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DC is incredibly lucky to have Andrew MacKay's skills! Those of us outside the Whips Office only really have the sketchiest idea of what they actually do - but Andrew's experience there, especially as Deputy Chief Whip, means that he is able to be forceful or persuasive as required and his political antennae are second to none.

I have rarely read such toe-curling sycophantic hero worship. The sort of thing that gets the OBN in Private Eye.

Edward I am not being "toe curling" or "sycophantic". I know the guy - do you?

Sally, he`s the sycophant, not you. Of course I do not know him, but what he wrote is just awful and I think quite a few will agree with me. In the RAF we had a word for it.

I find this sort of stuff - the inner workings of the Party - fascinating.

And there's only one website you can find it ;)

Edward thank you for clarifying but as it happens I still disagree with you. I actually believe "mine sweeper" is a very good description of what Andrew does and as for his description of David Cameron -I agree with that too. Perhaps now that will make me in your eyes "sycophantic" but I certainly do not apologise for it! I am only sorry that it appears to be unacceptable to you for a positive comment to be made.

If Cameron is surrounding himself with lazy, idiots like MacKay then it says a lot about his judgement.
MacKay as been an outstanding failure in every job any leader as given him and I have no doubt that he will not surprise me this time.
Surely the Parliamentary Party contains people of better quality than this!!!

Go away Jack.

If Andrew is the minesweeper who is the Bom disposal expert?The EU problem is a tad larger than a few small mines.

Even by your own lamentable standards a poor post Jack. How many times do you have to be told there is h in the word (h)as.

I know Andrew Mackay personally and he is a very talented member of D.C's team and a very hard working constituency MP. It is a pity some contributors make pathetic derogatory remarks. Indicates crass stupidity or infantile paralysis.

Must be dissenters from other political groups becoming frustrated with their own failings.

Empty vessels have always made the most noise!

It's good to know that D.C's Team has a mix of the new and the experienced.Andrew MacKay
falls into the later group.A "Rasputin figure" well that may look good on paper but has nothing to do with the reality of the man.

"It’s very exciting to have a bright, young, new leader who is so obviously full of enthusiasm and is a catalyst for change. He has already changed and modernised the Conservative Party and, like Obama in America, I believe he has the capacity to change this country and be our next Prime Minister."

I agree with the bright and young, but lets not fall over trying to draw comparison with Obama, who in my opinion has promised way to much. When Obama fails to deliver the honeymoon will be over.

"I’m with David all the time. I’m at the morning meetings when William Hague, George Osborne, myself and others decide the strategy for the day."

In which case one of the mines he must clear away is the impression that G.O. isn't the right man for the job of chancellor.Andrew MacKay's most important contribution could be convincing the party, (rather than the nation) that we really have changed for the better.

Sally. You couldn`t answer the points so you resort to nonsense.
Mackay was useless as Northern Ireland Secretary. Went skiing on the day of the Good Friday agreement.Surrounding yourself with people like that shows bad judgement and why personally I think Cameron is unfit to be Prime Minister.

B.Garvie. Only those who resort to personal abuse like you do have no answer to the allegations.
Anyone who deserts there post when they are most needed should not be in front line politics. Mackay as messed up in every position he has had.
He is one of those politican who as been promoted far above his ability.

Jack, why do you come here? You know your ill-educated rants are not going to receive a considered response - they don't really deserve one.
Oh and PLEASE learn the difference between "there" and "their" - THERE's a good Troll!

I have also met Andrew Mackay. A clever man to be sure and he is doing an unpopular job and "enforcer" for Cameron so won't win any gold stars from many for so doing. Is he filling the Peter Mandelson/Alastair Campbell role for Cameron?

I also feel that his final paragraph ""It’s very exciting to have a bright, young, new leader who is so obviously full of enthusiasm and is a catalyst for change....." was OTT, more the sort of thing I would imagine from a US Congressman's or Senator's "Intern" and was like drinking a pint of Golden Syrup, sickly sweet.

Then again I am not a Cameroon and would much prefer David Davis to be Tory Party Leader. Within 18 months or so we shall know.

Well people Eureka! Jack has finally put the letter h in the word has! However he does mess it up again the very next sentence so obviously my spelling lesson is not getting through!
Sorry Tim, I know it's off topic and playing the man etc. I just couldn't resist it.

As I say when people make personal insults rather than debate the point they have no arguments.
Andrew Mackay as a poor record in office and really should not be where he is today.
It makes me shudder that second raters like him could soon be in government.

"Andrew Mackay as a poor record in office"

Malcolm, you spoke too soon!

There is nothing to debate Jack.You haven't made any points, just personal insults aimed at Andrew Mackay.As per usual.

Sally see that you didn`t disagree!!

Jack I am ignoring you.

Andrew Mackay seems to bew a very useful performer in the background.

PS In this thread, Stale Jock (thanks Patsy) has attacked three people for "abusive" behaviour and "having no arguments" whilst being abusive and having no arguments!

This (accusing others of his own faults) is what I believe our medical friends call Munchausen Syndrome

Andrew Mackay loyally supported William Hague when he was leader and was a first class Deputy Chief Whip to John Major. The man has abundant political skills and I am pleased that they are being so well used.

When a member of the Conservative Party I met Andrew Mackay, went door knocking with him, had his assistance with a problem involving my mother's care and generally believe he is a good chap. I just feel, if he is acting as a 'minesweeper', he may well be advised to get some help to detect and deflect those mines due shortly to 'go off' in DC's constituency.

Happy Hunting Andrew!

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