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Economy, economy, economy. That's what's given us our poll boost and that's what everybody's thinking about.

It would be vey intersting to watch....

Cameron 4 PM !

There goes Brown again - "investment" when he actually means expenditure.

He's got him!

DC "Brown gave us the biggest budget deficit in the world"

And Brown denies it!

I thought we were supposed to be trying to get rid of punch & judy? I'm not sure the public are going to like the tone of DC'S first two questions. PMQ's is theatre and not many people watch it, but can't in these dreadful times we take a more serious approach to it than trying to get Brown to admit the country is bust?

Brown appears to be going mental, Cameron is winding him up a treat.

I am surprised that Cameron kept banging away on boom and bust for the first three questions when he had the devastating points to make on Brown's 'New Order' gaff!

Silly Graham he should know better about parliamentary protocol...

Still answers needed in the legislation for loot scandal

No thanks to Ken "loose lips" Clarke.

Brown shot himself in the foot but how many will notice. He stated that he was’t targeting the pound and then almost in the very next breath gloated about the rise in value of our national euro holdings. Brown did look very flustered and frankly on his last legs (lets hope so). “Crass, and Stupid” well said DC. “Student politics” well it’s a long time since Brown had any student like Ideals.

It's hard to have a debate with someone who makes up his facts, but Cameron did a pretty good job of showing up Brown's failing grip on reality.

I suspect that the country doesn't care that much whether the problems started in America or whether they are global. We are hurting and will want to take it out on the government.

Note for Brown:
If I spent $1 on gold on 1/1/2002, it would be worth almost $3 now.

If I spent $1 on Euros on 1/1/2002 it would only be worth $1.46. ($1 gave 1.1 euros, 1.1 euros now worth $1.46).

So Brown made a farking massively wrong decision.

Why don't the Tories prepare these kind of numbers in advance?

For the next PMQs Cameron should come in wearing a white coat. Seriously, Brown almost lost it today, do we really want this hateful nutter running the country?

I thought GB was going to burst into tears at any moment. He certainly seemed v un-nerved this week. But then,so he should.
He's lost the plot.

Browns real problem now is that having said he is the saviour, everyone is renouncing their responsibility to do anything and expecting Brown to do it...

The latest example being that every problem the car industry has from now on will be placed at browns door.

By the end of this he is going to be burried so deep that .

It is a disaster for the country, because instead of having a nation pulling together we have a nation justwaiting to see what Gordon might pull out of the hat... And some of us already know that even the hat is empty.

PMQ's is a pointless pantomime to me. Brown never answers a question and gets the last word.

It is relevant only to the Westminster Village and political anoraks (it could be argued that I am amongst their number!)

However, the points today were fair enough:

1. If he abolished Boom & Bust, what in the name of all that is holy is this?

2. If the UK economy is robust as per his repeated claims in recent years, why is Sterling so weak against the Euro and the Dollar?

Cameron had his number today, much more so than last week. Gordon Brown gets a look on his face when he is beginning to struggle under the strain. His voice changes. His manner changes. It happened a few months ago before his first 'bounce', and it seemed to be making a reappearance today. Unless he gets another 'gift', it will now get worse each week.

"We are hurting and will want to take it out on the government."

No No No. One Hundred times No, we want this government out, its essential for our National Survival in the mid term, is going to depend on us taking the right moves now. This will start out a retracting economy and will end in the fall of America from world dominance. All those missing American Tax dollars (the real reason we are broke btw) have been farmed out. So we are expected to bail America well OK but we have a high price and its only a result of American debt that we are in this mess, but it is also our possibility of a vast profit my friends. Labour are too stupid to benefit from our powers of administration. Too stayed and tired, we absolutly need new guys in charge.
So no we are not after making this governement look bad we are replacing this government day by day and year by year. We will deconstruct Labour's PC pollution and we will show the public a far better way.

Whoops grammatically scruffy work above^^

More warnings from the IMF that the UK will suffer the deepest recession.

Obviously Brown will completely dismiss the IMF and their warnings of a Gord-Plated Global Recession in the UK until such time as he needs to go grovelling to them with his begging bowl.

I saw the PM Questions too. Clearly Brown is delusional and have lost touch with reality.

I believe it is much better for Brown to lose the election and then get much needed

I believe he needs it....

Brown in total denial and seems to revel in it. The man's lost 'it' big time. The game ought to be up soon.

Brown used to love quoting the IMF,how things change.

Is it me,or does Brown look like the living dead again,the man looks terrible,i would like to say i feel sorry for him,but i don't.

The best DC question was,quoting Brown on people losing their jobs and homes due to NWO,while Labour Peers have their snouts in the trough,the poor are being told by a Labour PM TOUGH!.

look at the faces on the Labour benches,they know they are finished.


"The Prime Minister's twin mantras about how the Tories would "do nothing" and it being a "world recession" are getting a little tedious week after week".

So, too, is Cameron's repeated attempts to get Brown to admit to boom and bust. He just won't admit it; Cameron would be better off trying to get Brown to admit that the housing market had been through boom and bust; it is far easier to show that this arose from a failure in regulation and the easy availablility of credit.

Time to move onto different subjects; DC can continue to accuse Brown of "B & B" as an accepted fact but he should now probe Brown on why the tripartite regulatory system that GB set up failed so dismally and ask whether an inquiry into the FSA's failure is to be set up.

David Cameron could also compare the loan guarantee schemes of GO and Brown to make the point that we are not a "do nothing party", because Brown brings that into most replies.

The "do nothing party" line has started to tire. Brown must find a better line. As Cameron rightly said, Labour is acting by putting into action Tory plans. Brown looked very rocked and was relying on his older lines, which seem now to be very faded indeed. Perhaps this is because I follow politics, but it just seemed a dull response. Looked like a Cameron win today.

I’d like to see Cameron ask him if he still thinks his saved the world!

I’d like to see Cameron making it clear to unelected Brown that, as he can’t keep his hands off of other people’s ideas & the Tories aren’t about to save the Labour party, Cameron is going to keep his ideas on how to fix the economy a secret until an election is called., until then he will tell Brown NOTHING, but, will throw him some tip bits to keep our ship afloat in the meantime!

I’d to see Cameron ask him if he believes the public have confidence in him!

I’d like to see Cameron ask him if he thinks the financial markets believe or have confidence he can rescue Britain!

I’d like to see Cameron ask Brown how popular he thinks he is!

I’d like to see Cameron ask Brown if he thinks he’s doing a good job.

I’d LOVE to see Cameron playing the personality card because Brown really has a bum hand!

I could go on! ;o)

T.I would love to see that to,although brown would answer every one of those quesions with,THE TORIES ARE THE DO NOTHING PARTY,the man has lost the plot,its like listening to a stuck record.

Has anybody else noticed the change in the BBC,i think they have finally woke up to the political reality,i also think they know a lot of Tories can't stand the BEEB,freezing salaries,being politically neutral,for a change,a welcome change.

"Do nothing" might tire here. Has it tired elsewhere? That is what we need to find out.

As part of their PMQ's show, Rory Bremner on 'the daily politics' was interesting.

His 'big idea' was to allow people to pay tax early in return for a discount...

He didn't know about one of Browns earlier wheezes to milk the wealth generating private sector...

As a small company (or as a sole trader), we are already required to pay our tax a year in advance ! - We have to guess how much we will earn, and pay the tax on that amount (don't know where the cash for that is supposed to come from...), if we under-estimate then the government charge us signficant interest on the shortfall, if we over-estimate we get the excess back with a minimal addition of intrest...

On the face of it, unwinding this payment of tax-in-advance (which I hope a tory government would do) will cost the government a years tax-income... But I hope it will be done none the less...

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