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I say that bringing Ken Clarke back to the front bench is a risk for the Tories.

However that may be, the economic foundations of the country are falling about Labours ears this morning.

It will be interesting to know what other changes Cameron will reveal today. I have had a private bet that Justine Greening will be promoted to front bench rank.

I think keeping Ken out was a bad move. Regardless of his rather odd views (for a Tory) on Europe. There is absolutely no doubt that he is a Conservative and a very big hitter indeed. He is also respected by many soft-Labour types, and will bring in many votes at the next General election. We have settled our position on Europe but short of a lobotomy we cannot force our views on Ken. Just as you would never convince me that Cannabis should be a class B drug or that prohibition is a good policy. Some views have to be put on the back burner in the interest of party unity. So although I do not agree with the party line and I still write for anti-prohibition sites. I would not pretend that my views were that of the party. The same applies to Ken he can believe what he likes but party unity comes first, and winning the General Election is our most important collective goal.

"1057: Confirmation reaches us that Peter Ainsworth has been sacked."

Getting better and better!

Bishop Swine, agree party does come first as I have repeatedly said so we agree on that score.

What are your views on skunk?

Great that Caroline Spelman is to be retained in the shad cab as a person of high integrity and brainpower.

Good on Ainsworth, let's see DD back in old job and great for Pickles!

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