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"Labour have proved themselves serial manipulators of official statistics".

Yes, and one of the main perpetrators is one Gordon Brown, whose manipulation of figures is nothing short of scandalous. Can we, for instance, insist on the production of inflation figures that give a more realistic measure of changes in the real cost of living and ensure that all the nation's liabilities are on the balance sheet?

Good stuff from Grieve, I have to say I'm more impressed with him than I thought I would be.
I hope this story gets wide publicity but wonder if it's good politics to release this on a Friday which tends to be a light for political news.

David Fraser's "A Land Fit for Criminals" gave the statistics a good going over and showed that the number of crimes committed are actually 4-5 times higher than the reported figures (the proper figures were based on an analysis by independent statisticians accepted by the Home Office). The BCS is unreliable as it excludes certain crimes and crimes committed by minors. In fact the BCS only covers about a third of all crimes.

So can we please have a crime measurement that doesn't exclude anybody or any crime and which takes into account as accurately as possible both reported and unreported crime.

Good stuff yet again from the hard-working Grieve

As a means to help restore public confidence in statistics, this is clearly a step in the right direction.

Labour can simply not be trusted with "official statistics". The lack of public trust in these statistics is understandable, due in part to the frequency with which they are manipulated by this Government.

Dominic Grieve's proposals are both pragmatic and much needed. Surely, even Labour "spin" could not give a different impression in this case?

Good work from Dominic Grieve. A bit of honesty in crime statistics might go some way to restoring confidence in the Police and the work they are doing. Grieve's started off the year with plenty of vigour.

We're starting to motor now. Keep it up.

UKSA sets the standards and framework for ONS to operate in, so requests should go there otherwise the ONS may carry on as it has up to now.
"The UK Statistics Authority has three main functions:

1. oversight of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) - its executive office
2. monitoring and reporting on all UK official statistics, wherever produced, and
3. independent assessment of official statistics
Who do you think produced the last figures? But before ONS bashing, ONS remit is to produce (slant towards) what is asked for by requesting body.

Certainly (3) Independent Assessment must be used more if Grieve and others are to achieve the goal they want.

Yes, in a small article in today's Telegraph, by Tom Whitehead, in which he comments on Dominic Grieve's article further on in the paper, Mr. Whitehead starts his article:-

'The true scale of juvenile offending was being masked with "creative maths" by the Government, ITS OWN FORMER HEAD OF YOUTH OFFENDING SAID.' (my capitals)

'Rod Morgan, the former chairman of the Youth Justice Board, said that up to 20,000 fines handed to youngsters were excluded from official statistics.

'He accused ministers of a "smoke and mirrors" exercise to show that the number of children entering the justice system had fallen.'

It comes to something when one of the Governments own employees goes public with these kind of comments!

It's a better idea as it will as he says promote greater public confidence in the statistics.

Surely this unveils a greater problem however as to the lacking of confidence per se in government itself, and that matter must also be attended ASAP before the whole country debarks from politics altogether for reason that it offers no point except to tax us, demoralise us, suppress us and to remove everything we once were readily able to identify as British in our democracy, our freedoms, our justices and our liberties.

There is a sense in which the question of how much crime there is, and whether it has gone up or down is unanswerable, somewhat like trying to work out how many people sneezed today rather than yesterday. My own experience is that there is plenty of crime, and I do not have much confidence in the figures, especially as related by government. A huge amount of anti-social behaviour goes unremarked on for example. I suspect that the true amount of bad conduct is at high as it ever was, give or take a few percent. True criminal intent is also masked by the increasing precautions taken by the public (lock all doors, keep away from dodgy areas etc.). I am yet to be entirely convinced by the BCS; I suspect that its usefulness is overrated. Can we perhaps concentrate a little more on mimicking crime policy in Singapore?

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