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Isn't this really childish?

Childish but funny and well deserved - just ask the the rest of the world.

Isn't this really childish? Of Course it is:

It psycho babble terms, Browns gaff can be best described as a Freudian clit.

Of course it's childish, but that is what gets noticed these days. Blair got away with childish nonsense time and again because we were too "mature" to take him on. Brown's bounce has a high level of childishness too.

Wouldn't normally contemplate downloading a ringtone, but am now tempted to change the habit of, well, a few years anyway.
Wonder where one can get a copy of German Ministers' endorsement of the Saviour?

Will David Cameron give GB a Christmas present of bright red pants next Wednesday?

If it is childish to get sheer unalloyed pleasure from seeing a pompous heffalump slip on a banana skin then this is childish too. Laugh - enjoy - no animals were harmed

What the world is missing is a gordon brown pull cord talking doll... oh the fun... throw in some voodoo pins and you have the perfect christmas present for 40% of the population.

Eveleigh, I couldn't have said it better myself!

That said, a heffalump is a lot more loveable: http://www.beyreiss.com/images/WP%20Bilder/roo-lumpy-heffalump-cookie.jpg

All very amusing I dare say, but why no blog, Tim, about the devastating criticism from the ONS on the scandulous release yesterday by the Govt of unchecked knife crime stats when the ONS had urged Downing Street time and again not to release them until they had been properly checked.Surely that sort of thing is rather more important to highlight.

Interesting news Peter, I hadn't spotted this one. Hope Tim does highlight it.

Peter Buss | December 12, 2008 at 18:31
Its a good example of govt manipulation of facts to its own advantage but possibly of limited interest to Joe Public who don't believe a word this shower say. Unless, of course, they have been programmed to believe every word no matter what the evidence might say.
Still we should add it to the list of Labour wrongs that need to be 'Righted'

This is rubbish. I ordered the ringtone this afternoon and it hasn't arrived yet.

Paul, the CCHQ staff member responsible for sending out the ringtones was probably sacked this afternoon.

What's the difference between Gordo's gaffe and Dave's "I can save the planet" guff? Answers to Zac Goldsmith c/o his billionaire Mum.

This ringtone cannot exist because Esther Rantzen told us, last night, that this isn't what he said. Had "you lot" (the Conservative benches) not been shrieking with laughter, we would have heard that he saved the "world's banks", she said.

Eveleigh @ 19:22

OK people don't trust stats - but this is a specific deception by the home office.

'Evidence' presented by the home office to support any thing they od is so dubious that even the official agencies wouldn't trust it.

So 'evidence' presented to support ID cards should not be considered 'weak' or 'misinterpreted' - it should be considered wrong/lies etc...

Thanks Matt for your response.Appreciated.

Has anyone got a clip of Ian Oakley causing criminal damage that I can upload to my Ipod?

I heard one MP quip, 'DC's response could have been... "You're not the Messiah, you're a very naughty boy.. now go away!"'.

I heard one MP quip, 'DC's response could have been... "You're not the Messiah, you're a very naughty boy.. now go away!"'.

Too big a deal is being made of this. Im not sure the general public find it as 'funny' as activists do. They may even find it endearing. I really wouldn't press it too hard. It's not a guaranteed winner, in my opinion.

Very good, Saltmaker - never mind what millions heard on Wednesday lunchtime, we must all have been mistaken.

I'm glad someone took up my suggestion! (December 10, 2008 12:53 PM Guido)

Sark were presented with a tough choice. They chose a hard tough route. "Pain is hard to bear but is necessary to reach truth."
So, my dear ConHome great ones, where does that come from?
You are intrinsically OK people but so naive!
Labour have you by the short and curlies, your bleat is so weak as not to be heard. Wake up or surrender.

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