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Sheesh. Ipod £100+, generic Chinese mp3 which does the same thing, maybe a pound or two.


recognise the perception that this expenditure was inappropriate

"the perception". Weasel words, dragged out of him by force. Either apologize or don't. I truly hate politicians when they are caught with their faces in the trough and don't even have the decency to say sorry properly. I suppose it's a minor consolation that Labour are worse.

Unbelievable. The rules that allowed the purchase of IPOD's are obviously useless and need to be changed and the behaviour of Nick Bourne and his colleague is a disgrace.
It is not the PERCEPTION of inappropriate behaviour, Bourne, that is wrong, it's the behaviour itself. You should resign or be sacked.

The incontinent behaviour of the Welsh Assembly "Conservatives" beggars belief. They are fighting like ferrets in a sack. Their colleagues at Westminster must be totally dismayed.

What a difference a year makes - the fact that we're getting this transparency and proper apologies for unreasonable uses of expenses is down to the hard work of people like the Tax payer Alliance. This Bourne affair shows we've finally got an atmosphere where it's unacceptable for politicians to take advantage of taxpayer's generosity. Good work!

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