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Boris's acceptance speech as Mayor!

Tim is right. Cameron's speech in Birmingham was the most important, primarily because of the Sun's response.

It remains the most important single media organ in the Country and the "He's Ready" headline was absolute gold dust.

"Freedom can too easily turn into the idea that we all have the right to do whatever we want, regardless of the effect on others. That is libertarian, not Conservative - and it is certainly not me."

That single handed ruined the entire speech for me. His delivery was very good and he almost had me until he said that. Libertarianism has at its core the principle of non aggression, that we have the right to do as we wish, so long as it doesnt restrict the ability of any other person to use their right to do as they wish. Cameron was fundamentally wrong on a core principle of libertarian philosophy.

Cameron's closing speech at conference. Better than 2007 better even than Hague's in 2001. Reminded me why I'm a Conservative.


'Boris's acceptance speech as Mayor!'

Seconded. Here's the full version:


Thanks Pulvertaft! By the way I miss you being Dorian :-(

I agree with Sally and Pulvertaft!

None of the above ...David Davis must get the prize for his resignation speech: "In truth 42 days is just one, perhaps the most salient example, of the insidious, surreptitious and relentless erosion of fundamental British freedoms". It made people sit up and listen; it said 'thus far and no further' and it helped to see off 42 days. It also confounded the cynics who were baffled by the idea that someone could resign on a point of principle.

That's why I picked DD as backbencher of the year, smallbluething! It would have been boring for him to walk off with all the awards...

I have to agree with smallbluething. Davis' speech on the 42 days gets my vote, because it reminded me of why I became British. As some might know I was not born British but I choice to become British, and I am very proud. Davis' stand reminded me of why I uprooted and moved continents for Liberty, Equality and the pursuit of happiness.

Thanks, Jonathan, for bringing that Hague speech to our attention. I had missed it originally -- wickely funny.

I agree that David Davis' speech was the big one.

I also really liked Cameron's conference speech *except* for the needless pop at Libertarianism which Tim seemed to enjoy. I feel it was an unnecessary, cheap and inaccurate shot at a fairly large swathe of the party which marred the high quality of the rest of the speech. I was there and remember thinking "huh?" at that point, and only at that point.

The best speech I heard was the Barek Obama speech about race. That said it all about how we should judge people and it showed a politician who was unafraid of taking the high moral ground and setting out clear principals about race and diversity.

I was certainly impressed by Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech and feel that he will be a first class President for the USA and I hope a good friend to the UK.

I would also say that Ken Livingstone was quite gracious in defeat.

Edward Timpson was also well worth waiting up for at Crewe and Nantwich.

I however agree with many here that David Davis gets the Victor's Crown for his speech on 42 days.

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