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You know what, following on from the post the other day, I am really feeling rage towards Brown and the mess he has created, and am also furious that political loyalty over the needs of Britain at this pivotal time has resulted in Cameron keeping Osborne in place.

The country needs John Redwood now. His judgement during this crisis has proven better than any other.

Fark Osborne's feelings over 'demotion', career aspirations etc, this is about saving Britain from bankruptcy, and Osborne has proven as criminally incompetent as Brown over the past 12 months.

The horror the country faces demands a chancellor who has the best proven record in understanding this crisis, and that, without doubt is John Redwood.

John Redwood - Shadow Chief Secreatry to the Treasury
Michael Fallon - Shadow Chancellor
David Davis - Shadow Minister for Civil Liberties (new role)
Iain Duncan Smith - Shadow Minister for Social Justice (new role)
Lord Trimble - Shadow Foreign Secretary

John Redwood today addresses the recession once more and asks the rhetorical question "What should they do now?" and proceeds to answer it in clear, helpful and virtually irrefutable terms. If only he was doing so in the role of Shadow Chancellor.

Redwood and DD.

Obviously, John Redwood. But that won't happen, will it? George Osborne is the future. However, JR does have a defensive, prickly side which is not particularly welcoming. Is that a problem in today's world and is that his fault? I would say not, in the role of chancellor.

Clearly, Graham Brady.

Certainly, Philip Davies.

Absolutely, Justine Greening. Wonderful woman. Had the privilege of a valuable 'business' meeting with her in which it was impossible not to be impressed. Warm personality, down to earth.

I would like to see Howard Flight in the Lords and on the economic team too.

David Davis - Civil Liberties, Afghanistan or, better still, Shad Defence Sec

John Redwood - Osborne's No2

Michael Fallon - Osborne's No3

Adam Holloway - on defence team, particular brief Afghanistan. He has travelled to Afghanistan at his own expense and reported back to Parliament. He is a former Grenadier Guardsman who fought in the first gulf war and reported for ITN on the second invasion. At last the shad team are listening to his common sense approach. He is currently a highly respected member of the Defence Select Committee

Glad to see John Hayes mentioned. He our most under-rated MP.

John Redwood. That would be my dream appointment. The more we see him on TV, the better.

Redwood, DD and IDS.

"..Osborne has proven as criminally incompetent as Brown over the past 12 months".

I would remove the word "criminally" and say over "24 months".

With KC and Greg Hands to bolster GO, our performances on the economy should improve but as Andrew Lilico pointed out yesterday "only John Redwood really seems to get it".

All of these people are very, very, good. There is hope. Holloway is outstanding. Hard as nails and did a superb undercover telly documentary about living rough on the streets.

When it is their turn I will have to consider re-joining the Tory party - if they'll have me.

We see DD in an 'Anti-Waste Management' role across all the depts - this issue is a winner with voters and DD was terrific on the Public Accounts committee and in hounding Labour ineptitude in the Home Office (as Hughes, Blunkett and Clark will testify!)

Michael Fallon and John Redwood must be fitted into the finance team - they are both absolutely on the button. G.O. is becoming sufficiently adroit to assimilate, integrate and motivate we believe. (Excellent response to Darling's statement this week, George)

Graham Brady's views and experience on the the Grammar School issue in the successful Manchester area would make him invaluable in a education role - in fact he's a great all-rounder and extremely personable.

Douglas Carswell is a bonny fighter and would make a terrific Whip on his way to greater things.

Overall there's now so much up-and-coming talent that we could make 2 shadow cabinets to put Labour's bunch of deadbeats to shame!

I would like to see Alistair Burt in the Shadow Cabinet. Just take a look at his years of experience.
He was championing social justice WAY before it rightly became mainstream Conservative policy
And he is one of the diminishing number of MPs who have actually had a ministerial role in Government.

Of course David Davis should be brought back. Redwood is good, but we're trying to assemble an election-winning team and I'm afraid Redwood is just too much of a turn-off for floating voters.

John Harris makes a valid point in the Guardian today, that at times of crisis the voters value the appearance of experience. You could term it the "Cable Premium". That is why Ken Clarke's return is such a coup.

There must be a place for Sir Malciolm Rifkind in the next Conservative Govt, he has one of the top 5 intellects in Parliament.

It is striking that the big beasts excluded by Cameron are on the Right.

IF David Davis was to come back, the only place I can really see him going to now is Defence.

Grayling wouldn't be moved from Home, nor Clarke from Business, nor Duncan from Leader of the House.

But then where would Fox go? Lansley isn't leaving Health. Cameron wouldn't return him to Foreign Affairs, or Home Affairs, or Party Chairman.

Therefore, if Davis were to come back, Fox would probably be jettisoned to make way for him. Who would you rather have, Davis or Fox?

Oh, and by the way, why was Justine Greening moved over to Communities and Local Government? Could it be so that if Caroline Spelman still has to resign over Nannygate, she can be promoted to shadow cabinet from within the team, avoiding the need for a second major reshuffle?

"and I'm afraid Redwood is just too much of a turn-off for floating voters/"

I wish people would stop repeating this rubbish. The game has changed. Now is a time for action, not cuddly Roon imagery.

We are in the midst of massive economic turmoil, and I am sure what the people want above all else is the reassurance that the man in charge both knows what he is doing (ie has shown good judgement during this crisis) and has a clear plan to get us out of the mess.

This is something that Brown and Osborne do not offer.

I am sure that nothing else will matter to the electorate.

Agree with Redwood suggestion, and also Holloway. Adam is best sort of Tory MP: independent minded, strong character, broad experience of life. Hence, far too talented for front bench.

Also, Osborne is worst kind of Tory boy: no experience of life, poor judgement and kept afloat by his contacts. Electorate will take one look at him and vote Labour.

The problem with bringing back many re-treads is they frighten the electorate - which is why, for the large part they are not there now. We don't want to frighten the electorate do we? David Davies should certainly be back, preferably in his old job. The reason for his resignation has gained him great respect with the wider public for his views on personal liberty and makes him a vote winner. I would leave Liam Fox where he is. I have heard him speak many times and he really is on top of his brief and shows great compassion for our servicemen and women. Could we not do something about the current top echelon of Tory women? They are so dreary and sound not unlike their Labour counterparts. What about looking at the lower tier and promoting Anne Milton for example or Julie Kirkbride who has a bit of life in her. Pity Angela Browning is retiring.

Maria Miller? Why?

The Conservative Shadow cabinet needs people with ability, and most of all, people who can put across a coherent argument. That is why we should include David Davis, John Redwood, Iain Duncan Smith and John Hayes. Of these John Hayes is an example of an orator who can turn his mind to any brief. As memeber for South Holland & the Deepings (Lincolnshire) he is well placed to speak for rural voters as a counter balance to the trendy Londoners (and Scots) who dominate politics.

Hello, is there anybody out there listening?

How many times do posters on here have to be told that sometimes MPs are offered positions but turn them down for valid reasons? Including at least one name regularly repeated above (whose return I would support), but WHO WONT TAKE A FRONT BENCH POSITION.

Stop blaming Cameron and Osborne.

There, I've shouted it - anybody taking any notice?

David Davis and John Redwood, by all means

Roman - heard loud and clear! However, there are more than one or two names mentioned above, and I can't believe that all of them were offered jobs and turned them down!

David Davis we are told by David Davis was not offered a job. A lot also have junior shadow ministerial jobs on the frontbench eg. Justine Greening, Maria Miller, Ed Vaizey, Damian Green, so if they can do those jobs, why not a step up?!

Michael Fallon we are told was offered a Shadow Treasury job but prefered to remain on the Treasury select committee.

Malcolm Rifkind refused to accept any job other than Shadow Foreign Secretary in 2005 when David became Leader.

I'm sure some do have valid reasons, but not all of them, and not enough to stop them doing their jobs as MPs! If Clarke can finally accept that all good men should come to the aid of the party to get it elected, so can others surely, unless as you say they have a good reason, but I really can't imagine that all names above do!

'Which individual - NOT brought into the shadow cabinet - would you most like to have seen returned to the frontbench?'

RETURNED to the frontbench.

That ruled out backbenchers who have never been on the frontbench. That didn't prevent people giving a different answer. It also seemed to rule out The Rt Hon The Lord Trimble (a frontbench at Westminster).

The end of his Wikipedia entry quotes from the Telegraph: 'It has been reported that if the Conservatives win the next general election, Trimble will receive a "significant" ministerial role, possibly in the Cabinet'

If that is indeed the case, why not get him started now?
There has been talk of experience and promoting people who weren't privately educated. Baron Trimble ticks both these boxes. Casting an eye over the back benches of all parties, there aren't that many Nobel Prize winners.

Roman - rather than leave a cloud of suspicion hanging over those who have not been offered a role, why not simply stop playing games and name the person who has been offered a front bench role and refused it and what role they were offered?

Iain Duncan Smith for Shadow Work and Pensions

Our strongest cards are Cameron and Hague.

Given that DC is the Leader and this election is about the economy/economic future of our country, surely it makes sense to make Hague Shadow Chancellor?

Then Osborne can be Shadow Foreign Secretary.

I hate to say this but Osborne has failed to warn of the impending crash (which anyone who knows me knows I've been warning of it since 2004). He's then failed to land effective blows on Laurel & Hardy in Numbers 10 & 11. And to cap it all, got caught out in Mandelson's 'yachtgate'.
So sorry George, you'll have to shuffle along the front bench.

Though I like DD, he was irresponsible and reckless in resigning and we just don't need any loose cannons thanks. Far too much at stake.

Happy Ken's back and just hope he stays on message regarding Europe. Trust me Ken you're still spectacularly wrong on this fundamental issue.

So only other change is IDS to the DWP.

John Redwood "frightens floating voters". Not on my planet, he doesn't.

When I lived in Wokingham, possibly the safest Conservative seat in the country, JR still canvassed and is the only MP who has given time and effort to that task in my 50 odd years of supporting the party.

If Cameron wasn't so frightened of real talent both David Davies and John Redwood would be in the Shadow Cabinet.

Redwood should be brought back and Mark Harper needs to be brought on. I would like to see Harper on TV, although I do realise that he is still fairly new to the House. He (Harper) is exactly the sort of young Charismatic MP who can help swing working class voters into the fold.

Theresa May should have been on the back benches since the day after her "nasty party" speech which did us great harm. She does not give the slightest indication of competence.

Promoting Justine Greening would be a brilliant move but may be slightly too soon.

We need John Redwood's brain and David Davis's tenacity and fighting spirit. We do not need Mr Osborne who has been hopeless: he is one of the view politicians who has negative charisma. He cannot fit into his high-profile role and while Mr Cameron would probably wish him to stay on the front bench out of loyalty, to have him in and Messrs Redwood and Davis out is only giving aid and comfort to McBroon.

John Redwood might scare the voters?

Wake up people of Britain!

The unelected, walking economic disaster that is Mr Gordon Brown is running, sorry that should be ruining your country.

Now THAT is absolutely terrifying!

I am not playing games, I am respecting the personal lives of certain people named above, and asking that automatic assumptions should not be made about Cameron/Osborne being 'frightened' of promoting them when you do not know the circumstances.

Allow me to hypothesise (and this is complete fiction):

suppose an MP had a close relative who had a terminal illness, and had only been given a year or so to live.

Do you imagine that s/he would wish to publicise that?

I think Cameron got this reshuffle absolutely right. After DD's decision to walk and the indifference that demonstrated to the Party I think its right he was left out. He departed from the front bench voluntarily so his absence in not camerons fault but his own. that redwood is very bright and policy oreinted is well known but he and clarke in the same shadow cabinet would be divisive and i think clarke is infinitely more appealing to floating voters. clarke back, davis and redwood still outside - ideal.

John Redwood and David Davis
Just bring them back

James Hopkins at 10:04
>>Therefore, if Davis were to come back, Fox would probably be jettisoned to make way for him. Who would you rather have, Davis or Fox?<<

Davis, by a very long shot.

I agree with everybody else, John Redwood and David Davis. I'll throw in Douglas Carswell too, for good measure.

Of course we wont see any of them. I suspect that's the last reshuffle for a long time.

If the Conservative Party were run as a business with Cameron as CEO, David Davis would be Chief Operating Officer and Redwood would be Director of Strategic Development.

The biggest gaping hole of all is the Chairman of the Party / Director of Communications / Election Coordinator: call him what you will, but if we're fielding Pickles against Mandelson and Campbell, the game's up.

As I've said repeatedly in these columns, we need an Andrew Neil to head up this position. Pickles should have tea and cakes with what's left of the blue rinse brigade while a journalist's journalist has lunch at the Ivy.

I would also like to see the return of John Redwood and David Davis.

Doesn`t surprise me that most on this thread are calling for right-wingers to be brought back into the cabinet.
The Conservative Party haven`t changed. All that as been down by Cameron is a slick makeover. He as just done the eqvailient of giving rotten word work a new coat of paint.

David Davis walked, we don't want inconsistent people at a time like this and he is hopeless at putting himself over through the media. As invited I have read Redwood's latest view; totally unsaleable. Apart from the fact he is a laughing stock to the public, putting someone with his views on the front bench would provide Labour with hours of fun.

Jack Stone has a point, the number of people calling for the Redwood and Davis demonstrates that too large proportion of the party has still not connected to the world.

Redwood for Chancellor. Davis for rubbish disposal. Cash minister for Disengagement from Europe. IDS for welfare. Hague for an early bath. Osborne for outplacement as work experience.

Then again, who would I really like to see in the Shadow Cabinet? Brown, Not Now Darling, Mandy, Harpy, the Millipedes, Jacqboot Smith etc.

We only have eighteen months to wait (those who don't lose their seats, of course)

As expected Clarke is immediately proving to be a disaster for the Party, just as he was last time. Not only is he in the wrong party but adds to the sense of directionless waffle that is the Party's current hallmark.
The country needs clear thinkers like John Redwood and champions of liberty like David Davis, not this reshuffle of school chums.

John Redwood for Shadow chancellor? While you're at it, why don't we just bring back Anne Widdecombe as Leader of Party with Lord Tebbit as Shadow Minister for Women? Get a grip... I wonder if some of us actually want to win the next election. Some of the suggestions above would make us look a total joke in the eyes of the British Public. I fully support the team we have in place, it's built to win and built to govern.

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