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Cameron easily mastered Marr today. He whonest enough to say that he was slow to appreciate the depth of the credit crunch. I thought it a very good performance from Cameron, he's very credible.
Ps Why have Arlene Phillips on a political show? I really was not interested in her opinions on anything.

Having had the pleasure of meeting him again on Friday, and having listened to him today, I'm even more certain than I was before that David is the best thing to happen to the Conservative party in a quarter of a century. We should all wish him well and thank him for getting us back to being a credible alternative government.

I confess I am always suspicious of technical faults at the BBC which only seem to affect interviews I wish to hear.How lucky for the young prince that he's not a Tory and thus received only a mild admonishment from Dave---a bit of class favouritism?
Whilst willing to shout that he was using those old EUrophile dinosaurs Clarke and Heseltine he significantly wavered about David Davis.He doesn't believe in making long term economic forecasts but he does want to make long term decisions to help confidence in the economy--ah!

I have to say I thought the interview was a shambles - not because of the way David Cameron handled it - he did his best in the face of constant disruption. Even if the technical problems were not intentional, there were other clear attempts to undermine it. There were the repeated editorial interjections from labour supporting Aaronovich everytime they went off air and ending the interview with the black bereted Fairport Convention singer bizarrely offering us 'woops I did it again'. The BBC know how to stage things to undermine (or promote) a statesmanlike atmosphere. The treatment of Cameron could not have made a stronger contrast with the hushed deference of last week's interview with Brown. Still even coping with BBC sabotage and what sounded like flu, Cameron still way outshone Brown. He was clear, concise, credible. No wonder the BBC resorted to the 'technical' scam and clumsy attempts to undermine him.

I think there were three good bits during the interview when Dave was rendered speechless. Perhaps, David Davis was sticking pins into a voodoo doll?

For some reason I never heard him mention

Highlights, I must have blinked!

What about the thrown together decor?

If the Cameron couple Cannot afford a coffee table (not to mention some picture hooks and a hammer)he should have left his mug in the kitchen.

Now you are just being silly. Seeing as they have a severly disabled child in a wheelchair which takes up alot of room, I can absolutely understand why they don't have a coffee table.

The coffee table issue is a vitally important one. Here at A-P Towers, we have umm-ed and aw-ed over the feasibility of such a device for many years. The traditionalist, Mr K, would have some over-priced layer of glass and metal tomfoolery installed in a trice. The liberal hippy fool, Mr A, prefers the minimalist approach of Nothing! Nothing On The Stripped Floorboards! These Multiple Piles Of Knick-knacks Are Hurting My Mind!

So how can Mr Cameron ever hope to unite the wings of our great party? Where would he put a cakestand, for example? Balanced on the curvy arm of that nod-to-the-30s armchair? A catastrophe waiting to happen.

I remain, Sir, your obedient and faithful, etc.

PS Malcolm, your disdain for the intellectual prowess of Arlene Phillips does you a disservice. Ms Phillips, with her wide range of passions (from 'dancing', to 'dancing with long socks on'), her good-natured awareness of her place in the Universe ('I'm here to tell you that You Are The New Beyonce'), and her sweetly tinkling voice, is exactly the sort of human being the BBC should be pushing to the fore on its news and current affairs programmes. That's why we pay our licence fees, with joy in our hearts, and our coffee balanced dangerously on the edge of the sofa, easily within range of a swipe of the naughty cat's paw.

Is this the David Cameron who said the Prince's remarks were utterly unacceptable? What will he say in the Summer when Ricky Ponting calls us 'Whinging Poms'.
At least Gordon Brown, who I detest, has the good sense to keep his mouth shut on such subjects.
We want a MAN to lead the Country, not a wimp. That's why our lead is only 7%.

I have to say something: a major interview conducted for the BBC with such amateur production qualities? I mean, I really can't think of the last time I've seen something like this in the US or on the Continent (and I travel around a lot, so I get to see TV in many countries). This really is part of a certain lack of professionalism in Britain, a certain sloppiness, lack of attention to detail.

Cameron didn`t comment about Europe because its simply not an issue with the public. The only people concerned about Europe are the right-wing obsessives who are only a very small minority of the public at large.

"One of the reasons he wanted a general election now, Cameron said, was to "stop the Government from making it [the economic situation] worse". He said that an election would "help confidence in the economy" as a new Government could start with a clean slate, make long-term decisions and admit to mistakes that have been made".

Nice one Dave !
That's the only thing I wanted to hear.
The rest is all fireside chat until we have one.

Thank you so much David Cameron, now can we get cracking on the election toot sweet please.

"Cameron didn`t comment about Europe because its simply not an issue with the public. The only people concerned about Europe are the right-wing obsessives who are only a very small minority of the public at large."

Yet 2/3 of the population want a looser relationship when they could have answered 'indifferent' in one form or another. I take it you, like most of today's politicians, know what is better for the people than the people themselves and consequently inhabit Planet-Politics.

Watched the interview. Cameron was very good. The linking of responsibility - economy and social was excellent. The technical BBC hitches were very annoying. The cut back to David Aoranavitch was not as bad as some describe though. The Fairport Convention stuff was an amusing cover of Britney Spears discussed earlier. Don't be paranoid.

He didn't mention Europe because he was not asked about it. My God, some people can't think of anything else!

I thought David Cameron came across very well, despite the BBC's best efforts, after all the three 'breaks' were so neatly achieved at the place most likely to disrupt the flow!

I must say that I thought that Arlene Phillips should stick to being cute by the dance floor, as her comments were a waste of time (which they were probably meant to be!). I quite enjoyed Aaronovitch tackling the Israel/Hammas problem!

Martin Cole @ 12.56
If David C had had a coffee table, I am sure that it would have offended you somehow! It IS just possible that the room has just been decorated, but I suppose you would consider that a sin as well! How about concentrating on what he was SAYING!

Malcolm, with Clarke and Heseltine advising Cameron,a TPA/Global vision poll on the EU saying 10% of Tories will vote UKIP and Iain Martin writing 'Cameron will need a delicate touch to defuse the Eurosceptic Time Bomb'in today's Sunday Telegraph it is most surprising Marr did not mention Europe.
I suspect Dave did a deal with MARR not to mention Europe;if not Marr and his researchers are not fit for purpose.
He can hide and run away from the EU but I suspect it will come back to bite him on the backside before June.tick tock

"Seeing as they have a severly disabled child in a wheelchair which takes up alot of room, I can absolutely understand why they don't have a coffee table. " Meli

Agreed,but I'd expect pictures to be nailed onto the wall not in a place where kiddies could knock them over!"

I think Michael re your comments about Cameron and Marrr doing a deal not to mention Europe you're being infected with the paranoia that seems to infect so many UKIPPERS of my acqaintance. Like it or not,for the vast majority of people the EU is not the only issue for most not even one of the main ones. If it were UKIP would be doing less disastrously in the polls.

I am not sure I am impressed by a party leader who misjudged the severity of the down turn; most business people I know picked it up right away! Doesn't George talk to them, doesn't he brief his leader?

If Jack Stone is right and only "right wing obsessives" worry about the EU, why are the left spending so much effort getting the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty through. And if the EU is so unimportant why does not Cameron get rid of the issue now by committing to a referendum on Lisbon in the first 6 months of office, if the opportunity arises, and without caveats.

We have seen in the press this morning what the EU elections will bring - another chance for Tories to vote for UKIP because they do not want Ever Closer Union. Bringing Heseltine and Clarke back does not seem like re-inventing the party but rather more like a display of Dave's true colours which are blue with yellow starts and more than a hint of pink - for dilute socialism.

Malcolm;Four of the pieces on the front page of this site relate to the EU,does that represent paranoia too.It only fails to be an issue because they are led to believe that it can be reformed and that we can renegotiate and loosen our ties,which of course is rubbish.

Growing Unease About Old Lady's Secrecy !!!

Labour are going to print money and keep it secret FROM YOU!!!!

Labours secret Money printing plans


Reform plan raises fears of Bank secrecy
The Bank of England will be able to print extra money without having legally to declare it under new plans which will heighten fears that the Government will secretly pump extra cash into the economy.

By Edmund Conway, Economics Editor
Last Updated: 9:59PM GMT 10 Jan 2009

Patsy @ 17:19 I do try to listen - honestly I do but I wander off ... I think it is because he broke his one single firm commitment on the EPP and thereafter has never really maintained a position on any topic since. So what he says today will certainly change probably well before any election (if one comes along in spite of the growing national emergency).

There is so much ammunition out there with which to attack the government, read Redwood today in the STelegraph or Chris Watling in the IoS who manages to destroy Brown's blaming of the US for the crisis in one short paragraph.

Cameron waffles and I cannot listen to him as the longer I listen the less substance he imparts, OK that is my problem but I suspect I am not alone! Look at your poll numbers and reflect these are with the entire nation on the verge of economic collapse.

It wont do you know, Cameron has to replace Osborne with Clarke or Redwood, his choice, or quit himself. In a National Government the Treasury presently looks like going to Dr Cable! What post could Cameron hold down?

Matt Wright - I'm not being paranoid - it's just I've had a lot of dealings with broadcasters and they know exactly what they are doing. They know how to bolster an image to make a leader look statesmanlike and ready for office and how to undermine it. Brown gets the works to try and make him look serious and heavyweight. The Britney slot was trivial and I wouldn't over emphasise it's importance, but it was a small technique to associate Cameron with something lightweight and a bit embarrassing. This is how spin works - these messages do have an effect on people. It isn't a question of being paranoid, it's a question of understanding the culture and climate we are operating in.

Yes Oscar, I know what broadcasters do. Just not sure they were doing it this time. I think they were doing it on Newsnight with Osbourne though.

I dont believe an election will be held until the last minute. Brown cant call it now as the economy goes into severe downturn and he must ride it out following Majors 1992 election win. Look like you are acting in the country's best interests while the opposition is not, hold out on the hope that there will be the start of recovery by Spring 2010. Playing the long game I reckon is the best plan.

No Unity or National Government, Osborne wont go now and no early election. It would be political suicide right now.

The recession was predicted but it was the depth of it which has suprized analysts. 1.5% in the last 3 months is well past normal expectations.

Cameron handled the glitches very well. Due to the BBC taking a day (very poor BBC performance) to upload The Andrew Marr show, I read the comments first by Rosa Price on Three Line Whip - you'd think DC had made a complete hash of it. In fact, he handled it very well and showed once again he is calm under pressure. A trait he will need when he becomes PM.

Cameron kept his cool despite his cold. The BBC deliberately sabotaged this programme (one couls say Marredthis programme). Of course these over paid snivel serpents, chums of Woss will not say sorry and offera free rerun, will they. that takes honour and honesty, not Beeb qualities for such a slimy organisation.

It is disgraceful that an interview by the national broadcaster with an aspiring premier should fail so spectacularly.I'd expect better in a third world country.

Cameron kept his cool despite his cold. The BBC deliberately sabotaged this programme (one couls say Marredthis programme). Of course these over paid snivel serpents, chums of Woss will not say sorry and offera free rerun, will they. that takes honour and honesty, not Beeb qualities for such a slimy organisation.

Posted by: John Prendergast | January 11, 2009 at 20:50

I agree and also was upset to see yet another interview where Cameron is asked questions and interupted before he can answer fully. This happened on nearly every question asked except the ones where the broadcast link was lost.

And to whomever complained about Cameron's pictures not being hung on the wall, (can't remember who and I am too lazy to search up) you'd hate my house I am sure. No coffee table to speak of and though I've lived here for some months now I still have not got around to getting the pictures on the walls.

Andrew Marr has done his interviews in all sorts of locations out of his studio, including via videolink to faraway lands. That is what makes these technical glitches look unfortunate, almost suspicious.

another perspective on today's interview

He was awful on sunday - or at least his message was. Right back to "sharing the proceeds of growth" & "the state will still grow, just slower".

Well I for one am utterly sick of having no choice for government.

I DO NOT WANT a slightly scaled back government that from the sounds of it is going to carry on with most of the same policies.

I've suffered excruciating taxes under Brown - I want a lot of them back.

I've suffered huge losses in liberties under Brown - I want them back.

Having a small state was one of the attractions to the conservatives, but right now I constantly hear contradictory messages. What is it - a "small state" or a "growing at a slightly slower pace state"?

Roll on the day when someone with some bottle decides to stand for election.

Thought Dave was utterly spineless about poor Prince Harry who made his remarks three years ago for Gawd's sake. Have severe doubts about DC leading the country if he's as wet as that.

I am at this morning looking at your blog. Its great!

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