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It has taken America a long time to overcome its prejudice, so maybe it is time for Britain to drop its follicular prejudice and to vote in a balding PM? ;-)

It is unedifying for Cameron to claim political capital out of this. Can't he just welcome Obama's Inauguration and wish him well?

Ugh. Cameron goes down tens of points in my eyes for having got caught up in the sickening Obama buttlickfest.

Wouldnt it be funny if BO sent the text of his speech in advance to DC but not Gordon "Saviour of the world" Brown.... just wondering...

Agreed Umbrella man.

Not judging Cameron's statement, but more expressing my own feelings, Cameron does offer me hope for this country similar to the hope I feel Obama offers for the US. And as I am a duel citizen of both countries, this has been a very unique time for me. I do wish that the UK general election were not quite so far away though.

I agree - Both full of hot air!

I believe David Cameron and President Obama probably do share a lot of political platforms so it should be OK for Mr Cameron to make that point.

Neither will have as much cash to spend as they hoped though.

Having listened to much of Obama's speech what I heard is say hello to big state socialism.

And that is going to cost, a lot.

The American's don't have the money and they may not be able to borrow more.

I hope, for all our sakes, that David Cameron is very different from Obama.

I don't find it particularly encouraging that DC is so gushing about the election of a Blairesque American President. I'm afraid that I can't join in the Obama rapture. The last thing the world needs right now is a left winger in charge of the free world. It may be the reality that we face but it is hardly a cause for the right in this country to celebrate.

Man in the Shed, I do agree and also hope they are different in that respect. I should perhaps clarify my feelings of similarity between the two which have absolutely nothing to do with political message. It is about someone (or in Cameron's case, he and his cabinet hopefully) who can inspire people to work together towards change whatever change that may be. After all, our direction does not have to follow the direction of the US or any other country. It's about working together to get through these hard times. Will it happen here? Or will it happen in the US? I don't know but the EXPECTATION is there whatever the route to the goal and whatever the goal may be.

Cameron is wrong. Obama believes that government can improve peoples life`s cameron and the Conservative party at large do not share this sentiment.
President Obama will go down in history I suspect David Cameron will end up just a footnote in history.

A timely and thoughtful reminder to Americans of what they will need to do. Another version of Kenndey's "Ask not what America can do for you etc.."

Be in no doubt that Pres Obama is tough and focused. This was better than Clinton. He will be a good president because he is a good man and an intelligent one.

And for heaven's sake DC keep away from tangental allusions.

Jack - on what basis do you think Obama's term will be a success and Cameron's a failure? Both are untested, but Cameron has been longer in the chair, more specific about policy objectives (social responsibility and cohesion).

Finally - when you started blogging on this site you pretended to be a left leaning conservative - why?

"It is unedifying for Cameron to claim political capital out of this. Can't he just welcome Obama's Inauguration and wish him well?"

Posted by: Umbrella man | January 20, 2009 at 18:12

Obama and his speech will go down well, Brown will certainly claim some political capital. Hence, Cameron has to cut a slice of the action, prefareably first, and the bit that he referred to was relevent. A fundemental of politics is keeping up with everyone else in the eyes of the public even if it offends technically perfectionist ideals.

Well I suppose DAVE wants us to embrace change .Obama has a real gift for rhetoric, and is charismatic and so to an extent is Dave. On the negative like Obama its pretty shallow on real polices right now. Bush and Brown are what we want to change from and both men seem to be compassionate. However both men are at the start of their political legacies. What will Obama be really like? Bush, unleashed Israel as a parting shot, the Hawks had a little fun. Obama and most likely Dave will inherited a broken world and a backlash against Britain and the US. Obama may draw away from Britain leaving us to pick up the bill for their dodgy loan sharks. I believe we need to speak long and hard with the Orange order and renew our union with the North of Ireland, they have the pride in community we have lost.. We need to sort out our Markets and that will be very hard indeed. We have allowed Weeds to grow up about us, and have allowed Parasites to run the show. We have fallen for the corporate bullyboys and have let the crooks write the rulebooks. We will have to divorce ourselves from the markets that are now hoarding our gold and silver bars. This time it is the white collar world that will feel the full force of reformation. Most of all we must install anew a moral authority which is so lacking in our nation right now. There’s a policy that will gain popular support. We have won the argument now we must have the ideas, so lets have a spirit of pushing the good ideas up line, one thing is certain to me and that is Mcjobs don’t impress anyone. Finally Obama in the US abd Dave in the UK is a dream ticket and our way back into power, so lets compare favourable with the wizard with words if it help's. I belive Obama is just so much hot air,and that air might turn out to be very hot indeed. God Save the Queen.

I expect that all the party leaders - except, perhaps the BNP - will try to cash-in on Obama's election. Farage will probably pick up on the reference to the American Revolution and urge people to form anti-Brussels militias. From what Obama has said about his plans to deal with the recession, they sound like measures that Cameron has ruled out as Tory policy.

Cameron like Obama?

One of them can mobilise millions of people to donate money and campaign for him.

One of them can appeal to all sections of society despite their background, race, religion, age and sex.

One of them can reach out to all of the above and be accepted.

One of them does not see any no go areas for his party.

One of them has very strong support from all corners of his nation.

One of them is seen as a man of the people by his electorate.

One of them is seen as a beacon of hope for a whole nation.

What planet does Cameron come from? After a fairly good day he goes and says this!

Why not choose a Black Chairman of the Party? whoops sorry!

Why not choose a black MP for the front bench - whoops, sorry aint got one!

For goodness sake Obama is another Kennedy/Clinton and they promised much and delivered very little! I wish Obama well but doubt that he will make much of a difference.

Cameron should realise we are slightly different than the USA. BUT we could learn a great deal from the way they run their country. Both houses fully elected. Local Officials elected. Local politics are truly local and referendums are a common way of agreeing ways forward.

Stop trying to grab headlines like Bliar/Brown and just show you have policies that mean business. Putting Spellman into an area which needs massive change is certainly a round peg in a very square hole.

She is useless.

Its a big leap of faith from openly announcing that you hope John McCain will be the next president to hitching a ride on the Obama bandwagon. I wish politicians were more consistent, no wonder people are cynical about politics.

That's from a David Cameron supporter!

This is just opportunism

Cameron as changed his mind every time the polls go up or down, he changes with the wind. I think Obama as more chance of success than Cameron because Obama as courage. Cameron does not.

The most sensible comment that I have heard today, in fact, just now, by Errol Brown on The One Show of all venues, that this is not about colour it is about the person. He was talked over for being grossly off message.

The message double-speaks. Throughout the Presidential campaign the core message was play the man not the prejudice and yet ever since the result the message has been about colour transcending all other considerations.

He seems cometh the hour cometh the man and the Beeb would seem to have lavished everything but the donkeys, shepherds and wise men. Can I celebrate the Anglo-Irish mom or does this tick the wrong boxes?

Ok maybe Dave doesn’t have quite the same flash, but Obama doesn’t fool this Bishop. He is shallow and vain. He shoats "change", and "hope" and "fair".So lets hope he can deliver. Dave is our hope he is our next PM, lets have no doubt about that. Bringing the likes of Ken back on bridge was a wise move indeed. Words like “change” and “Hope” are cheap which is just as well this victory will be on a shoestring. We have a good team installed right now, the front bench looks better than at anytime since “honest” John

I rather hope that the only thing they'll share in due course is the fact that they've both won an election.

Jumping on this particular bandwagon is pretty pathetic. I don't think I can stomach an auction of enthusiasm between DC and Brown, and neither can the country.

I have to say I was disappointed. I thought at the very least wine would get turned into water and that there would be a miraculous apparition by Princess Diana and Elvis on the steps of the Capital. Instead, all we got was Naughtie, New Labour's Lord Haw Haw, turning wine into water at our expense.

I'm not sure you are being fair to Cameron with this headline. I didn't think he tried to make political capital in the way Brown did. He did say we'd have areas of agreement and disagreement. I rather that a Cameron led government would act as the lap dog of the American government as Blair's did.

Let's get this into perpective.
Some of the above contributors are failing to recognise that is not Obama's policy that David Cameron is endorsing - it is the mood for change.

Of course I meant would NOT act as a lap dog of America. Shouldn't work and type messages on Conhome at the same time!

It ws interesting listening to a two-way on the PM programme on Radio 4 tonight that, doing an on-the-fly analysis of President Obama's inauguration speech, said that one of the themes that ran through it was "responsibilty", a recognition that we're all in this together. I thought I'd heard that before somewhere...

Jack Stone - I believe, as I hope the whole Party does, that Government can help to give people the opportunity to improve their own lives, as well as having an obligation to give a helping hand to those who for whatever reason are not able to help themselves. But I also think that people working together to help and take responsibility for each other is just as important - "there is such a thing as society, it's just not the same thing as the state." Don't you agree?

"What planet does Cameron come from? After a fairly good day he goes and says this!

Why not choose a Black Chairman of the Party? whoops sorry!

Why not choose a black MP for the front bench - whoops, sorry aint got one!" - strapworld.

Adam Afriye is already on the front bench, unless I am very much mistaken.
PS When I have decoded Stone's spelling, I shall know whether he is being very stupid or exceptionally stupid. Where do I find an Egyptologist?

True Conservative principles offer genuine hope to the working classes - as those who benefited from the work of Reagan and Mrs Thatcher proved. (Even McBrown's rotten Government accepts that social mobility has gone backwards since 1997). If Mr Cameron really believes that Conservatism and its message of genuine hope can be in any way compared with the posturings and false promises of a Blair clone then we really will have problems when we win. If, on the other hand, (as may well be more likely) he is simply seeking to jump on St Obama's bandwagon then he should be ashamed.

And as for the celebrations in Washington, echoed in Pravda and Izvestia (sorry, the Guardian and the BBC) Walpole's saying "They are ringing the bells now: they will be wringing their hands soon" seems very appropriate.

Cameron's last conference speech's central tenet was taking personal responsibility as was Obama's inauguration speech was about taking personal responsibility.

They are the same generation, they are both committed family men who obviously adore their wives and children. They have lots in common and those things happen to be the truly important things in life. They'll get on fine.

There are national sections of the European Movement in most other
European countries, coordinated by an international secretariat in
Brussels. The different national sections assist each other in their
campaigns, and promote contacts and exchanges amongst their members.

European Movement President and Vice-Presidents

President: Rt Hon Charles Kennedy, MP

Vice-Presidents: Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke, QC, MP
Baroness Quin

So Commie Ron is a Liberal - that is not news.

Cameron, get some guts and get off the band wagon, you are behaving like a child trying to get in with the "cool people". People aren't going to vote Tory just because you suck up to Obama. You are better than this.

It's stupid and dangerous for DC to try to wrap himself in the mantle of Obama.

Obama is a very partisan Democrat. He does not wish to see the Tories back in power. He will do what he can to help Labour. It would have been much better for DC not to be involved.

Hes just trying to defuse the Brown attempt to jump on the Obama Bandwagon. Was I mixing my metaphors there? Ooops.

Of course there are similarities between Obama and Cameron. Bush and Brown are totally discredited,with both countries in limbo. Confidence has been completely shot. To restore faith and hope,it takes a new President,similarly it will take a newly elected Prime Minister to refresh and invigorate our country.

Brown is a pathetic individual and will do and say anything to cling to power. He is trying to reflect in the Obama glory and celebration of his new Presidency.He can't wait to be photographed with him to portray himself as some sort of Statesman.

The country knows exactly what he is up to. They have long seen through his duplicity exposing his dysfunctional Government.

Nobody trusts Brown, he has ruined our pensions, ruined our savings, ruined our businesses and jobs, ruined our currency and ruined our country.

The UK is desperately crying out for a General Election and David Cameron is perfectly correct to articulate our sentiments. It is only through him can ordinary descent people get their message across to Brown that he is no longer trusted with our economy, no longer wanted and should call an election.

Both Cameron and Obama claim to be able to control the weather/climate by attempting to manipulate atmospheric CO2. They're both wrong. They're both rich, so green taxes and restrictions won't hurt them like financially. Still, at least Obama hasn't yet put a windwmill on his house that uses more electricity than it generates.

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