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An unfortunate decision.

There goes party unity....I hope the next election doesn't follow it.

This is good news for the party - whilst I disagree with Ken Clarke's pro Euro views, it is impossible to deny that he is a heavyweight with massive experience.

He is more than a match for Mandy and as Nick Robinson has just said, "Politics has just got a whole lot more interesting."

I hope that Alan Duncan remains in a decent post though, he too has plenty to offer the front bench.

Look forward to seeing his contribution, I suspect he will surprise his critics by being a crucial component towards winning the next election.

I would have thought Mr. Clarke's enthusiasm for the euro would have a lot to do with his portfolio as Shadow Business Secretary. As the economy worsens, I cannot see how the issue isn't going to crop up, especially as Peter Mandelson will be doing everything he can to push the issue.

To be fair, I think Clarke fits into Cameron's front bench quite nicely. He was a Cameroon before there was such a thing. Cameron has show some grit here in such an appointment - it is a brave move - but I think it is going to backfire on him spectacuarly in the run up to June's European Elections. As a UKIP member, I couldn't be more thrilled.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Let's hope he starts speaking about Europe!

Oh by the way, didn't Ken Clarke vocally call for a VAT cut?

And didn't he also say it would be incredibly foolish to offer tax cuts at the next general election?

Ooops! Let the mayhem begin...

On the bright side the in fighting will keep the limelight away from Osborne....not.

Who were the millionaires who said they would stop donating if Clarke was brought back into the cabinet?

So as well as the unity...there goes some cash.

EXCELLENT! I don't agree with Ken in his enthusiasm for the EU but I feel he will bring both gravitas and a human face to the Shadow Cabinet and will be a worthy opponent to Mandy.

Now it will be interesting to see what other changes Cameron makes tomorrow.

Good stuff. I'm looking forward to Ken wiping the floor with Mandy.

One of the things we achieved in opposition was to kill Ken Clarke's politics. Now he's back. The most rebellious MP in the Tory Party.

As a vocal anti-EU Conservative I am in the unusal position of being quite pleased that Ken Clarke is coming back to the shadow cabinet. We need all our best performers working for a Tory victory at the next election-and whatever else Ken Clarke may be, he is undoubtedly one of our best performers.

Nevertheless, the party MUST re-iterate that we will not allow Mr Clarke to lead the party by the nose on European matters. I feel that my Eurosceptic views are the majority within the party grassroots, and that that majority is secure enough for me to feel unthreatened by Mr Clarke's return. But a period of silence from Mr Clarke on European matters will not go amiss.

If Mr Clarke is unwise with his comments and succeeds in opening up divisions within the party, the membership will not thank him if that results in us losing our polling lead. And the same goes to those who dislike Mr Clarke being brought back.

I will now be voting UKIP at the EU elections. I had in fact already decided that, and Mr Clarke's appointment has only made me more resolved to do so. Whilst I tentatively welcome Mr Clarke's return, I worry about the divisions that may be opened up by it, and I now feel that it is even more important that the membership sends a message to the leadership come the EU elections so that Mr Clarke is not mistaken in thinking that he speaks for us on European matters.

A great decision! Cameron, Osborne, Hague and now Clarke..very impressive. His view on Europe doesn't concern me and I think he'll adopt a policy of not getting involved in any discussion. He'll be all over Mandelson and it is a fact that he is perhaps the most popular Tory amongst non-tory voters. He comes across as intelligent, knowledgeable and above all likeable..he'll be an asset.

A big risk that we didn't need to take. Ken won't be able to hold a line for 18 months, probably not even through the European elections. How is he going to backtrack on all the opinions he has held in the last few years? - shown by his votes against the party line in the Commons.

Great to see a man of real experience being brought into the shadow cabinet. Now lets get Mr Redwood in and build a team that has scope, balance and can fight on all fronts.

Glad to see him back. He'll be a shot in the arm for the party nationally; just hope they've reached a compromise on Europe that all sides can stick to.

I'm very much in the Clarke camp on Europe, but party unity has got to be more important - especially when we couldn't possibly join the Euro in the short to medium term - and I think he'll respect that.

It'll also go a long way in the minds of the public to defusing the "Bullingdon" image Labour's been working hard to build.

And as others have said, kudos to Cameron for having the balls to go through with it.

I've just emailed Cameron to tell him that I know around 20 people who will now definitely vote UKIP.
I bet Mandleson can't wait to hold a conference on joining the euro! Imagine him sitting alongside Brown, Miliband - and Clarke!
Oh my God! Cameron has gone completely mad. But perhaps now some anti-EU MPs will see Cameron's true feelings about Europe and defect to UKIP.

Very good news. I have never supported Ken in a leadership vote, and dont agree at all with his EU views, but these are critical times for our country. We MUST win the next election and this WILL help. I believe Ken will show discipline. Of course there will be attempts by Labour and UKIP to manufacture splits, but we must be more adult. Cameron is not acting out of weakness here, but strength.RDC

Mandy will be smiling tonight. He has has just pulled off another coup. Mandy and Clarke agree about Europe, so he will get the chance to taunt Clarke at evey chance he gets.

Predictably the Euro headbangers are frothing at the mouth.

Let's judge this decision by its results shall we?

Its a bold move bringing back Ken. A big risk by David Cameron considering the potential damage if it backfires.

But if Clarke still has the ability to hit Labour hard then its a good decision.

Its time to put the past aside and focus on hitting Labour hard and often. That's the best reason to bring back Ken.

A Tory - "There goes party unity"? only if you make it.

I feel that Ken's experience is needed.........he is a match for Mandleson.
Again, as with previous posters I disagree with Ken's views on Europe.

I hope he keeps his views to himself as this maybe the one point that could ensure the Tories win the next election - the public at large hate the idea of Europe and its control over our everyday life and would not support any referendum.

Best news all year.

About time we had a bit more charisma on that front bench, and Clarke will run rings round Lord Mandy.

He has accepted the position on Europe. I am delighted.

He's a vote-winner..and I find it a bit odd that people are up in arms..he despises Labour and Brown so much that I doubt he'll jeopardise our chances at the next election over Europe. A totally unlikeable Mandelson against Clarke is a very nice prospect indeed

You can kiss my vote goodbye Mr Cameron... the boy's at Bilderberg obviously got their way then.

If you think The Conservative Party will never allow British membership of the single currency: you are a fool. Clarke and Mandleson will simply conspire with each other to force the hand of the soft sceptics leading the Party. Anybody who thinks these sides of the same coin will battle with each other is simply deluded. The globalists now have the whip hand over those MPs in what's left of our parliament who believe in a truly independent sovereign nation.

Excellent, brilliant, inspired. But why oh why didn't they get their act together and announce it last week to push that stupid jobs summit off the agenda. As far as I know Brown is in Gaza tomorrow.

Who will Clarke be up against in the Commons? Given that Mandy is in the Lords.

I'm all for EU withdrawal but am pleased to see Clarke's return.

I would suggest that my fellow Eurosceptics wait to see how Clarke performs before accusing him of causing trouble. It maybe that he is actually discrete in his pro-European views. By flying off the handle at such an early stage they are effectively causing disunity.

Oh spare me, a pathetic rebel of the past going to frighten Mandy? Dream on once the polls show us lagging watch him stick the knife in like he did before. We should be out of the EU not putting in an old man with failed ideas some 4 to 18 months from an election. Yes UKIP, but more likely BNP for those of us in the working class areas, will be rubbing their hands in glee. Another Shameron cock up I'm afraid. Oh I have been a member since 1974 by the way!

If Norman Tebbit and some UKIPpers get upset then I judge that to mean it is a good thing.

I'm surprised Eurosceptics don't see a mirror-image of Bevan and Gaitskell in all of this. As a Eurosceptic myself I am delighted to see Ken back "in the tent" and bound by collective responsibility and official policy.

"You can kiss my vote goodbye Mr Cameron... the boy's at Bilderberg obviously got their way then."

Frankly I don't think Cameron is too concerned about the votes of a minority of conspiracy theorists. If Bilderberg was so influential you'd have thought they'd have signed up the creators of Google and various other powerful entrepreneurs. At the end of the day it is nothing more than an old mens' club whose glory days are long gone.

You gotta give it to Cameron. He really does have balls. This will either be a master stroke or a comlete disaster....nothing in between!

If Osborne really did encourage this he is a bigger fool than we thought after his boat trip with Mandelson. He is no longer the Tories' principal economic spokesperson. Clarke is a bigger beast by a giraffe's neck. Good for the party, bad for Osborne.

What a shame this is. All we need now is an excuse for Labour to rip open the gaping wound that is Europe within our party. I can see Brown at PMQs now speaking of indecision and inner conflict at the heart of Tory Europe policy.

Although Clarke may be a heavyweight, the risk of his refusal to tow the line is far too great a gamble when the polls are already on our side.

Sad to see there are a few moaners..oh well..

Does anyone know about any other possible reshuffles? BBC calls it a 'major' reshuffle..any ideas?

I, like many recent converts to the party did so because of its stance on the EU. That has just been sh*t on. A very bad day for the party. Splits all round!

I think we're going to se plenty of mischief-makers on here saying how we're doomed to entering the Euro, many of them probably Labour trolls.

I think Lord Mandy would be incredibly foolish to try and play politics by introducing the Euro as an issue. The public would see through it and it would be very easy for us to portray Labour as being more interested in doing what's best for themselves rather than the country.

Its interesting, none of the comments above are even slightly non-committal. I do feel ambivalent about his return! I hope that he can prove to be as devious as Mandelson - he will need to be, the trouble is that Mandelson - appears - to be unscrupulous as well, and I wouldn't have thought that Kenneth Clarke, was given to being unscrupulous. So as long as he refuses to be drawn on the EU and the EURO, but continues to talk like a Uni: student - through/over everybody else, he should make quite an impact!!

This is a strange move. I supported Clarke in 1997 and 2001, as he was clearly superior to Hague and IDS as a potential leader. But by now he's indisputably a yesterdays man and this seems a pointless risk. Hopefully I'm wrong.

This has already split ther party - just read the previous comments. What a cock up. This could have been avoided by not bringing him back.

You know, I find some of the comments on here just amazing. Have we learnt nothing from 12 YEARS of opposition. I oppose the EU, the Euro, and would scrap the lot of it..


There is no denying Ken Clarke is a huge assett. The public love him. Not us Tories, but Labour, Libs, Floaters - he has appeal.

Our 100% focus now should be on turfing out this lot, not on debating Ken for the next 18 months. AND expect the government to deliberatley to spark trouble, lets unite and and win.

Great move, but very disappointed if Spelman stays and Davis isn't also brought back in.

To the Eurosceptics - honestly, what does victory look like for you people? Ken Clarke is one of only a handful of Europhiles left in the whole party. There will be no change to policy on Europe. Cameron is so suspicious of the EU, he isn't even prepared to work with other right-wing parties there.

A former-Europhile, I've become more and more Eurosceptic since Lisbon, but the frothy-mouthed paranoia of the window-licking wing of the Tory Party reminds me exactly why I originally found it so implausible that the Eurosceptic position was largely correct.

Now that the Conservative party has purged it's Euro-enthusiasts almost entirely, it should focus on giving the remaining ones top jobs if just to drive the wingnut element into the waiting arms of UKIP, so that the party can focus on those of us who are wavering voters and non-members.

Just my two euro-cents' worth.

It is a great mvoe - Clarke can point out that he left Labour with a strong economy and they have wrecked it.

With Clarke taking the business brief, there is now a formidable team both in the House of Commons and House of Lords to take the Government and Mandleson on. Once again, Osbourne has conjured up a real vote winner.

And just when they thought it safe to vote Tory in June

Excellent. His talents have been sorely missed over the past 12 years. Welcome back, Ken - and onward to Victory in 2010.

I am not sure what has possessed the top team in my party, but bringing back KC has to be the riskiest move in years.
His just not a team player, because of the sterling work Michael Howard did in reuniting the party we forget so quickly how easily it was for Labour to play on our divisions. Furthermore I have never had time for colleges that can’t keep their disagreements private, when I have had cause the disagree with my local party, I have always been forthright in making in views known, but to my colleges and them only. often I have won the argument, and when I did not I respected the majority view. I know many Conservative activists who will not forgive KC for allowing Tony to so damage the party by sharing a platform with him.
And yes Europe, a few short months before what should be some promising election results, to bring back the single most divisive figure in the party over Europe is just MAD. Again look back and learn from history, look how well Hague did is uniting the left and right of our party round the policy “in Europe not run by Europe”. I understand the temptation, his talent and media profile. I hope and fear DC will get away with it, only because the tide is with him, just is it worth the risk?

Why are so many opposed to a return by someone who is respected across politics save by the extreme right? The party's future policies should be determined by men and women of integrity like Clarke and Hague, with a frontman like Cameron putting the message across. The rabid right should be allowed to drift off to UKIP where they have probably always belonged.

Let's hope that Ken Clarke is the Tory parties Captain Chesley Sullenberger a steady hand when you're flying into disaster.

Where is the evidence that the public love KC. The Beeb does and we should take that as a warning!

A very sensible and statesman-like decision. As the Party presents itself as a Party with the talent, experience and gravitas to address the serious economic crisis that the Country faces, it displays pettiness, prejudice and stupidity to leave someone of Clarke's stature and ability out of the Team.
Many of the above commentators betray their obsession with Europe. They should put their concerns into perspective at a time when this Country needs to concentrate its efforts on the essential issue of surviving the next few years economically.

"There is no denying Ken Clarke is a huge assett. The public love him. Not us Tories, but Labour, Libs, Floaters - he has appeal. "

Wasn't he Chancellor when Tony Blair got a landslide victory which we have been working back from ever since. The public love him? Evidence please.

The compassionate Cameron brings back the Chancellor who cut aid to the developing world.

Oh god, we're all doomed. Clarke opposes Cameron on the EU at a time when the EU is becoming LESS DEMOCRATIC, not more. He opposed him on the Bill of Rights, initially welcomed the VAT cut, and his "contribution" as head of the Democracy Task Force, when asked to craft a solution to the West Lothian question, was to give non-English MPs no right to vote at every stage of a bill except the stages where it actually MATTERS i.e. second and third reading, which they would under his proposals still have. He might be a heavyweight, so have him chairing a recession task force or advice unit or something.

I'm pretty moderate compared to some Tories and I'm not currently in favour of leaving the EU, and indeed very much in favour of having more experience in the Shadow Cabinet. But this is a risk which is not worth taking - I can't see Eurosceptic Tories being happy at the return of Clarke of all people - why do they need to vote Conservative when they can just go to UKIP or the BNP?

As important as we may all wish to believe we are, we don't matter..i'm sorry! I am literally desperate that we win the next election and I know that Clarke will aid us in that respect..Cameron is thinking about the bigger picture..he needs to win over voters..he needs to show the electorate that the Tories are a competent future Government..Clarke is extremely popular and he'll be a real asset. I don't think Cameron is worried about a few people on here saying they're not going to vote for him now he's committed the heinous crime of making Clarke his Business Secretary...and nor should he be!

"That it was Osborne rather than Hague at the meeting confirms that it is the Shadow Chancellor who is the real Deputy Leader."

Tim, Hague is the Deputy Leader, Osborne is the strategist. Not surprised that its Osborne rather than Hague who nursed this move through to its conclusion.

Its quite simple, the journalists were itching to see this move as something that would undermine Osborne rather than Hague. So, no surprise that its Osborne who will rightly get the credit, and it does blow the political lobby's theory out of the water at the same time. Excellent, onwards and upwards.

I see the UKIPpers are here in force tonight, and with a few obsessed Eurosceptics thrown in. Get over it, our leadership are determined to win the next GE, and if Clarke back on the front bench aids that cause, then he is the right man.
Sometimes you lot cannot see the wood for the tree's because of the EU, but this party can do sod all about it while in opposition as the Lisbon Treaty con passed by this disreputable government showed.

Sorry to see Duncan moved though, I rate him as a Minister and media performer. Hope that Cameron has got another job lined up for him. He is one of our better Shadow Cabinet performer, and we cannot afford to lose him from the Shadow Cabinet team.

That is it.Clarkes Back.I am out.I will decide later who gets my Conservative vote,but it will not be the Conservatives.
It looks like in David Cameron, we have a non listener to ordinary Members, just the same as the Labour mob.I may even vote for the SNP for the first time.48 years I have voted Conservative.NO MORE.

If anyone on the Tory right thought Cameron cared about you at all you got your two fingered answer tonight.

Not good news. He sniffed at participating on the front bench when times were hard for us Conservatives-now he deigns to do a job. One of the leading figures most responsible for defeat by a landslide in '97 with his fanatical support for the catastrophic ERM. Notorious for selling cancer sticks to children. Not really a good advertisement for a modern Conservative Party. Lied and lied over many years about Europe. Should have stood down from the HOC to make way for younger talent, not be rewarded for being continually wrong and damaging both party and country.

If your face fits in politics, then you can survive any amount of failure-no wonder Parliament is held in so little respect.

"Wasn't he Chancellor when Tony Blair got a landslide victory which we have been working back from ever since. The public love him? Evidence please."

Yes..that's right..it was all Ken Clarke's fault!?? Do me a favour.

He has "accepted" the Party's position on the Lisbon Treaty and the Euro, but does not agree with it. I don't see much to celebrate in that. The Party is wet enough already on Europe - Cameron and his Shadow Cabinet still believe it's in Britain's interests to continue pumping billions of pounds of taxpayers' money into the EU, year after year - so the return to the shadow cabinet of such an unreconstructed Europhile as Clarke bodes ill for those in the Party who would like to see Conservatives move towards a more sensible (i.e. Better-Off-Out) position. Eurosceptic Tories will be voting UKIP in droves in a few months' time.

I would imagine Ken Clarke will be up against Pat McFadden, and McFadden has played a major role in the Post Office debacle. Not much of a match really, if it was a boxing match it will be straight knock out 1 - nil Conservatives. What I do expect to see is alot of the Prince of Darkness in the press, spinning away, remembering Alastair Campbell is still involved at Number 10.

I fully support the move of bringing Ken back to the front bench. I may be a constituent of Kens and have met him on many occassions, and whilst yes I disagree with him on Europe, he is the heavy hitter that the party needs. I believe he will not play the Europe card and even in his last leadership campaign he regeined in his beliefs on the Euro, which undoubtedly will be Labours choice of attack. On other posts I said maybe he should of been given Transport, and I personally feel his economic background will bring real benefit to the Tory economy recovery package, I expect whilst Ken is shadow business secretary, there will be many conversations with Osbourne and I expect to less of Phillip Hammond if he keeps his role.

One thing I would like clarifying is, who is the actual deputy leader? The above article reads as its Osbourne. But we have Hague standing in at PMQ's and his press release earlier. I think it is more than likely that Hague is deputy and that George Osbourne had to be involved in the discussions over Clarke as many speculated that Osbourne would loose his shadow chancellors role to Clarke. Plus the two will have to work together to rebuild the economy.

Fantastic news. Well done to David Cameron for ignoring the voices of dissent on the hard right and putting one of our most talented performers back on the front line.

Clarke doesn't need to say anything at all about Europe to generate debate on the issue, if these posts are anything to go by! Perhaps the Europhobes should stop trying to re-open the party's wounds on the issue, especially when it's clear that Cameron intends to pursue an at best Euro-cautious line, and Clarke long ago accepted that he wasn't going to be able to persuade the party to change its views.

Rather bizarrely, to misquote Wellington, it seems that we don't know what Clarke does to the Labour Party but by God he frightens the Tories.

Have an open mind on this. I hope the best but fear the worst. Clarke will be put under pressure by the bbc etc immediately. We will know soon whether he will stay loyal to the agreed line on Europe or not.
As the situation with the banks becomes ever worse I'm glad we have someone with experience in the team.
I hope Cameron announces the rest of his reshuffle very shortly. Stretchings things out like this isn't very edifying.

I have read the other comments on KC returning.Well, I am part of the Public, and I do not love him.I lost my house when he was last Chancellor.
I am leaving the Conservative party.After kowtowing to Tony Blair,he should have been kicked out of the party,not given a high profile post with all the extramoney.
Goodbye all.

DC - Bring back DD as well please... We need a new Shadow Home Secretary...

Ken Clarke, well lets hope he keeps his cool on EU He will be effective against the Prince of Darkness, a pity they do not sit in the same house, that would have been more fun. We also need Davis and Redwood to complete the team.

So let me get this straight..The Tory policy on Europe is known and decided..Cameron knows that..Clarke knows that..Cameron brings back Clarke, a popular MP, to be his Business Secretary because he wants to win the next election..we want him to win the next election..and yet people have decided they will now no longer vote Tory because of this!!?? Wow..very strange!

I notice Labourlist don't have a peep about this news. If Dolly wants to control the web, he needs to get his minions to stay up past their bed time to do it!

Along with nearly every poster on the site, I'm a Eurosceptic and vehemently disagree with Clarke's position on Europe.

However, Europe is simply not a salient issue to the vast vast majority of voters. It probably doesn't even feature in the top 10. The most issue now, at the next election, and possibly for years to come is the economy.

Clarke is unquestionably the most successful Chancellor since the war - with the Brown economic mirage vanishing before our eyes, this must be clear even to non-Tories. Who better to lead the Conservative charge on the economy?

This is something that I (as a random tory supporter) would never have supported (quite the opposite).

However you can be sure that now it is done, I will not be sniping against him for anything in his past - he has the job, and a chance to prove he is worthy of the trust and faith placed in him.

I look forward to him taking mandleson on and destroying him...

Just imagine if the announcement tomorrow includes Redwood and Davis.... could be the best day to be a Conservative for a long time!

Calm down dears.... a broad church and party unity are important if we are to rid the country of this evil Labour Government. Head bangers can go to UKIP. i rather suspect most of them had already.

Now just watch as Clarke wipes the floor with Mandy, Brown & Co. Clarke helped rebuild the economy after the last recession. Lets hope he can help with the rubble that will be the UK economy by the time of the next one.

Scott Carlton wrote "I would imagine Ken Clarke will be up against Pat McFadden, and McFadden has played a major role in the Post Office debacle." The EU Directives are to blame for the Post Office debacle. Don't expect Clarke to fight for our post offoces against the EU.

OH NOOOOOO!!!!! I can't believe this! Who next? Tebbitt from the Lords to re-introduce Section 28?

This is a very, very bad move and it will all end in tears...

I don't think I can go out and canvass on Monday night now... How do I sell this?

Q: "So, why did you bring a Dinosaur from the disasterous Major years back?"

A: "To massage his ego and to have someone worse than Mandy."


I hope this works, I really do. But the history of the conservative party would suggest it will not.

I know that it sounds crass, but we really will have to forget about any kind of eu reform until after clarke's death.

"If anyone on the Tory right thought Cameron cared about you at all you got your two fingered answer tonight.

Posted by: Westminster Wolf | January 18, 2009 at 22:46"

I never thought that Cameron was anything another than another Old Etonian Europhile Socialist. That's why I defected to the only truly conservative party - UKIP.


We are going to thrash the Tory traitors on June 4th!

It is a good news This shows real party unity. Ken has agreed to our Euro policies. His task is to take our party forward as a shadow business secretary and giving uneasy time to Mendelson. No doubt British businesses will gain confidence with his place in front bench.

You don't think you can go and Canvas because Clarke is back in the Shadow Cabinet? Pathetic beyond belief!

Well, all I hope is that Alan Duncan wanted a move elsewhere. To play symmetry for the sake of symmetry was not the way to go.
I am not sure headon to Mandelsohn is the way to go either, but now it has been done, time to play what is there. Coming from the side was, in my opinion, a better way to play, but what is done is done.

The Europe issue is worrying.

And I thought one of the big things about the whole Cameroonie project was to cut our ties to the Conservatives of the 1990s? We may as well bring back Redwood and Rifkind, who are likewise active, able, and experienced, and much sounder than Clarke to boot.

I hope his return turns out to be a better decision than it seems.

Excellent news! Now we can watch Mandy spin.

"CCHQ is briefing that it was in December that George Osborne first suggested a frontbench role for the former Chancellor and thrice-defeated leadership candidate....

Over lunch yesterday (Saturday) George Osborne, David Cameron and Ken Clarke met to agree terms. That it was Osborne rather than Hague at the meeting confirms that it is the Shadow Chancellor who is the real Deputy Leader."

It is not surprising that Osborne has initiated the return of his Bilderberg mentor Clarke. If Hague has any pride or principles, he should resign from the Shadow Cabinet.

Never has rebelliousness been so richly rewarded.
It won't be long before Clarke is holding the party to ransom again.

I don't understand why any Tories should throw their toys out of the pram and start working against the leadership/vote for someone else. Is the party such a reactionary place that all Europhiles must be kept out of the Shadow Cabinet?

If Clarke plays by the rules and focuses on his position he'll be a great asset for the party. He's always been better viewed by the public than people like the Vulcan.

What the hell are we going to do at the Euro Elections,with this Euro crank in the shadow cabinet.He is further left than Labour on the Euro.

I thought the leadership was listening to us, I thought this website was our tool to be heard.

Has Cameron heard us and totally ignored us.

Crist on a bike, all the political nous of a gnat to bring him in before the Euro election.Are we that scarce in political heavyweights to bring a man from the last landslide defeat in as our headline move in the re-shuffle.

Every time we move clear, someone in the leadership designs something that will kick ourselves in the bollox.

Why all the black and white comments concerning EU policy?

My own view, FWIW, is that we should stay inside the EU, but not join the euro (but never say never), and renegotiate Lisbon.

Ken's views may well be more europhile than mine (and they certainly carry more weight!), but I always thought the Tory party was a broad church, ranging from the one nation europhile wets on one side of the ailse to the monday clubbers on the other (I think Ukip are probably up the belfry somewhere).

Anyway, as rightly said by LondonTory, we must focus on turfing the current lot out; Ken will be an asset to the front bench and - crucially - in the meedjah.

Ken Clarke is a supporter of abortion up to birth.

Can I say that these supposed members and voters now no longer supporting us say they have supported us for a number of years.

I hate to break the news to you but Clarke was part of the Conservative team for quite a while are you saying that you voted for us when he was chancellor but when he is shadow business sec you now throw your toys out of the pram?

Fatc is all these supposed complainers are either mad or labour trolls.

John Major signing the Maastricht Treaty pushed this once rock solid Conservative supporter to becoming a Referendum Party candidate, then to UKIP. Every Conservative leader by their actions has ensured this natural Tory has never gone back to his natural political home. Sadly, Cameron, by this devils pact with Ken (Euro) Clarke has made sure there will never be a Conservative home to return to.

Clarke and Mandelson have never worked for the political parties they belong to, they have only worked for the supremacy of the EU. For anyone who cares for this country UKIP can be the only option - Cameron has lost his marbles.

"He's always been better viewed by the public than people like the Vulcan."

Let's try and keep it civil. Although John Redwood is not particularly charismatic he is still a very intelligent man who was far more succesful outside of politics than any other MP and has been consistently been proved right on economics over the past few months.

Appointing Ken Clarke is a gamble, one that I beleive is worth making. What I can't understand is why he has been made shadow business secretary, surely shadow chancellor would have been better? He is certainly held in much higher regard than Osbourne. As business secretary there is the same risk but half of the pay-off.

We live in interesting times

I'll say no more.

Micheal - Ken Clarke was part of the 'top team' that let Blair in to win three elections. Should I be glad to have such a 'winner' back? Hopefully the majority of the public will have forgotten how they felt.

If Clarke has changed his mind on everything and voted the way he did in the last few parliaments by mistake, then OK. I'm sure Mandy won't use Clarke's voting record at all.

That said, I won't post again against our new Business Secretary. I wish him well and hope to see him in my part of the world. He would definitely get a good turn out at a meeting.

I just think Cameron has just said twist when he would have won by sticking. This could turn out either way, but he has taken a big gamble.

Hello UKIP Defector,

I personally don't agree entirely with your comments, and I do expect Ken Clarke to fight for the Post Office(s) It has been adopted as a clear policy for the party to fight on, and Ken knows probably just as well as many MP's of the importance of post offices in supporting communities with local services.

I don't accept in its entirety that the EU has caused the Post Office to arrive in the situation that we find it. Clearly an ineffective Labour Government that failed to modernise the service is clearly to blame. Along with the ususal socialist attribute of wrapping things up in over-regulation. I do appreciate though that many EU directives have to be met on business and enterprise.

Mr Clarkes views on Mandelsons plan for outside investment into the Post Office from other European based companies will be interesting and only time will show this. I do expect Mr Clarke to fight for British investment into the Post Office, and we also have to remember that a percentage of Royal Mails business activities are conducted in Europe, so a sledgehammer effect will not be in our greatest of interests.

Ken was an excellent Chancellor and has been brought back to fight on that territory. This is a good move both electorally and as part of our preparations for government. I don't see any reason why this weakens the eurosceptic/realist camp (of which I am a member) that comprises most of the party.

To be honest, I'm pretty sure DC knows that he's doing with KC, he has great public appeal especially to floating middle class voters, the frothing single-issue eurosceptics of the party, and those who post on this site, need to calm down, your anti-eu fervour is bordering on madness. The benefits of having Clarke definitely outweigh the negatives imho.

Oh dear, the party will be inevitably be split yet again on European issues, whatever assurances are given.

Mandleson must be over the moon.

There goes the good reporting of the Sun for the forseeable. Im sure Mr Murdoch will be extremely impressed.

Was it Lord Kalms who said he would withdraw funding if Clarke gets back in, plus I am sure there was another big donator who said the same.

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