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And rural bus services are suffering as the subsidies are withdrawn as pressure comes on the council tax

And add in

o Significant increase in fly-tipping because councils have hiked the charges for disposal of trade waste.

o Councils cutting back on road maintenance/verge-cutting/drain-clearance.

o Continued increases in regulation and compliance-costs for farmers and rural businesses.

o Increasing road-tax on the sorts of vehicles many rural businesses need.

o Badgers.

We have lost post offices everywhere, not just in rural areas, and what caused that? Countless EU directives, which allowed continental firms to cream off the profitable business in the name of competition, with promises of a better and cheaper service!

Sadly the Conservatives did not oppose this - must not upset our European "partners". Not much use Nick Herbert complaining about this now.

And to think, we used to have the best postal service in the world.

Did he wave to Wiltshire on his way down the A303? We're the ones with that ye olde stone lego set built next to a public convenience and return solid Tory majorities (assume makes an ass of U and ME).

A visit to the village of Imber might enlighten as to where we are currently headed.

The Countryside Alliance bloodsports organisation has taken over the Tory party.

It always struck me as odd as a boy living on the Wilts/Oxon border, that we always returned a Tory MP and the Labour party always came in a very weak third. Of course there was poverty but the poor local knew that Labour would only make it worse which of course they always had and one assumed always would. So the shires are at least not disappointed by the slick wide boys when they finally got a sniff of power again.
Exactly what has Westminster delivered to Wiltshire ? Our schools have been deprived of funds for decades. Our Biggest town appears to be Muslim these days, if you dare to venture away from its shopping centre.
Do you think the average man going about his business feels well represented of course they can always watch the Welsh debate or the Scottish wag their tongues or even the Northern Irish playing democracy. However there is no representation for Wiltshire outside of Westminster.Labour has delived nothing but more of the same recession to rural Wiltshire.

"The Countryside Alliance bloodsports organisation has taken over the Tory party."

So Chris what is your point? Do you believe that PC mentality should come before culture and tradition. Having rested the Fox for so long the dogs will have no trouble chasing them down.

It sounds as if we could have a ConHome Wiltshire branch!

I would have said: 'Rural England (& CORNWALL) has lost over a fifth of its entire post office network since the new millennium: nearly 1,400 rural branches have closed'

The comment by Chris @ 17:58 is recycled rubbish.

"culture and tradition"

Yes the modern cuddly green Tory party...what's next? Bear baiting and badger baiting re-legalised?

How about public executions?

Knowing the Tory party (the real one not the PR invented 'new' one) any of the above would be right up their street.

Same old Tories, same old backward, outdated gory Tories.

"The Bishops wife"

What a truly nasty individual you are.
And you expect people to think the Tory party has changed when your debased sadism is on display. You are showing your true colours.

Yup, our Post Offices have closed, the non-motorway roads have sharp pot-holes in them, b..... your tyres. But I suppose Chris you would say that is our fault (somehow). Likewise the fact that we are going to have to take all London's rubbish in the near future.

I wonder what riles you most - the fact that the countryside is still there, or that it is not completely covered in houses - yet.

'Chris' might possibly read Chris Gale, Chairman of Chippenham Labour Party and also spokesman for Western Animal Rights Network

Not forgetting that people (and businesses) in rural areas have to suffer what can best be described as a pathetic broadband service. A Universal Service Obligation on BT and Virgin Media to provide at least 2MB, which is hardly fast these days, would be a winner.


As I live smack on the doorstep of the countryside and spend a great deal of time there, you are way off mark.
Why do you lot think everyone in the Countryside supports the thugs of the Countryside Alliance?

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