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Great! Jeremy Hunt will do an excellent job I'm sure.

I'm not entirely sure why CS doesn't realise that her continued restricted chairmanship is losing us impact and votes potentially.

Noone is forcing her to stay in situ. She has the option to resign honourably just saying the truth ie that she cannot do a proper job with this distraction around her and that for the good of the party she has decided to go.

Aside from the fact that this is the decent thing to do for the party, it would be best for her too, in the long run. It would be a much better outcome for her. why can't she see this? She could come out of it with honour rather than everyone being frustrated by what almost amounts to selfishness.

They need to be technically literate when it comes to the issues around online stuff too with labour trying to inflict their monitoring and censorship in places it's not wanted/warranted without understanding the technicalities.
...but showing a good online campaign is part way to saying that they are at least keeping up with the times.

This is fantastic news! Jeremy is a long-standing friend of mine (he was my ward chairman at one stage) and I know him to be a first-class communicator and a brilliant ideas man!
Good luck with it Jeremy and I look forward to seeing lots more ideas come to fruition from you about how the Party can improve its online campaigning.

Good news. One only has to look at the result he got at the last election to see this is a man who knows how to communicate.

Great! Now we just need an online operation worthy of the man.

I was at the style v substance fringe debate at conference where Jeremy spoke. Unlike some of his colleagues, I think he has an understanding and appreciation of the Labour Party's meeja management and given the right support will help us respond appropriately.

Great ! Super ! Smashing ! Can I sell all my property and give it to this man who is surely the Risen Christ of British, indeed world, politics.
Why do we have to fall on every minor appointment we the glee of LabRats on coke ? Good luck to him, but a few poorly understood techie initiatives (like the buttock cruchingly awful WebCameron) will not get the Tories into Number 10.

Strivers is spot on. Caroline Spellman should just do the decent thing. But so should George Osborne. Tory polls have gone straight down since he dallied by the Helispont with Lord Mandelvort.

Get Osborne out, and William Hague in as Shadow Chancellor and Tory polls will shoot up 10 points again. No Web-Czar needed.

It would be so much fun to see Hague play with Darling. He is wasted on Foreign Affairs (who cares any more - Blair blew it all for the UK). Promote Richmond Willy now !

Glad I voted for him in 2005.

Excellent choice. Jeremy Hunt has a lot of potential, good luck to him.

Very good, but I'd lay off the "older tribal voters" angle a bit because unless I hear something I want to hear on Europe, our taxes and our monetary systems which need all our taxes to support the banks so they can perpetuate the cycle of debt this country has instead of sharing it within our economy, then I'll not be voting Conservative at the next Election like a lot of other people I imagine.

And saying as I've voted Conservative since 1972 I guess I'm one of those tribal voters who's sick of being taken for a ride by politicians who no longer need my support once they've gotten into government.

Enter: Manifesto Pledge.
Enter: European Policy to regain my sovereignty.
Enter: Different economics which doesn't tip my money down the drain.

"LondonToryTruthDrug":Why do we have to fall on every minor appointment we the glee of LabRats on coke ?

You misrepresent us there, probably deliberately. But why shouldn't people express their pleasure when a valued colleague gets a new role, or does good work?

It would certainly happen on any other team as well, and makes a change from the continual knocking from some of the usual suspects!

Well done, Mr Hunt - I think the challenge of transforming the Party's online campaigning is one of those boundless tasks that you can probably make as big as you want to...

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