statement regarding Geert Wilders is still fresh in peoples' minds.

"Were Grayling's ratings taken before or after his statement on the Geert Wilders incident?"


"Isn't David Cameron in the shadow cabinet then or is his rating somewhere else until it improves?"

By convention the leader isn't subject to this kind of scrutiny, Its just not the way a civilised party goes about its business.
As our duly elected leader he is entitled to our 100% loyalty. For the sake of party unity we should remember that.

Ross Warren @ 11.48. Party unity yes. But why is it that we, the grass roots, are always expected to change our opinions and 'give in' to CCHQ? What about, just occasionally CCHG listening to us?


Cameron's rating is within this post:



The survey was largely completed before Chris Grayling's comment on Geert Wilders.

The main headline story on the BBC News website at the moment is:

"Clarke attacks 'failed' bank plan"

The man talks sense and gets headlines. Exactly what is needed. No offence to Alan Duncan, but if he had said the same, the top story on the BBC website would not have been

"Duncan attacks 'failed' bank plan"

That's why it's been a great move to have Clarke back.

"What about, just occasionally CCHG listening to us?"

I believe they do, but of course they should not be bound to change course on our say so alone. I am certain that the content of this blog and many other publications, are taken into account by those charged with making the final decisions on our behalf. In politics sometimes you have to take very unpopular decisions, it just a fact of life.
The Leadership is also privy to information that we do not have. Of course we get frustrated by some of the things they do and say, but we have to be aware that the party is a very broad church which contains many different view points. It is inevitable that the views on this blog will tend to be dominated by the more politically aware, and as such reflect the activists viewpoint.

Ross. Don't forget that it was the much despised and patronised grassroot activists who, during the long years of Blair's ascendancy and while CCHQ was squabbling in its bunker, kept the Party alive. We expect a leadership with some backbone who will stand up and be counted (Geert Wilders, Lisbon treaty etc)

"We expect a leadership with some backbone who will stand up and be counted (Geert Wilders, Lisbon treaty etc)"

I do understand your point, and agree that both of these issues have not been handled in the manner You or I would have liked.
I was more surprised by the Geert Wilders issue than Lisbon. After all it would not have been difficult to come out strongly in favour of free speech. Whilst getting out of the Lisbon treaty is a much more complex issue and one on which the leadership has tended to ignore the grass roots opinion about historically. To be fair G.O.'s statement (after the fact)regarding Geert's visit,was a little better, if far to late.

Thank you for this conversation, Ross. I'm signing off now, with one thought. I'm sure CCHQ does read, listen, but then ignores. I am starting to feel disenfranchised. I can't bring myself to vote BNP or UKIP, so I have little option but to abstain.

As ever, I wonder what the "don't know" figures were.

@Ross Warren and others:

"For David Cameron 86% are satisfied and 12% dissatisfied."

(leaving 2% don't know, I imagine)

(taken from the re:Boris Johnson piece.

"What about, just occasionally CCHG listening to us?"

I believe they do, but of course they should not be bound to change course on our say so alone".

I think there is a very serious point here. I, too, have frequently asked the same question and have never received a reply.

I regard myself as a critical friend of David Cameron.

I believe that political blogging is now an important and legitimate aid to democracy. I also believe that the majority of people who blog here are serious minded about their politics, even those who are anti conservative. They sometimes have very good points that we must address honestly. That is proper debate.

I also accept that CCHQ and the leadership know things that we don't that affect courses of action but I do think the leadership would be unwise not to weigh up our arguments where we are fairly strongly against their actions.


Thanks Although it disappoints me that we are unable to give a 100% approval to our leader. I have always believed that the leader should occupy a special status, not above criticism but deserving of absolute loyalty. It strikes me that such polls are the price we pay for our out of control press, and the general lowering of standards in civic and personal behaviour.


Remember, although there are MPs and a Shadow Cabinet above us, the Conservative Party is ALL of us.

Even if you think the leadership aren't listening to you, WE the membership are. And debating what you say.

The party is more than the 30 guys with portfolios. Stick with us! Your participation is immensely valued.

To Ross Warren @ 11.48
"Its just not the way a civilised party goes about its business."

I've been a member for 33+ years. I've never thought of us as a civilsed party. Indeed there is no such thing as a civilised political party anywhere.

Its more important to be a winning party

Sandy.Having read some of the comments on this site supporting the racist Wilders I totally agree with you that the Conservative Party is not civilised.

Sandyt [sic] Jamieson said “there is no such thing as a civilised political party anywhere” – and that human Eeyore Jack Stone is instantly agreeing “the Conservative Party is not civilised”. To regular posters it’s screamingly obvious that Jack Stone dislikes Conservatives – but the big mystery is why does he keep posting here?

BTW – I disagree that the Conservative Party isn’t civilised. It is very uncivil of the Comrades wishing to destroy us – but the incivility champions are the Comrades Lite [Liberals]. Indeed, they may be Comrades Lite, but they are nastiness heavy [as any Conservative who fights the Liberals as political opponents will attest].

I see that the negative partner of the "Jack Stone" syndicate has surfaced again. The other one was surprisingly constructive yesterday.

Every time we conclusively disprove anything he says, he glibly repeats it and throws words like "racist" around like confetti.

London Tory

You are absolutely spot on. On Question Time, Will Young and Nigel Farage took the position that the pathetic May should have advocated, because if we are nothing else, we are defenders of free speech.
Theresa May is a joke, I have never forgiven her for the 'nasty party' speech. But my biggest disappointment is Chris Grayling's defence of the government's actions. Even Salma Yacoub, leader of Respect! no less, defended his right to say what he believed. Our front bench have become a bunch of guilty liberals of the bleeding heart kind and Theresa May is the epitome of how PC our party has now become. Getting rid of May would be a start.

As our duly elected leader he is entitled to our 100% loyalty.

Wonder if IDS is reading this. He wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.

the racist Wilders

Is this something we hadn't heard? So far as I was aware he'd only criticised Islam, which is not a race but a religion anybody can choose not to believe in.

The Conservative party of late has become depressingly afraid of appearing anything other than in full agreement with the prevailing ideology. The language that stops valid debate. To fail to support the right of free speech for someone who has made no racist comments for fear of being smeared is cowardly.

Is there a book open on grayling having the biggest satisfaction drop on record?

Spelman has been guilty of not being open about something that happened some time ago - calling in to question the openness of her and everyone who supports her - had she fully fessed up with out prompting she might have recovered, now she is solidly in the same camp as jacqui smith, darling, mandleson et al.

Meanwhile Grayling has just directly supported the sticking up of two fingers at the freedom loving british public - and told us we aren't entitled expect anything better.

Grayling is a typical example of the Uriah Heeps on the frontbench. The man is an opportunist and careerist with no principles or courage. He is also a plotter with an eye on the main job - Cameron beware!

Is there any chance of "Adam Hume" ever making a positive post?

I suspect Adam Hume that "Adam Hume" is yet another of the Below-The-Bridge Dwellers - a burgeoning crowd!

"I suspect Adam Hume..."

Ahem...I meant to say I suspect, Super Blue...!!

I don't know enough about Grayling to comment further than the 'Fitna' debacle (it is still an interesting film that requires an answer).

My feeling is that he doesn't understand the issue at all, so gave a standard 'tory party line' that appeard to be 'strong on law on order'.

A very poor start (which I guess will show in 'satisfaction' next time) -- but if he can genuinely come to understand the issue (and I am not sure that any of the shadow cabinet does - osbornes contribution was no better) - I wouldn't have thought that its fatal.

Not only the next election but the very future of our country at stake. And THE issue is the economy.

Therefore, can someone explain why William Hague is still Shadow Foreign Secretary & George Osborne remains Shadow Chancellor?

It's like playing your 30 goal a season striker at right back!

No. 25,26,27.28.29 30 in the league tables will always do the conservative party a disservice by being there.They should never be allowed on the TV screens. If D C thinks they are good politicians his judgement is questionable. By all means give them hard work to do, then throw it in the dustbin. They have no clue to the life and problems of real poeple,and come across to viewers as twits.

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