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Now - though this is only a personal view - I think that's a better exposition of conservatism than those 20 points we had last week. The "Conservatism as a disposition and way of doing things, not a dogma" attitude which was explained very well in Inside Right by Ian Gilmour.

If this guy one day becomes Prime Minister, it will be a sad indictment of Britain's political state. He's funny but an utter muppet.

"On London hosting the 2012 Olympics, spoken while in Beijing this summer: "I say to the world: Ping Pong is coming home!""

No he didn't say that - he said "Wiff Waff..."!

Apart from that a good interview on the Wall Street Journal's part!

I loved Boris's New Year message even though I was watching it from my sick bed (with a dreadful cold!)

But the point is that if Conservatism is a belief in the old way of doing things, then much of the party is certainly no longer conservative

The core of the Conservative party totally believe what Boris says I am sure. Luckily the leadership don`t.
The past may have brought some triumphs but I am afraid the past also brought greater inequality, more poverty and discrimination against anyone who was not white or a member of the Church of England and poor housing for most except the rich.
We need to leave the past where it belongs and plan for a future of more equality and social justice for all and not just the few.

Oh Jack Stone
What is legacy of Tone?
Widening child poverty gulfs
Promises blowing like breath of woolfs
In a now cash empty zone

snegchui - you are a Poet and don't know it!

"poor housing for most", says Jack Stone. That's nonsense of course. Most UK families have their own home, the vast majority of which are far from poor. And how do you define "rich", Mr. Stone? Usually, the answer to that one, simply depends who you ask.

The idea that conservatism is somehow not an ideology but a disposition is fiction in my humble opinion!


Pleased to see the level of political debate soaring to new analytical heights.

Conservatism is in my view is doing what is right, even when that is not the easiest way.
These are not old Value’s but they are enduring values. The right thing is as modern as it is ancient. Some see in Conservatism the moral hand of Christianity, but that is to define what is right as a gift from above. In reality doing what is right is, is also what is most natural to a moral human being. Of course at times there are temptations that come up but giving way is always a mistake. Overspending is one of these unwritten rules of life. So it is clear that if it’s a mistake to borrow for the individual, it is just as bad for the state. Of course we must live in the real world and getting our society back on a secure footing is not going to be an overnight achievement. The general trend of our policy must be one of reducing overspend immediately, and aiming to reduce spending in the medium term. The shock of living within our means without robbing the future will be enough to start with, and we must not induce a crisis. This “recession” is absolutely necessary, but that will not stop it hurting some people a great deal. Those poor souls who have or who are about to loose their jobs need a fast response from government.

As a further example support for Israel is right, although it may well be a difficult bumpy ride right now we must support them in eradicating those who terrify populations.

Conservatism is about doing things with reverence for the lessons of the past.It is a pragmatic and flexible creed which will adapt to the challenges of the times.This does not mean that we do not have core beliefs which instruct us.In my humble oppinion Conservatives favour the following.

Self Reliance
Free Markets
Rights to Property
Strong Defence of the Nation State
Effective Maintennace of the rule of Law
The Family
One Nation vision -built upon charitable works.

Typically unfocused, couldn't care less comment from BJ,

Agree totally Katherine.

I was quite appalled to see some moron on BBC's "Most Annoying People of 2008" describe Boris' ping pong remarks as "racist". As though taking pride in the British origins of something is a racist thing to do.

Now as for him being ranked 17, I can fully understand why many (particularly on the left) get frustrated with him. But I love him dearly. He is one of those rare politicians intent on making politics a cheerful matter which people should not be afraid to get involved in. And I have to say my confidence in that list was also undermined by the number 1 choice being someone I'd never heard of.

"The core of the Conservative party totally believe what Boris says I am sure. Luckily the leadership don`t.
The past may have brought some triumphs but I am afraid the past also brought greater inequality, more poverty and discrimination against anyone who was not white or a member of the Church of England and poor housing for most except the rich.
We need to leave the past where it belongs and plan for a future of more equality and social justice for all and not just the few."

Every part of the quoted statement is false - but then Draper-Stone made them.

Jack you really would be better off with another party. I know we should be grateful for every vote but I can't think of a single thing you and a 'normal' Conservative have in common. You'd have a much better time I think posting your half witted sloganising posts on a Labour or Lib Dem supporting blog. They might not all react with the level of contempt most people do on here.They might not, but I think they will.

I like Winston C's list of Conservative values, the most. But I would also include the following:-

* Freedom from excessive state intervention
* Freedom for our country and all of it's citizens.
* Reducing the level of surveillance in our society.
* A firm but fair stance as regards immigration.
* Leaving the EU.
* A no nonsense approach to crime prevention and punishment.

I admit that these are not all strictly "values". However, such suggestions do comply with Conservative-thinking, perhaps?

BJ - "Oh boy, you know what conservatism is. Do I have to describe it? A belief in the old ways of doing things and all that sort of jazz."

Oh dear, you should know what conservatism is. Do I have to describe a simple philosophy which is anti-ideological, pro-liberty, pro-justice and rule of law, pro-freedom, pro-security, pro-commonsense and pro-democratic ? A belief in understanding a need to secure those things whilst making progressive advances economically which allows the whole nation to share and enjoy them, is surely what conservatism is all about.

But I knew what he meant.

'The Tories are no longer Mrs. Thatcher's party. After three consecutive drubbings in national elections, Mr. Cameron, a former ad man, has revived the party's fortunes, freshening up its image without resolving what these new Tories truly stand for.'

A neat summation from the Wall Street Journal. Is David's new year resolution to do some resolving?

Meanwhile, some classic Boris (on the possibility of a June election):

"Bring it on!" says Mr. Johnson, lighting up. "My message to Gordon Brown through the Wall Street Journal is: You great big quivering gelatinous invertebrate jelly of indecision, you marched your troops up to the top of the hill in October of [2007]. Show us that you've got enough guts to have an election June 4. Gordon: Man or Mouse?!"

I wouldn't agree with you Pulvertaft that the Conservative Party is no longer the Party of Mrs Thatcher. I joined the Party in order to get her elected as Prime Minister all those years ago and I am still as Conservative now as I was then. Many of my fellow Thatcherites are now MPs, MEPs and Shadow Cabbies. It is simply that the Party has evolved - and a Party has to evolve or it will fossilize!

As for Boris, I can only echo what he says - but as ever, he puts it better than I ever could! Bravo Sir!

Conservatism is preserving those things and our way of life that we instinctively know reflect our values; they are brought to the foremost when we are considering instituting material changes involved in "modernising".

Conservatism as I know it ceased when Margaret Thatcher was knifed in the back. She was the best PM since Winston Churchill and there has been no Tory leader anywhere near her since - and I include the present holder of that office. Whatever the present lot think about themselves, Conservatives they are not.

True Conservatism assumes adults are adults. And leaves them to get on with their lives.
True Conservatism assumes children are children. And helps them to become adults.
Labour assumes everybody is a child. And keeps them that way.

Michael [email protected], January 03,

I agree that Boris is not PM material; rather he is a jester and there is a place for clowns in our political system but not at its head.

As for candidates for a future Prime Minister, I have put you on my list, Michael, along with Laura Moralee and Harry Aldridge but not for quite a few years yet.

Hello David_at_Home! I think if you regard Boris as a "jester" you underestimate him!
I have also read your comments on another thread regarding the Israel situation but am not responding to them as I think they are unworthy of you.
Happy New Year!

Surely conservatism is nothing more or less than an absolute belief in equality of opportunity. That each man, or woman, can by their own grit, whit and spirit achieve anything and that the forced intervention of others is erksome.


Happy New Year to you too, Sally!

To our shame, we offered London a clown as our candidate. Sadly, that now helps to "define" what our party stands for. Not good enough.

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