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Resfuffle 'fever' is the ultimate in self obsessed Westminster Village nonsense.

Not one voter is remotely interested.

Often wondered why his wife, Julie Kirkbride MP, isn't involved in our frontbench. She was a big part of Hague's team when he was leader so it would be good to see her back. Unless because of her husbands role (and with a young family) she's staying out of the limelight?

The way things are, it would seem pretty inappropriate to spend time changing the portfolios. If a change happens it must be absolutely necessary, otherwise dont bother.

Yes but we are. Keep it coming!

And about time too! Let's get on with it... please!

It clearly is a snub to osborne. I don't see how anybody who is informed could argue otherwise. And whats more is being briefed as such by cameron's team.

Given everything that has happened Osborne is probably happy to take the hit and keep his role as shadow chancellor.

Cameron has taken responsibilities away from Osborne and given them to Hague. Clearly it was all too much for him. Perhaps it's not a snub, but it's certainly not an endorsement.

Andrew Mackay was a disaster as Shadow Northern Ireland Minister. Went skiing on the day of The Good Friday Agreement if I remember correctly.
If he is as powerful as has been reported god help us!!!

I was told by a senior official in CCHQ and two MPs that Andrew Mackay purged the Candidates List after David Cameron's election as Leader in December 2005. My sources also said that Mackay was also a key figure in deciding who was put on the Priority List.

The "victims" tend to blame Francis Maude, Bernard Jenkin or Shireen Ritchie. However, if my sources are correct as they usually are, the real villain is probably Mackay. The fact that unelected advisers have so much power is an affront to democracy and an insult to hard-working candidates and party members.

Purged candidates were told that they had no right of appeal. Several capable former PPCs, who had excellent results, have defected to UKIP after being told by Shireen Ritchie that their Tory careers were over. They will stand against Conservatives in target seats at the next election and could prevent David Cameron having an overall majority at the next election.

"Loyalists" here will complain bitterly and will say that the complaints are just sour grapes. The reality is that the Conservative Party must learn that loyalty works in both directions. If Cameron's advisers and officials end able candidates' careers, they will pay the inevitable price at the next European and general elections.

Wake and smell the coffee. It has a very sour taste but is less painful than being stabbed in the back by factional Cameroons or Thatcherite careerists wielding the knives to further their own interests.

Wake me up when it's over ........ Yaaawwwn!

As far as I'm concerned I've always seen Hague as the deputy leader since day one. Osbourne is the "policy wonk". It's not even a snub, it's a load of nonsense made up by the media.

As for "out-of-control"? No one in the public cares.

We have known for ages that Andrew Mackay is a very powerful presence within the Parliamentary Party. He was an excellent Whip in our last administration, and in my opinion should be Chief Whip in our next one. He is a TRIBAL CONSERVATIVE- we have too few of them.

More power to him.

This is taking far too long. I doubt people are that interested but I hope DC gets it over with soon.

I too can't wait with all this excitement building. Who's going to be in, who out??

How powerful is Mr MacKay?

Excellent questions :)

p.s. Yes, why don't we all shut up about Gaza being turned into Somalia. What a boring topic dead people can be when they are being killed by 'Israel'.

Go Osborne! Go Zionroons!


Obviously, the ongoing speculation about this reshuffle is damaging. Many ordinary voters will simply be tired of this. And, who can blame them?

Like many others, I believe strongly that both David Davis and John Redwood should return to the Shadow Cabinet, at some stage.

The recession suggests the need for some older, wiser people to brought back in - at least for an initial period.

If David Cameron grasps the nettle and is bold in doing what is in the long-term interests of the country i.e. does a Thatcher, he could be in for at least two terms and can bring in new young talent.

Basically, he needs quite a lot more gravitas than he has presently at his disposal.

I am sure D.C will announce a fresh, invigorating team able to salvage what is left after Labour's disasterous performance. They will work as a cohesive team to lead and rebuild. Their collective business acumen is what is needed to help sustain thousands of businessess weather this crisis and thus secure jobs.

The country needs belief in the future. This new team will bring confidence back in the hope of winning the next election and returning sanity to our country.

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