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It's quite sad watching that as it all happened in the end, and worse.

The last thing this country needs now is more taxes from labour.

Interesting that this effective ad focussed on policy and Labour as a whole, rather than in 1997 (and now really - the new ads referring to 'Brown' or 'Gordon' not Labour) that brands the attacks personally at the Labour leader.

It was an entirely unsuccessful campaign in that it gave heart to Old Labour sympathisers that perhaps New Labour was merely a ruse to get elected, but I remember seeing someone with a "Devil Eyes" New Labour New Danger tie many years back and thinking it rather natty. Any idea where I could get hold of one - it'd be rather apt and retro fashionable now?

Global recession- sounds familiar!!

very cleaver and this is no different that today, the Labour party is being blaimed for this in 1992. but in current days in 2008 and 2009 David Camerron has now replaced john major in the claim that a tx bomb shell is being relised.
however as a Student of Economics. i belive that Gordon Borwn has no other alternative, he needs to stiumiate the Economy with Government spending and at the money suffer a Budget defacit. however in the long term taxes will rise hwoever hopefully it will be distilled over time

politics seems to be more about slating the other political partie rather than your own political policies, in that advert was it made clear what the Conservate party can do for you, today is it made claer what the Labour party can do for you?

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