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Ha Ha.... lets watch you nutters tear yourselves to bits over Europe again.... Loss number 4 on the way...

Only to add to the comments of many of your other posters. Excellent to see KC back he will be a powerhouse and a big PLUS to the Party. I just don't agree with his attitude to anything over the EU. I hope he reads these posts and takes on board most peoples' feelings about him.

Based on latest polling UKIP will win no seats at the elections in June.I wonder how they will change following this appointment?

I suspect it will get worse for them as Tory support strengthens and Labour support weakens. They system works in our favour if we get over 40% with weak 2nd and 3rd parties. The "others" including UKIP, need to make 10% to get any seats in this scenario - which I doubt the party of Robert Kilroy-Silk and the snouts in the trough anti-EU MEPs can ever achieve.

If Kalms still has his money in shares in DSG then he wont be giving any money to anyone!

DSG shares down 87% over 5 years.

Brilliant! I can't believe some of the Moaning Minnies above.

Ken Clarke held ministerial office from 1979-97. Every single day of Margaret Thatcher's and John Major's governments. If that is a sign of a rebel or someone who will divide the party, then I'm a banana.

After 12 years of Opposition, it is incredible to find Tories daft enough to oppose a Conservative of real ability on grounds of ideology. Do they think that Labour will serve them better? That's the only alternative.

A Business spokesman with experience of business. Quite a novel idea as far as this Government is concerned. Ken will make mincemeat of Mandy and is hugely popular with the general public. I for one am very pleased.

Delighted Cameron has brought back Ken Clarke and ignored the eurosceptic obsessives. Tebbit and Kalms are the kiss of death

Love him or hate him, Ken Clarke has EXPERIENCE OF OFFICE (he has held many of them in his time) which with a few exceptions many of the current Shadow Cabinet lack. He was an MP before George Osborne was even born. He is known to the man and woman in the street which again is more than can be said for some Tory Front Benchers outside of these pages and the Party Faithful.

Yes, I too am uneasy about his Europhilia but I feel that what he can bring to the Front Bench outweighs that part of his persona.

Cameron has shown that he has mettle after all and although I am no Cameronian I salute him for this.

As to Stanley Kalms, he can do what he wishes with his money, it does not and should not buy him the Tory Party.

I can't take KC seriously. Blame those bu****s at 'private eye'. In their 'lookalikes' section some wit put a long wig on KC. You get Clarissa Dickson Wright. It is frightening.


Prepare for the Euro in a second term Tory administration led by ?????

What an amazing thread! It shows Conservative Home at it's best and (worst)with some very perceptive comments and some that are completely and utterly barking.It's interesting to see that the mad comments invariably come from people posting under a nom de plume which makes me wonder how serious they are in the first place.If they are serious then I pity them.
As I said at the beginning I have an open mind on this hope for the best but fear the worst. It's a big gamble from Cameron but whoever won by playing safe?

Short term tactical gain long term stategic error - whatch as the Tory European bomb exploded - pity we were doing so well.

Where has Ken been for teh last 10 years - lazy *** just coming back for the winning leg?

Don't forget who got us out of the last Labour-created economic mess! I am willing to believe Mr Clarke's promise to stay away from the lost causes of the past and welcome his experience and gravitas back where it belongs, on the front bench.

He may not face !the Dark Lord" across the same despatch box, but hopefully he will be making comment where it can be seen by the general public, on the television, whenever Brown's rump of a Parliament bangs yet another nail into the coffin of the Nation's economy (not to mention our morale).

Ken Clarke interviewed by Jonathan Dimbleby on ITV in October 1999 said “I support William Hague completely, I always have”. Does he still support Mr Hague in his recent statement that a Conservative Government will never join the euro?
Harry M Randall

Groan's "There goes party unity" Oh please grow up. Ken like many of us except that the sceptics want to disable G.B. in Europe (so be it !) We (and we are legion) have played ball up to now, and in the intrest of party unity we will continue to follow the will of the party, this is called Team work. The idea that somehow Ken being back is going to open up the divisions is nonsence, Its a reward to those of us we are in favour of the EEC, when it suits our National intrest.
This is the best news we have had for many years please don't soar it.

"Ken Clarke interviewed by Jonathan Dimbleby on ITV in October 1999 said “I support William Hague completely, I always have”. Does he still support Mr Hague in his recent statement that a Conservative Government will never join the euro? "

Never is far to strong a word, unlike Ken (prehaps) I don't want the Euro and want a return the L.S.D. that dosn't mean I am scared to debate it.

"Tebbit and Kalms are the kiss of death"

I agree, Tebbit should stay out of sight, as he is an example of all that was wrong with the Maggot's term in office.

"Where has Ken been for teh last 10 years - lazy *** just coming back for the winning leg?"

Undemocratically sidelined by the sceptics.

Try silenced for talking sense. D.C has finally seen the light, thanks in no small part to the debate on this site. So please stop whining. I do agree that this is the final leg.
Now everything (well almost everything) is in place for a landslide. Do not underestimate Ken’s support inside the Nation.

Oh dear ..............

Will the last member to leave please close the door!

What a shameful decision. One of the most down-to-earth politicians of our time exchanged for that blithering idiotic europhile.

Every time I have been in financial trouble I had to WORK my way out of it. If had followed the example of Brown/Darling and attempted to SPEND my way to fiscal equilibrium I would have lost everything. Expenses I couln't afford and costs I had no way of covering before my creditors caught up with me. A preposterous solution.

I haven't heard that much fiscal sanity from the Cameron/Osborne team thus far. So I hope Ken Clarke will be able to preach some sanity now that he's back. Hopefully it will eventually be listened to, sink in and we will get a change of government that can actually deal with the problem.

Were I a banker, I would be in shock at the stupidity and naivity of Brown and Darling who just want to chuck billions at me. Perhaps it's about time I bought a new top-of-the-range Jag...

Nice to see the passing Lefties and Ukippers out this wet Monday morning.

I would like to see us pull out of Europe but I won't be voting UKIP in the Euro elections, I will be on the streets getting our vote out. We need loyalty in these dark economic times and we need to get rid of Labour - in Euroland as well as the UK.

I welcome KC's return as someone who can explain very coherently our economic and business policies. George O was v. good on Today this am but we do not hear enough of him in the broadcast media. John Humphreys was correct this morning when he said that our economic policies were not understood by the public. He's right. The BBC's default position is 'think Cable'. That should now change to 'think Clarke' - come on Coulson, do your stuff. The public need to know what we stand for as the 13% lead could easily reverse.

It is enough that DC has said KC will not be speaking on the euro and agrees with us on Lisbon. Let us trust him.

Whilst DC's at a re-shuffle, let's see Redwood back with a wider role.

Well the trouble has already started. In one Northern target seat they have already had a number of volunteer workers advise their central distributers that they will no longer hit the streets as a result of Clarke's recall. Whilst most of them are Euro sceptics not all of them are but they do recall the divisive nature of Clarke's activities previously and don't want anything to do with the Party now he is back.
In addition to the fractures that his recall will open up to it is a gift to the Labour party. Under Dangerous Dave's leadership the party is reduced to reappointing one of yesterdays leading rejects - it says a lot for the current lack of direction and the poor quality of the new crop resulting from Dave's ridiculous "inclusive" selection criteria. It is far better to select the best candidate rather than one whop is only there to tick the box. Well get ready for 5 more years of Brown living.

Since Cameron has decided then it's least said the better. However neither he nor Kenneth Clarke should underestimate public negativity over Europe. If he sticks to his brief and doesn't provoke argument with his ideas which many find treasonous then fine. Otherwise we'll fall into the hands of Dark Lord Machiavelli...er I mean Mandelson and the people of this country will not be served.

Let the round begin and I'm in Ken's corner but he MUST listen to the trainer, come out clean, no punching his own team and no grappling on the ropes with George Osborne either. When the fight is over the adjudicators will decide on points and whether they keep Bruiser Ken or pick someone who'll actually represent their views as opposed to his own.

Totally bonkers - he won't be able to shut up about the EU! John Redwood is the man with the best understanding of the financial crisis - appoint him to the front bench instead.

If the return of Ken is going to reopen the euro debate then so be it. The sceptics have acted like neo-nazi'z for far to long. Repressing all sensible debate within this party. So a few hot heads are now going to jump ship as a result of the return of one of our best men. They can go join UKIP as far as I'm concerned. For every loser who go's there will be ten that will now rejoin the party. Frankly DC has pulled a master stroke and has effectivly overturned the anti-democratic tendancies that have ruled this party for to long. If you want to go, go now.

It's a nice to see that at least in this party that we allow people with actual convictions into our frontbench.

It's a shame I can't say the same for her majestys government

John Redwood is a brilliant man but frankly he has no sex appeal. John is wasted at the moment but we should keep him out of sight were he can do the most good.

Sorry, I forgot to wish him ( and us ) luck.

Now, all we need is David Davis back and we're on to a winner!

To those who say where is the evidence the public like him I can only say you need to get out more. I have spent perhaps too much of my life canvassing in all manner of places but I can tell you with as much certainty as its possible to have that he is liked. End of. And by the way I'm anti-EU !

This is excellent news. At last a real politician in the Shadow Cabinet, among all the nonenties, who knows both how to oppose and to govern. Now Redwood, Rifkind, Davis etc;, should be brought back and some of the present members sent of to mature a little and learn their trade. Then we'd win hands down. Both in business and politics there is absolutely no substitute for real experience - Clarke has a lot in both.

Now let me get this straight, Euro fundamentalist Ken Clarke is accredited with getting Britain out of the recession of the early nineties. That recession was created because, at the insistence of the Europhiles in the Conservative Party, including Ken Clarke, we joined the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and had the wrong interest rates set for our economy.

Ken Clarke, like the man he is allegedly going to oppose, Lord Mandelson, wants Britain to join the euro and have the wrong interest rates once again.

Brilliant idea to bring him back Dave, the Conservative Party should be in a state of full collapse by the date of the European elections. As someone who quit supporting the Conservative Party because of Ken Clarke, I am delighted that you have given the party I now belong to, UKIP, such a boost. Nice one, many thanks.

As a Euro-sceptic I am not concerned about Ken's return to the Front-bench. Ken has agreed that the Party's position on the Euro and constitution is setlled and we are currently - as are the public - fully focused on the economy. Ken hits above his considerable weight and so his return to maul Labour, and Mandelson in particular, should be welcomed by all wings of the party. If he gets out of hand we can always put him back in his cage.

Yes a strong MP like Clarke can only further the aim of winning.We need someone to keep 3 times Mandy in place and stop his spin etc.However Clarke did side with the Blair /Brown team so how strong is the control over his personal ideas.We have to many old alledgedley experience ex cabinet MP's and LordTebbitt who have to speak up and rock the ship when we need a TEAM GAME AND PLAN to beat the Brown bunch.

As for the strong rumour about the demise of Carol Spelman.This I feel is a sad side to the Tory team.Carol is a good person to be in the team.To think of all the big talk about MP's expenses etc she is the only one to be dropped from the whole bunch of suspects on both sides on the House.Leaves a bad taste.

The bringing back of Ken Clarke to the 'front bench' will do for the Conservatives what the bringing back Lord Mandelson has done for Labour. The greatest recruitment ground that UKIP it could ever have wished for without spending a "PENNY".

I'm not part of the Tory party - but I'd rather vote Tory than Labour and I welcome Ken's return. The people who bemoan it remind me of the voices that (as much as new Labour) harried the Tories to defeat in 1997 and have kept it away from power ever since.

Europe? Ken's active pro-EU line under John Major was annoying - but less damaging than the active sabotage of the eurosceptics. For myself, as someone who used to be vaguely positive about the EU 15 years ago, I'm now pretty eurosceptic myself - but like most people pro/con issues on Europe are not going to play much of a part in my voting decisions at the next election - not least because the EU has changed and the word situation around it has changed - there are so many more important things!

I am extremely confident of our position on Europe. With Cameron at the helm it is as secure as it's ever been.

The Europhile MPs in the party could fit into a taxi with room to spare. The potential new intake won't swell their numbers. Ken and Cameron know this.

What matters now is saving the nation from destruction. Keep your sights focused on the real enemy. Ken's return is a clear sign to the nation that our leadership is more focused on fighting for the country than with each other.

I recently attended a meeting of local businesses and a shadow minister. He was asked by one person in negative/European terms if Ken was about to return. The audience were very cross and pointed out in hostile terms that they did not wish to digress - they had more immediate concerns and were only interested in ideas to help.

Clarke is the man who gave Brown a golden hello - something Brown has sort to belittle at every opportunity. Let Ken have his revenge.
He deserves it.
Brown deserves it.
The nation deserves it.

Let's set the record straight. Cameron needs this not necessarily to secure office - but to keep it.

Ken Clarke is a true Blue Tory,He is entitled to his views on policy. Loyalty to the party is always a must and he is surely clever enough to know that if there is to be a future conservative government again HE MUST TOE THE PARTY LINE. Well done David, we need a few more MP.s like Ken.

Wohoo! Ken's back! Some proper big beast material back where he belongs - on the front bench attacking the Government. If we hadn't spent the last 11 years trying to airbrush out Ken's economic achievements we'd have been better placed to show up Brown's economic mismanagement much earlier.

Glad to see Ken back, despite his love of the EU.
It's up to David to control him and it's up to him (Ken) to work for the good of the Party.

Don't expect the Royal Navy, or anybody else for that matter, to "splice the mainbrace," but differences about Europe apart, it is good to have somebody in the Cabinet, as well as William Hague, who has got some wool on his back, and also understands that the opposition is in front of him, the enemy is behind him! Now, perhaps we can get down to some real attacking of this government. God knows we've waited long enough for it, especially from those who have got most to say about everything else.

Good news for the country and for the party. Every political party must recognize that it is a loose coalition of fairly like-minded and often very opinionated activists. For a party to close and coalesce around just one set of policies and ideas is the death of sensible debate and general development. Ken has a lot of experience of office, decision taking and of hard choices. Even if he were to push his own points of view it would benefit rather than damage the party. He has been proved right so often with the value of hindsight. I have been decidedly lukewarm to the Tories for some time because I share most of his views. I am a Europhile and feel that being in the Eurozone would have been a great stabilzer over the past two years. I am amazed that so many Tories are so wedded to the Pound Sterling, having seen it depreciate against the US$, the DM, the Guilder, the Swiss Franc and now the Euro, all of my life (1943-).

People need to look at the BIG picture. Ok Ken has his views about Europe but then again I dont agree with everything that is Conservative policy. However on BALANCE involving all issues that involve our great country I am a Tory and proud to be one. Never in my lifetime has the need been greater to show unity and understanding to achieve 'our common goal' of getting rid of this Labour Government before it can wreck our country even more.

This country is flirting with the disaster that Turkey, Iceland, Zimbabwe, Argentina and Weimar went through within the last 100 years.
We need someone who actually understands what is going on and who can explain, in clear and simple language, what is going on.
Ken Clarke is that man.
Compared with this,Europe is a side show.
(PS As a democrat, I loathe the European system which governs us.)

no EarlRobo, Mandleson is very far from being "over the moon" about the appointment of KC. I should think it is quite the opposite. He will know that with the tory's in the accendancy this is the last thing that Gordon needs - it completely negates the "experience" argument, which is fundamentally the only argument mandy can think of that makes Gordon look remotely appealing. This is a very astute move politically, and the fact that it does have some risk attached to it will play very well for Cameron with the electorate. It also, for me, has the added bonus of winding up Norman Tebbit - a man who has been so disloyal to the party in recent years that he really does have a nerve banging on about Ken's differences of opinion

Our biggest financial burden is the EU and Ken Clarke will do nothing to alleviate that burden.

Sorry, should say "Tories"

Does this mean Lord Tebbit will be taking a more active role?

Depressing news for a depressing day. With Clarke back we can say goodbye to any hope of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and of any genuine policy of English votes for English Laws.

Cameron and, more importantly, the country we pay heavily for any short-term advantages that this appointment may bring.

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