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"The German people did`t realise it would lead to gas chambers and the holocaust"

Exactly although had they bothered to look at his writings They might have gleaned an inkling. I am yet to be convinced that the BNP is a neo-nazi party because, unlike Mein Kampf there is no obvious body of evidence to point to. I know that all the other major parties are painting the BNP as Nazi. This is one of the prices we pay for outlawing certain ideas and their expression, those who hold the views keep it very private. The other thing we do by painting BNP as Nazi is effectively funnel anyone who might hold such views in their general direction.We might well have had a better chance of containing such people if we had allowed them to speak thus betraying themselves.
I know that is simplistic but I do fear that at the moment we have the worst possible mix of suppression of a view and encouragement for holders of that view to gravitate together.

Malcolm Dunn

The Barnett Formula was devised to squeeze the Scottish block grant down which it is doing on a year to year basis. It no longer efficiently serves either a percapita or a needs based requirement.
It was devised in the first place on a set of fundamentally inaccurate and deliberstely skewed figures and of course it should be abandoned in favour of Fiscal Autonomy for Scotland.
Have you read any of the pieces I suggested to you. I'm not joking here or trying to make silly points. Telling lies about Scotland's actual fiscal relationship to the rest of the UK serves no purpose other than building up bad blood.
Happily the lies have rebounded on the liars and Gordon Brown is now getting the brunt of Labour deceiving the Scots for forty years as the English have picked up on the distortions.

However Scotland's present funding arrangements and fiscal position have nothing whatever to do with what would be the situation under independence.

Interesting omission of Plaid in their list of minor parties. Perhaps they're trying to admit they haven't a clue what's going on in Wales.

The Conservatives continue to consolidate their poll lead by remaining in the 40+ bracket.

As for the rise in the smaller parties, absolutely no surprises there. I think that Labour and the Conservatives have a core vote level around 30-33%. When Labour falls from around 33/32% below 30%, its to be expected that both the Libdems and the smaller parties will be the beneficiaries rather than the Conservatives.

Whose telling lies David ? Not me I'm a passionate Unionist. But do agree that Barnett should be in its entirety as soon as possible. It's a simple enough question. You could answer very straightforwardly. Or not.


"and of course it should be abandoned in favour of Fiscal Autonomy for Scotland"

I would have thought that was a clear and very straighforward answer to your question.
Have you looked up any of the pieces I recommended to you?

"Michael Heaver 12.04 is a 19 year old rather jolly and over excitable UKIP student member.

Young Mick the elections won't "scare the hell out of you Tories".

Elections come and elections go. You lose some and you win some. Although the size of UKIPs vote in 2004 was a surprise to many it is unlikely they can rally that level of support again.

Yes no doubt UKIP will still get a sizeable vote resulting in 5 or more UKIP MEPs who will continue to keep their snouts in the trough of EU cash for another 5 years.

It is also a rather foolish thing to say, and I put this down to your immaturity, to claim that "this is OUR election".

No politician or political party 'owns' an election and this is a very arrogant thing to say. Elections belong to us the electorate." ex-UKIP member.

Thankyou for the information.

The Euro-Parliamentary results will be in on 7-8 June. I hereby predict that UKIP will finish with no MEPs and be disbanded by 8 December (within six months of the results).

PS Jack Stale has changed his tune - in December he argued that, because the Nazis were elected in 1933, everything they did was justified.

"I hereby predict that UKIP will finish with no MEPs"

That is your privilege, Super Blue, I suggest that you might venture out into the streets and find out what ordinary people think of the established political parties.

Michael Heaver is one of the young UKIP members who are revitalising the party.

I too can predict. I hereby predict that UKIP will finish with more votes than the Tories and around 25 MEPs. We will see.

During the mid-1980's I was a Labour Party member. At a Constituency Management meeting, I was horrified by the blatant racist comments during the meeting.

Remember, many Labour supporters are from let's say lower social strata - they're not all middle class lefties working for the BBC/other Labour Quango's.

So Labour supporters voting BNP is not as large a step as you might think.

And why are they not turning to the Conservatives?

Firstly, tribalism. Several people have said to me, but how can you support the Tories? (many remember the brutal messaging of the 1980's and shan't ever forgive). So the Loony Lib Dems will pick up and other fringe groups but not the...Tories.

Secondly, it was the Thatcher Government who turned against our manufacturers, deregulated credit in 1986 and privatised the Utilities. So a certain amount of responsibility for this mess still comes home to roost.

Thirdly, which economic policy that we are proposing is likely to persuade a typical Labour voter to switch to us?

A very percipient comment from A Reformed Labour Voter, particularly on the issue of the policies of the Thatcher years which laid waste whole areas of UK manufacturing instead of nuturing it and fixing it. Service industries my ar&e.
Playing with money and debt and serving teas instead of making things.
All driven by predjudice masquerading as strategy
And adopted and followed slavishly by New Labour whose agenda was entirely how to get into power and stay there with not an economic theory worth a button to act upon.

History will look at the late nineties in UK in a very harsh light.

"I would hardly say the SNP is a fringe party."

Maybe not in Scotland, but as part of the UK political scence they are a fringe party.
Considering Scotland's population is less than that of London I think it's safe to consider them a fringe party, albeit a fringe party that wields considerable power at present.

Come mid-June you could be renamed David_Politically_Homeless?!

Super Blue:
"Come mid-June you could be renamed David_Politically_Homeless?!"
Many of us have felt politically homeless for a long time. It's not a comfortable feeling.

In June we will see, Super Blue, who was right.

A week is a long time in politics so four months is a very long time indeed and either of us could turn out to be correct. Or we could both be wrong!

"The Euro-Parliamentary results will be in on 7-8 June. I hereby predict that UKIP will finish with no MEPs and be disbanded by 8 December (within six months of the results)."

I think you may well be right, Super Blue and I am looking forward to welcoming David_at_Home and possibly one or two other of our friendly UKIPPERS back over from the Dark Side! :-)


As I have written, frequently, I would he happy to be party of the Conservative Party of Pitt, Disraeli and Churchill but my dislike of Heath (even after death!), Major, Howard and Cameron is very deep and I cannot accept that our country should be embodied into the EU superstate without a referendum.

So, even in the unlikely event that UKIP should cease to exist, I will not return to the Tory Party unless the Tory Party becomes, once again, Disraeli’s “Party of the Nation”.

That said, I respect those people who work for the good of our country within the Conservative and Labour parties.

Remember my prediction of a 25% share of the vote to UKIP in June. I shall remind you of it when the results are announced!

Well, I shall wait for 7/8 June with bated breath, David! One of us is sure to be right...!!

Why is it "worrying" that smaller parties are gaining more support? I find it much more worrying that as much as 28% of the public is apparently still willing to vote Labour.

There is a lesson to be learned though, should the increase in support for small parties continue. There seems to be a growing sense that neither Labour or the Conservatives is putting Britain and the British people first. I will almost certainly vote Tory at the next election but I yearn for Cameron to take a much more pro-British stance on a whole range of issues - from the economy through to the shameful cowering before Muslim opinion that has seen the Labour govt ban Geert Wilders from our shores. Is there anyone out there in mainstream politics who will stand up for British people and British values (such as free speech!) instead of grovelling before internationalism and multiculturalism?

” Who cares if some nutjobs vote BNP or UKIP?”

Nobody, but when it stops being the local nut job, or that kid from school who always had to be different, and becomes whole estates and districts its different.

We have defined the BNP as Nazi's and as a result you can be pretty certain that all of those who are happy with Nazi style polices will garvitate towards it.

If it becomes a national party rather than being a regional party as now, and further if a majority of people then vote for it at a general election we will have been rewarded for our non democratic actions with a non democratic government.When we try to freeze them out, we simply add to their glamour and their appeal. The PC mindset has forced the BNP to act in a dishonest way, or so it seems. Their sight is very reasonable and even their forums allow nothing non PC to be said. So if they are Nazi's then they are concealing that fact from anyone who makes a casual visit. We have succeeded then only in making them far more dangerous.

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