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Speaker Martin gets it wrong - again

The behaviour of the police has been cavalier and not in the best interests of justice or maintaining a good relationship with the Commons

It really is time to get some proper accountability built into our police system. Not to LPAs or the Home Office - but the people.

We pay for them, we deserve proper oversight.

A well written letter.

I did think the Speaker sounded hasty in saying that Daniel Kawczynski was hasty, and wrong in doing so anyway - is a speaker supposed to gloat like that?
Another reason for the Speaker to go.

Parliament is in a bad way what with Brown & co coming up with crazy policies, denying us of an election or even parliamentary votes (on the few days it stands) then having the Speaker so openly biased and the police seemingly able to just wander in and steal confidential things.

And this reflects on the country with our social and economic stabilty falling apart -Broken Parliament resulting in broken society, broken economy, broken Britain.

I agree that this is a well-written letter and I am also impressed that Daniel is "protective" of his staff as a good employer should be!
If the Police are found to have lied in their account then this is very serious indeed. However, I am sure they will manage to wriggle out of it somehow!

Have they given him his cornflakes back yet?

The full story suggests Mr Kawczynski deserves a bit more sympathy than he originally got, however MPs are entrusted with the soverignty of this country and should not be suceptible to being pushed around by anyone.

All credit to Mr Kawczynski for immediately admitting and acknowledging his error (which hopefully will be a lesson to all other MPs). Contrasting this with the home (economics) secretary on misuing kinfe crime stats could not be more revealing.

I wonder how Mister Speaker Martin would react, if some police suddenly appeared in his office??? I suspect he would react slightly more strongly, with much WEIGHT thrown around!!!

I'm beginning to see a pattern here, this is the second time during the watch of the Labour government that this has happened!

New Labor = Old Soviets?

I have difficulty marrying these two contradictory statements.....

"As a fellow Member of Parliament, you will appreciate well how closely I guard the confidence of my constituents. I deal on a daily basis with highly confidential personal documents. My constituents, as well as those of every other Member of this House, must be certain that their personal information will be viewed only by their Member of Parliament and his staff".

"I would have been more than happy to help with her enquiries and to hand over whatever material she needed".

Is correspondence to MP's from their constituents, 'confidential' or are they not?

If letters had a degree of criminal suspicion about them then surely an MP has no duty to break that confidentiality by allowing them to be "seized" police inquiry which is without a bench warrant, otherwise ANY documents could be categorized suspect within national security laws until proven otherwise?

The Sergeant at Arms, could in that case, have made a decision to allow or not to allow the seizure and the MP would know precisely whether or not to hand over the said documents and have grounds to break his confidentiality.

I smell another rat and trust he will continue to pursue it.

Did you really expect this disgrace of a speaker to find in favour of a Conservative MP? Not a chance!

History will one day look back at Gorbels Mick in disgust!...erm actually we might already be doing that!

The most interesting thing about all of this is how it has suddenly become almost the norm to enter (Conservative) MPs' offices on very slim pretexts.

Anyone with a knowledge of how Communist and similar regimes came into being will be well aware of how those who wield power use their militia to do their dirty work, and start to gear laws toward that end.

All of this gives vital clues to where our country is heading, which is =several million times more important than any of these individual incidents, important though they nonetheless are.

This country already is a totalitarian State, and will soon be among the worst ever encountered on Planet Earth in recorded history, unless Brown and Co are kicked out with the next few weeks..

unless Brown and Co are kicked out with the next few weeks..

Well, exactly.
The bad economy and the mess they're making of that is acting like a smokescreen to hide the much worse things that are going on.
We'll still have an economy come a 2010 election (even if it's rescued by the IMF) - money comes and goes, but liberties are hard fought and hard to regain once lost.
It's not just liberties though with harperson creating and entrenching class, race and other segregations which is the path to war.

We all, MPs included, have a moral duty to assist the police to detect crime. There is often a legal requirement to do so too.

The problem is that Britain’s New Model Police “Service” can sometimes be arrogant and overbearing and, occasionally, corrupt. So the individual, MP or otherwise, has to make his decision how to react and I’m sure this can be very difficult when the Plod’s visit is unexpected. My view is that, unless there is a very good reason not to, one should assist the police.

Mr Kawczynski made his decision when the police came knocking, it was probably the correct decision, and he will just have to live with it.

An honourable member indeed.

As a matter of urgency if Cameron win the next General Election and Mike Martin has not stood down at the Dissolution, kick him upstairs with a Peerage and find a decent Speaker, Alan Haselhurst or even Ming Campbell in his place.

The man is simply not fit for purpose and in the real world would have been sacked from any decent job.

How did such a dim man become an MP?

This is extraordinary behaviour by both the police and the Speaker. The timing of the 'police raid' was clearly deliberate - they certainly knew that Daniel Kawczynski was speaking in the Chamber on a whipped motion, and would therefore be safely out of the way. As for the Speaker, the man is a disgrace to the Office. He was ill-informed, not aware of the facts. There is plenty to say about Speaker "Old Labour" Martin, and not much of it complimentary.

I would go along with everything that you have said John Ward @ 15.36, and I will mention a little incident that I witnessed the other day, which would/could fit in with what you have said, it remains to be seen!

I was watching the News on an independent station (obviously not the BBC!) and one of the senior political reporters for the station, was at a news briefing that Brown was giving. The person stood up and asked a pretty 'straight' question (which I cannot exactly remember now - only the effect and image!), Brown answered him, obviously annoyed, but it was the threat in his manner and in his voice as well as what he said, that made a shiver run down my spine - and I am not a shrinking violet. I am not making this up, I was shocked at the time, and I haven't seen the reporter since. Maybe he has had some leave, or is just behind the camera, after all all the reporters seem to take turns in front of the camera.

The police were not only wrong, they deliberately used underhand tactics. The point is that the Speaker mislead parliament in order to cover up the police failings. And the media arn't interested.

Why has the Tory front bench distanced itself from Daniel?

Why has the Tory front bench distanced itself from Daniel?

Posted by: tim | January 24, 2009 at 22:06

Because he is quite clearly in the right. I was managing a Deputy Speaker's surgery this morning and even he is embarrassed about Gorbals Mick's antics.

Sorry, Tim, read a "not" that you didn't use. My second paragraph holds. However, we should be supporting Big Daniel against "Grumpy" Martin (to continue another poster's analogy).

I sympathise with Daniel, but . . .

. . . it must be remembered that the police have for years been demanding extra powers and laws, up to and including the authority to shoot innocent people dead without warning, and that the Conservative Party has blindly supported them. People like myself have been complaining for years about police abuse of power, and the Tory leadership has frankly treated us with contempt. Perhaps in future such experiences will be taken a little more seriously.

Gorbals Mick is a cowardly NAZI pig, whose behaviour is stinking out the Commons. He is fit for electoral slaughter at the earliest opportunity, along with economy-wrecking Leninist Brown. Where did all these shits appear from? Surely the Labour Party has one or two people vaguely resembling human beings they could call on to serve. It appears they don't.

Dan Kawzynski is a brave man with his long neck stuck firmly out for what he knows to be right, and against what he knows to be wrong. We should back him to the hilt, and Cameron too, or it shows weak and valueless leadership.

PS The Speaker misunderstands the people of Britain. We don't mind paying his air fares between London and Glasgow. I would pay the next one myself: ONE WAY!

sally said if the polcie have lied then that is serious , a lie os willingly misleading someone by alterign the perception or defintion of the facts to give an untruth, if one the other hand daniel kawcynski has lied then he should apologise too

PS On tonight's news: the next Commissioner will be Sir Paul Stephenson, Blair Minor's no. 2.

The policing regime that shot an innocent Brazillian and arrived mob-handed to arrest Damian Green. More of the same to come, I'm afraid.

I believe the fate, believe firmly can look for the life in the world here of another half.

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